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Now it’s time to talk holiday prep – and just in my style too. EASY! Convenient! Awesome!

Sometimes I have to laugh at how often I find myself spouting cooking and cleaning tips here, after years of being what I like to call “domestically challenged.” The truth is – I’m learning a lot in my 30’s lately. It’s never too late to learn, right? As part of my personal holiday countdown, which seems to start in early-mid November these days, I like to write a little checklist of what to have on hand before hosting guests. What do we all need all season (and year) round? Paper products!

Here are our tips for getting the busy house ready for our holiday guests:

1 – Decluttering! I’d even say this is a priority. The kids were away for the weekend, and we did a real number on the house. Cassidy is better at getting rid of clutter than I am, but every now and then I make a huge dent. Like when I got rid of 95% of the baby clothes while he was sailing on the Amazon! True story. We both play up our strengths. I’m better at going through my own stuff, obviously. When we work together and sort things into keep, toss and donate piles, we’re much happier!

2 – Child-proofing! Honestly even though our own kids are older now, we have younger nieces and nephews, and a nephew on the way. It’s wonderful for everyone when we all feel safe with kids being here for overnights.

3 – Food! Have everyone’s favorite foods and snacks on hand, or at least some good communal choices that everyone loves. We also love to set up a coffee station so our families don’t have to wake us up to find coffee.

4 – Make it cozy and personal! There’s nothing like the smells and feels of candles on the counter and mulling spices with cider on the stove. I also love to make little “hotel baskets” for guests, full of comfort items and goodies.

5 – Stock up on paper products from We all have household essentials that keep our home running well. Products like Scott, Cottonelle, Viva Towels and Kleenex are necessities – and especially during the holidays!

Right now we need more time for crafing, cooking, and house guesting. Things are getting busier but we need MORE items. Amazon has your back! It’s easier than ever to have your household essentials sent right to your door – even with the same day option. You can save more than $8 with Amazon, when you most need it during the holiday season, and you can save up to 15% when you subscribe to five or more items using Amazon Subscribe & Save. You can have Amazon, Viva, Scott, Cottonelle and Kleenex help you at once! What’s not to love? Same day shipping, subscriptions, and saving time/money.

Need it today? You can get it today with same day shipping! And here is more than $8 in savings too!

How do you prep for the holidays with

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