Homeowners Can Do These Simple Electrical Tasks

While there are lot of things that homeowners should leave to these professionals, these are simple electrical tasks for home.

A lot of things in the home are powered by electricity, which is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. Electricians spend years learning about how to fix appliances and other things that require electricity. They study all kinds of wiring and have an intimate knowledge of the field. While there are lot of things that homeowners should leave to these professionals, there are electrical tasks that are simple enough for them to do, like installing a bulb socket. Here are several other electrical tasks that they can do:

Replace a Light Switch

This is a great place for any beginner electrical DIYer to start. It’s fairly simple, yet can leave them with a sense of accomplishment when they finish. They can learn about the different types of switches, including single- and double-pole, and three – and four-way, along with dimmers. It’s important to make sure to use the right bulb with dimmers, though, otherwise they can overheat.

Replace a Light Fixture

Here’s a great opportunity to modernize a home. It’s just a matter of turning off the power, removing the existing hardware, locating the junction box, separating the wiring to change the old to the new, and ensuring that the mounting brackets are sturdy enough for the new fixture.

Replacing an Outlet

Every room has an outlet. Are they modern or are they outdated? Is it hot to the touch or are there sparks when using it? That means it’s time for a new one. It’s fairly easy to get that in there. All one has to do is check the power flow of the wires, trim and strip any damaged wire ends, and then rewire the new outlet. The final step is to put the wall plate back on.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Here’s a way to be able to keep cool during the summer and warm during the winter without having to get a costly air conditioner. This is more for someone who has done several DIY projects and has a good grasp of things like whether a certain mounting bracket can hold something that’s a certain weight. They should probably have someone helping them too when they are setting up the blades. That way, they can be safe.

Rewire a Lamp

No matter how good the craftsmanship, even the best lamp is going to give out at some point. It takes about 45 minutes to get it working again. There are lamp kits available or one can buy the individual parts. It’s just a matter of unplugging the lamp, removing the lampshade, the bulb, the harp, and the protective base. Then they pull the old wire out and then thread the new wire through and attach it to the socket. They can test their work and then set the lamp up back the way it was. That saves them from having to buy a new lamp.

It’s important to be safe when doing this. Always turn the power off and wear safety equipment, like gloves. Otherwise, there’s the very real danger of shock or worse. Even DIY jobs involving electricity have some element of risk, which means it’s important to respect it and what it is capable of.

Other projects include resetting a tripped breaker and repairing the end of an extension cord. These could be a gateway to learning how to do more complex projects. If that’s the case, any interested people could take some courses and work toward becoming an electrician themselves. If not, they should just hire professionals to take care of it, since they will know how to do the job safely. That can prevent any potential tragic accidents.

Successfully doing these DIY projects should make those who do it feel a sense of accomplishment. They should feel proud, and then they should enjoy using their work.

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