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Head and Heart Places.

If you could see my face this week, it would be no secret to you that I need some downtime, badly.

I’m not necessarily in a rut, but maybe I’m in a great divide. Trying to bridge that gap between resting enough and working enough. Virtual friends and real-life friends. Trying not to get disgruntled at my family members…Trying to slow down the pitter patter of heart rates and thoughts. I just can’t help myself sometimes. I feel too much, and I feel it fast. I think too much, and I think it fast.

I type fast. I read fast. I respond fast. I don’t even know how to slow down.

It’s not that I get writer’s block – I’m sure I may have gotten it as a kid or in college when I was finishing my Journalism major and writing six papers a week. I may have felt it then, but I still handed every article and story in on time. Always. I may have gotten it while keeping this blog, but I still handed in all of my blog posts on time. To myself, of course. No one else is grading my posts.

On the contrary of writer’s block, I always have too much to say, and so my learning and bettering is about focusing and tailoring these thoughts and posts. I like finding hidden treasures in my brain and in my day and I like to share them. Sometimes I get blogger’s block, though. It’s when I really don’t have a spare ounce of energy left to focus my thoughts and my responses.

I have less of myself to give. More typos, less flow.

This is a fancy way of saying that I am fried this week, but not uninspired. Never uninspired.

So I’m creating a feeling of calm right now. I started uploading my photos from Truro, Cape Cod. Yes, that was a little under a month ago, but no time like the present! When we arrived at the beach house, we had spent about four hours in the car – two hours on 91 and the Mass Pike and two hours in Cape Cod summer traffic. And yet the second we got out of the car and stepped into our (very short) vacation, we instantly settled into relaxing. It was as if the crazy hadn’t just happened. And that’s what I want to remember.

The way you can change your tune and move your head and heart into softer places. Relaxing places. Happy places.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Goofy places.

Love places.

Trust places.

A Princess Doctor (or Doctor Princess?) and her patient. She helped her patient give birth, you see:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Not bad after four hours in a car and a liquid lunch (juice box).

Then she had time to model earrings later. (her ears are not pierced – they are hanging from the top)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I guess I wasn’t resting, not fully, to be taking these pictures. However, taking pictures does allow a calm to fall over me. Always. That’s why I do it. It speeds up my heart rate, and slows it back down again. Strange but true.

And then at night, we took in a good ole bay sunset, with a storm brewing over the water.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Everyone needs to be down by the sea every now and then, whether in reality or in mentality.

Luckily in my adulthood, I have chilled out enough to know that an off day or an off week, and yes, even an off month (especially during the sumer) is ok. It doesn’t mean that the best parts won’t come back around.

They always come back around.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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  1. Tamara I can only imagine all that is swimming around in your head in the way of words. You seemingly post regularly so effortlessly on levels that I could only dream of. We all have down periods, lucky you to have all this inspiration in your family.

  2. I've been down by the sea this week, both literally and figuratively. And I agree, that we can be out for a day or a week or even a month and that's OK – and sometimes that's just needed. I love Scarlet in a tiara by the way. She was made for that look, and them for her.

  3. Ok those last few pictures definitely calmed me quite a bit this morning. I know your feelings you were describing and believe me I have been there recently and then some. I couldn't agree more with you though that sometimes we just need some down time to regenerate and come back stronger then ever. Loved all your beautiful photos and really looked like a great vacation to me!!! πŸ™‚

  4. I also have a really hard time slowing down; it overwhelms me sometimes, and has been the past few weeks. I spent the weekend on the Cape, left the computer at home, and soaked up the beach and time with friends. It was just what I needed.

    1. That sounds so lovely. I'm so afraid to unplug and just miss so many things. I think it's probably vital for my health, though! I generally go all day without much online time because I can't with the kids. Missing time with them would really be sad.

  5. It amazes me how you write the most poetic, inspired, and heartfelt things day after day. Your creativity is always there. Even when it sounds like a little slow down is in order. Amazing! I'm going to have to try the little earring trick with my granddaughters, they'll like that.Get some rest, sip some tea, take your pictures. πŸ™‚

  6. I agree, Tamara – everyone needs a little time down by the sea every now and then. I have have some – both in the figurative and literal senses this summer – and it is good for me. I like the feeling of smallness and clarity that it affords. I love Des' lobster outfit – we Nova Scotians love lobsters. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, I bet. I think Nova Scotia sounds like a dream. I hope to get there someday. I like the ocean the far north I am – just can't help it. Although the warmer waters attracts some amazing animals.

  7. I completely understand what it is to be fried πŸ™‚ I also love how you are never uninspired. Thank you for share the photos from Cape Cod with us, I appreciate the views of the sea, which I may not see this year…I love those pics of Des, his smile always makes my day!

    1. Thanks! Yes, his smile is so big it looks like it hurts! Before he found his balance with sitting, he would smile so hard he'd fall over. There is still over a month of summer – go to the beach!

  8. I have a hard time slowing down. Being by the water helps me. My recent camping trip (by the water) helped me. There is always inspiration around. We just have to remember to slow down and breathe sometimes, don't we?

