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Home Redesign: Why We Love Resilient Flooring For Kids and Pets

This post has been sponsored by Beautifully Responsible® Resilient Flooring but all opinions are entirely my own.

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It’s always a good time for renovations! Our house grows as we do.

We currently have four kids, three dogs, and a cat. Four years ago, we expanded our master bedroom and master bathroom and built a brand-new walk-in closet. Then two years ago, we completely added a big new deck (much more sun), as well as a new ramp and staircase at the front door. Last year or so, we did the BIG phase 3. We added a two car garage, several new bedrooms, two bathrooms, a den, a music room, and a guest room. It’s been something! I find that there isn’t a lot of rest time because even though we’re not always doing big renovations, we are constantly upgrading, updating, cleaning, and fixing things around the house. That’s what happens when you have a big house! Flooring is a large and important decision because you want to have the perfect floors! Floors that are beautiful, eco-friendly, and also durable for kid and pet usage. I’m talking dog zoomies (those nails on floors makes me shudder), smoothie spills, and whatever life throws our messy way. So, let’s talk Beautifully Responsible® flooring.

Home Redesign: Why We Love Resilient Flooring For Kids and Pets:


Congrats! You’ve decided to renovate your home. The first thing you notice when you walk into a room are floors. Flooring is a deal maker or deal breaker in most decisions on buying a house or renting it out. Since it determines the layout of any house, the design and color of the flooring play an important role in how the overall interior looks. Depending on the location, and weather and practical uses of the rooms, the tiles and textures are chosen. There are a lot of different options available today to choose from which can fit in with the rest of your decor. Flooring contractors like https://www.clevelandflooringandremodel.com/ should also be able to assist in choosing what is right for your space. And if you have dogs, or are thinking about dogs, flooring is important to consider. A pup can do real, lasting damage to the flooring you have in your home. Again, it’s not hugely essential, and a completely necessary change, but dogs can leave real marks and odors on things like flooring.

Even though they’re SO cute.

#sponsored For home redesign, why we love resilient flooring for kids and pets. @ResponsibleFloors #responsiblefloors #beautifullyresponsible


Being beautifully responsible means taking leadership on doing the right thing. Resilient flooring consists of many specific floor types, like luxury vinyl tile (LVT), linoleum, cork, rubber, and more. It means that these resilient flooring companies are being beautifully responsible – they are finding new ways to reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and decrease embodied carbon. And it means you can feel good about supporting the brands in your home. I know I do!



This point is pretty important. A healthy lifestyle is important and your indoor environment plays a large role in achieving the lifestyle you want for your family. Choosing resilient flooring means choosing flooring that is designed to benefit the natural environment and the environment inside your home, and help you maintain a high level of indoor air quality with third-party certified products. You can feel confidence that you’re choosing better indoor air quality, reduced chemicals, acoustic comfort, and improved accessibility.


As you can imagine, flooring is an investment. You want the floors to serve your family well for decades, and generations. Resilient floors are so great because they hold up under heavy traffic and tough love. You want floors that will stand the test of time and the stressors of daily life. You want floors that make cleaning up after pets easy, because resilient flooring stands up to sharp claws! If you’re redesigning a bathroom, you want floors that come in waterproof and water-resistant options, as well as built-in properties to help protect against mold and mildew. When it comes to replacing your bathroom floors, tiles, etc., it is important to pick the right materials that will be durable in a room that has a lot of moisture. For example, wooden floors can look pretty in bathrooms, but they are more likely to warp due to the moisture in the air or spills.

1#sponsored For home redesign, why we love resilient flooring for kids and pets. @ResponsibleFloors #responsiblefloors #beautifullyresponsible

Visit BeautifullyResponsible.com to learn more about resilient flooring.

So, are you planning a home redesign for 2023?

#sponsored For home redesign, why we love resilient flooring for kids and pets. @ResponsibleFloors #responsiblefloors #beautifullyresponsible

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