How I Honeymooned Your Father, Part X: Moose Contact, is All it Takes

If you’re just tuning in to our Alaska adventures, here are the links to Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, and Part IX. Where did we leave off last? Well, where didn’t we leave off? In the longest day of mankind, as illustrated in previous parts of this story, we woke before dawn to find morning moose, walked too closely on bear paths, ate a FABULOUS breakfast, saw beluga whales on our way to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, meditated with wild animals, took a helicopter up a glacier, and went dog-sledding. There were PUPPIES too. Need a little refresher photo?

As you can see, I make it a point to photo-bomb people’s photos in the reflection of their eyes or sunglasses. It’s a gift.
So we asked for recommendations, on a glacier no less, of places to eat in Girdwood, Alaska. There was a fancy resort that you’d have to take a ski lift to get to, which seemed like nothing after a helicopter. There was also a place called Double Musky or something like that. I do favor a good Musk Ox theme. We settled on Jack Sprat, though. Just look at the photos!! There was quite a bit of a wait, but they were so good to us. We were both warm and cold, after stepping off a glacier onto an Alaskan summer evening, and we were hungry and thirsty. We sat on the back deck and I ordered some cavatelli wonderment, and there were some yam-like foods and dessert. To think we left it in the fridge of our cabin in Eagle River!

Sigh. I hope someone enjoyed it.

Then, with the light on our side still, we decided to do something our Glacier Hike guide, Nick, (remember him from the previous day??) recommended. He said that if we headed back to Anchorage and looked for a place locals called “Powerline Pass”, we wouldn’t be disappointed. Only, we first went to the wrong trail. We parked at what we thought was the right place – Flattop Mountain at Glen Alps – but we were at some other canyon. We were climbing up, up, up above the city on a trail. The sunset was imminent. We were jumped by an ADORABLE husky, because, Alaska. And fate and magic or something. So many huskies there! Anyway, we fell into step with a lovely couple who told us we were on the wrong side of the canyon.

With our pulses racing with the sunset, we went around and around and up and down and through some winding, gorgeous streets to find the right place! There was an upper and lower parking lot and we parked on the upper one. Every fiber of my being was telling me to go up, up, up to where people were standing and watching the sun dip closer to the water. I couldn’t imagine the city sights down there! Instinct was telling us to go back to the trails, though. We heard a family excitedly coming out of the trail and I thought I heard the word “moose.” “Did you see a moose?” Cassidy asked them. “Oh yes!” They said.

“A BIG one,” the little kid said.
So we backed out of the parking lot and rounded the corner, and..

I’ve got chills – they’re multiplying!
There were people all around the moose – some locals and some tourists. You could generally see that most locals weren’t as impressed, and most tourists were, but there was definitely some overlap. I met quite a few Alaskans who admitted that, even after years or a lifetime there, every moose they see is still special. God, I hope I’m always like that – no matter where I’m lucky enough to visit or live. There were some people who got out of the way quickly. Locals! Smart ones!

One young woman said, “I don’t feel like getting trampled today,” and then jumped off a rock to avoid getting near this moose. She also said there was another big bull moose up ahead on the trail, but we didn’t see that one. Or get trampled.

We were too awestruck by this guy.

He clearly feels the same way. Maybe a little shy.



I was shy too. Despite these pictures, I was far away and it was getting dark. I had rented a 100-400mm lens.

And you know what? No more words, really.


Except to say that I’ve seen bull moose in the wild before, but there’s nothing like that first Alaskan Bull Moose in the wild.

We could hear him eating!

Then we said goodbye to see more moose and let him eat in peace.

Cassidy took a video!

At Powerline Pass itself, we saw three more moose in a field. Those moose were far away and the sun was almost down. We met a few moose enthusiasts and I think they do this every day! We saw these two guys there twice and even watched a moose video after the trip of two bulls rutting and one of the guy’s unmistakable voices was in the video.

So we walked these two gentlemen back to the parking lot, or they walked us, with visions of moose dancing in our heads.

And I finally peered over the mountain to see that sunset I wanted to see!

I slept nearly the whole back from Anchorage to Eagle Rock.

Next up, we get a much-needed night of sleep and prepare to drive to Homer, Alaska the next day! What will we see there? I gotta tell you – it’s not what I expected. Some ties to back home, some nature channel stuff, some edge of the world stuff..


See ya SOON!



Part XI


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  1. So glad the two of you were able to do this trip!!

    I don’t think I told you, but my favorite junior resident from my surgery training lives in Anchorage!

    1. No surprise there! Anchorage people were pretty amazing. I miss them. Like you, though, I don’t think I could live there. I get cold thinking about it!

  2. I can’t wait to go back to Alaska! It was like heaven on earth! We also saw Beluga whales on the way to the Conservation Center. I think I was awestruck the entire time I was there. Your moose photos are incredible!

    1. You too?! Magic, I tell ya. We had great timing. I see why it’s called Beluga Point, but some people wait there for hours in vain. I feel pretty lucky.
      Means a lot about the moose photos!

  3. OK, so now you have me humming, “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease! Seriously, awesome and felt your excitement build as I read and went through your pics here 🙂

  4. I just can’t believe all that you experienced there, Tamara! It’s just INCREDIBLE! I am just LOVING that you are posting everything and I keep thinking, “Did I catch every one of her posts?” I can’t believe this is number TEN. What amazing documentation of such a glorious trip. That sunset and that moose- breathtaking!

    1. I think I’m going to write 15 next! They are winding down, though. In time for me to do a travel blog on Cape Cod and Disney World! Yay! Not nearly as many moose, though.

  5. Wowsa, those moose photos are spectacular, Tamara. Looking at them the theme song from Northern Exposure played in my brain. Remember that show? The moose walked right through town in the opening credits. 🙂 Gorgeous sunset too. Looking forward to find out what happened the next day!

  6. I feel like all the moose read your blog and were SO excited that you came so they started showing up everywhere. Really, it looks like they are posing for you!! They are probably reading this and sharing with the other Moose.

  7. You saw one in the wild and he was eating! Awesome!

    Maybe I am weird though, but do you think the moose is ever like, “Was’ up, just trying to eat here. Could you give me a minute? Then I will be ready for my photo shoot.”

    Our sunsets are gorgeous here, but that one you saw in Alaska, is take your breath away beautiful!

  8. You got moose side-eye!!! Love that shot. Besides the puppies (which I demand to know why we all don’t get free puppies!!??? hee) that’s my new favourite. How can people not be excited by moose? what, do they not like JOY!!!? Never lose your Awe. The world is full of wonder, every corner, and to walk past it is a waste.

    1. I so agree. My kids have that awe, and I think it will last because we still have it.
      Moose side-eye was a goal of mine, for real.
      Free puppies should be a thing. In Alaska, we saw huskies EVERYWHERE. Here, you see a few every now and then.

  9. Hah – I finally, finally get a feel for why you are so in love with moose. The photos, the moose – it’s awesome! Wonderful shots. Good thing you got the rented lens 🙂 My DSLR broke while on vacation, I will have to send it in to hopefully get it repaired. So, only iphone shots from me these days.
    Oh, and that opener photo of the husky pups (and Cassidy) was totally not necessary, I did not need a reminder, thank you 😀

  10. Moose is a beautiful creature!! Love the photos you have of them. Also,the sunset is soooo gorgeous!!

    I like that reflection photo. I’d like to try that soon and see if I can achieve it. 🙂

    1. It is, right?? So many people think of them as both goofy and majestic.
      I do reflections a lot! I often wear bright colors so if a client is wearing sunglasses, or even not and it’s a baby’s big eyes, I am sometimes in the photos!

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