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It’s Holiday Cookoff Time With Babbleboxx!

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It's time for #HolidayCookoffBBoxx! Look at the contents of this #Babbleboxx, because it has everything you need for holiday cooking! Even for your dog! #ad

Just to be clear here, you guys are aware of my love for Babbleboxx, right?

Right. Well it’s a good love, so I had to squeal with joy at the idea of, and then the contents of, this amazing HolidayCookoff Babbleboxx. I spent the better part of my afternoon cooking for the holidays with my good friend, Tara. She’s taking cooking classes so I love to have her over, so she can cook and I take photos. Or maybe I can cook and she’ll take photos. She was super impressed with the items in my Babbleboxx and I was too! It has everything I need for some holiday cooking fun!

Ready to hear about it?

1 – Castello! You can BUILD your own cheese board! Just like that. It’s such fun. You answer a few questions here and then the magic happens! And it’s magic, all right. We have Castello Aged Havarti, Castello Gouda, and Castello Traditional Danish Blue. I loved answering questions about my favorite flavor preferences and dietary restrictions. I got an answer right away! The thing is, a cheese board is an integral part of your holiday recipes! You need gourmet cheese for your guests!

And for yourself.

2 – Next, we have PAM Cooking Spray. I love love love these Spray Pumps! They make cooking so much easier! Otherwise it’s guesswork with cooking spray. PAM Cooking Spray is a superior nonstick spray. It has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and helps control how much you use. When you control how much cooking spray you use, your cooking has reduced fat and calories. And the pump bottles are non-aerosol. Want to find out more about the product. Go here to find out more info. And download the ibotta app to earn cash back on your purchase of PAM Spray Pumps. So much to love!

3 – Don’t forget the dog with Wellness: CORE Natural Pet Food! We have this awesome product. This food is a convenient, safe and easy way to incorporate raw protein into your pet’s diet. High protein helps with lean body mass and muscle tone – and it’s a 100% grain free recipe with freeze dried raw bites, 100% meat, and no filler. Our dog, Athena, is a huge fan of Wellness pet food, and specifically the Wellness Core line of dog food. I feel confident feeding her this recipe.

She’s actually quite a picky eater and she loves this.

4 – Speaking of Athena, she sure loves her WHIMZEES: Daily Dental Chews! They have only six, all natural ingredients and nothing artificial. I love that they freshen her breath, promote her gum health, and clean her teeth. She loves that she now has a daily dental treat and can join our family dental hygiene routine. Woo hoo! You will love WHIMZEES treats for your pet. Your pet will love them too! Also, it needs to be said that they are SO adorable. Just look!

5 – Cute alert! Let us not forget the adorable decorations for the holidays: Cracker Barreel’s Reindeer Glass Milk Bottle, Santa Glass Milk Bottle, and Snowflake Hors D’oeuvres Picks. The Snowflake Hors D’oeuvres Picks are SO cute for my bacon wrapped potato tots that I make for an appetizer every New Year’s Eve. Yay! And as for the Christmas milk bottles, they make me so happy! I can’t wait to give them to my mom for the holidays. She has a real thing for milk bottles. These rock! All of these items make great gifts and holiday décor. In fact, you can get a discount for 30% off site-wide with the code: SHOP30. Go here to use that great discount. So remember, that’s SHOP30 for 30% off the adorable table accents!

It's time for #HolidayCookoffBBoxx! Look at the contents of this #Babbleboxx, because it has everything you need for holiday cooking! Even for your dog! #ad

6 – It’s Christmas Central Time! This is your one-stop shopping for all of your holiday décor needs! You can find artificial Christmas trees, lights, holiday décor, and more! You can feed your holiday style/theme. For me, it’s all about rustic and woodland charm. And maybe with some funky lighting and little trees too! I’ve got to say – it’s exciting!

Which item gets you most excited?

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