Home Maintenance Tips

The cost of home maintenance is about one percent of the value of the home each year. Here are home maintenance tips.

The cost of home maintenance is about one percent of the value of the home each year. This is money well spent for many homeowners because the cost for replacing and repairing items that are not maintained could be much higher. Additional money should be saved to replace any items that will eventually need this, too. Saving three percent of the home’s value to replace items is a general rule for most homeowners.

Have Your Trees Inspected

If you have trees near your home, having them inspected by an arborist would help you know if they are safety hazards or not. They could notice any signs of dead branches or illness that could be treated before the tree has a dead area that could fall onto or near your home, which is unsafe for your home and the people living there.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

A lawn mower is one of the machines you use the most often for your home, and it does not always get maintenance, and may need to repaired or replaced faster if a tune-up is not done regularly, such as each year. A repair company that specializes in working with machines that have small engines could replace spark plugs, sharpen the blades, and do any other maintenance. The tires of a lawn mower need maintenance as well, so you should get your lawn mower in perfect working order with a tractor supply lawn mower tires company.

Gutter Cleaning Maintenance

The gutters of your home cause the rainwater to come off of your roof, which is important for avoiding leaks that could even cause water to go inside of your home. They should be cleaned at least two times per year to prevent problems with rainwater and your roof.

Maintain Your HVAC System

You should have a company come to your home two times per year to service the HVAC system. The duct work should be checked for any damage, and the A/C compressor and furnace should be cleaned.

In addition to scheduling maintenance visits, it is also worth considering the cost of a home warranty. A home warranty can cover the expenses of unexpected repairs or replacements for your HVAC system, providing peace of mind and potential cost savings in the long run.

Maintain the Plumbing in Your Home

Look at your pipes under sinks to check for any signs of leaks. Check the ceiling for any water stains. Notice if the faucets have any drips and check the flapper in your toilet tank to see if it is worn out and needs to be replaced.

You can have backflow testing done, which checks the valves that keep the wastewater from the toilets separate from the fresh water going to the faucets. A plumber would look at the valves in your pipes to see if they are working normally to keep your water supply safe.

Chimney Maintenance

The chimney needs to be inspected and cleaned each year. The interior of it could have buildup and debris, and since it removes possibly harmful gases from the home when the fireplace is being used, it should be as clean from any blockages as possible. The chimney cap, damper, and other parts of the chimney may need to be repaired or replaced.

Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Maintenance

You need to check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors at least once a year to be certain they work and replace the batteries.

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