  9. Those beach pictures are SIMPLY GORGEOUS! We just returned from the beach, and it was EXACTLY what I needed for my soul. I felt lighter somehow when I was there. Less stressed. More present. This is a great post, and I totally related to it.-Ashley

  10. I know the feeling of 'fried'. That's how feel this August, and we're barely halfway through the month. I have SO much to do. All good things of course (new opportunities, new clients), but even so, it's taking its toll. I need to step back a little, and maybe just enjoy the successes, rather than work through them. :)Take a break, be good to yourself!

  11. This post resonates with me in so many ways. I could say so many of the same things about myself:I type fast. I read fast. I respond fast. I don't even know how to slow down.I always have too much to say, and so my learning and bettering is about focusing and tailoring these thoughts and posts.You are reading my mind Tamara!I'm looking forward to some much-needed down time in Maine later this month. Can't wait to unwind and just be.As always, thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  12. I know what TIRED is, I feel that way a lot! I loved ALL of those beautiful pictures, and your family is precious. I haven't been to Cape Cod in a long time, but it is beautiful. Love the picture of the bird and the unlucky crab, very cool!

  13. Tamara, I hope that your pictures help you feel calm and refreshed in the same way my running does for me! Even though your mind is still going, hopefully it is going in a more peaceful direction! And, as always, your pictures are incredible!!!

  14. I just came back from a break too. And it's funny I thought about writing every day, I thought about posting pictures every day, but I didn't take the time to sort it all out and publish it. I feel the same way about so much of what you wrote here. The fast and the slow, even the heart rate. Your pictures are wonderful, thank you for sharing this.

  15. I know those feelings exactly that feeling of becoming overwhelmed in my case. That feeling that I need to take a break and slow down. Take time to smell the roses per se. Glad you were able to get some down time with the family. Love the photos as usual. Absolutely amazing!

  16. I am not focusing well this week either. In fact, I just wrote a post about not being able to write a post. It doesn't sound anywhere near as elegant as this though. But I got goofy pictures of Henry to go with it!

  17. I often feel tired, drained, like everyone has sucked everything from me and I have nothing left. A trip to the ocean, to the beach, to watch the sunrise and sunset is on my agenda (leaving next week for 12 days) and I can't wait! I think it's normal to need some time to rejuvenate. You can only go so long before you really need to take care of yourself!

  18. Oh we all get fried, don’t we. Sometimes you just need to take a break from it all…even blogging. It looks like your vacation last month was a fantastic time. You’re right – everyone needs some beach time. Even though we were just at the beach a few weeks ago ourselves, I’m already missing it. Your pictures are amazing…and just gave me a little five minute mini vacation. Hopefully you can find five, ten or thirty minutes to rest for yourself sometime!

  19. Your pictures tell a beautiful story and yes, yes, yes to too many words and frazzled brains leading to typos and distracted comments or replies.

  20. Girl … if only we lived next door to each other. I want to spill so bad and I know you do too. All these thoughts and no slowing down.I feel every ounce of you right now.In fact I'm hopping my fried ass on a plane to Philly for the next three weeks — so, how's that for getting away? Oh yeah, and now you are the only one that knows that. Wish I could show up with a pitcher of mojitos! We could have words. Hugs love. Heart you.¤´¨) ¸.•*´ (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxoRaising-Reagan.com

    1. I'm honored to know that. I'm confused as to why we don't live next door to each other because it would be so amazing. Let's work on that! Philly will be lucky to have you. Heart you too!

  21. I second what the first commenter said. And I agree, everyones needs to be down by sea every once in awhile {I could personally use it on a daily basis!}. As hard as it can be sometimes to slow down, I think it's really important that we force ourselves to do it often. Love these gorgeous photos, and that last bit of your post put a lump in a throat!

  22. I so adore you. I'm feeling a bit fried right now myself and am actually contemplating quitting the job that pays me because I feel like I can't keep up anymore. Maybe a week off will give me a new perspective. And your photos, once again, are absolutely stunning.

    1. Thank you for adoring me when I’m fried. I’m always afraid to step back, for fear of losing these strong connections. I know it doesn’t really work that way..but I worry.

  23. Your pictures tell a beautiful story that makes me want to be there. I am so with you on the thoughts swirling and not so much having writer's block but having too many thoughts to process to make sense. I knew we were destined to be friends. πŸ™‚

  24. Joi, this may have been my favorite comment of yours ever. I do post so regularly and it normally just flows and I'm so touched that you noticed. It's definitely not effortlessly but it's so nice to be recognized that way!

  25. I'm feeling the same way. I've forced myself to take a week day off to reflect and step back. It kills me to walk away from networking-even for a day- but, I think if I don't, I might be found next in the nut house. lol.I wish I had the ocean to go "calm down" at. : ) Beautiful sky photos and scary crab and bird one. lol

  26. Lovely pictures Tamara. I feel like I am going through a block with my blogging. I have been so intent on getting it moved to self-hosting. I have not written anything in awhile, wanting to wait until the move was completed and add new content to the new site. But, I am not coming up with any ideas that I think are post worthy and it has me a bit scared. I just spent money on a move and a new site and now I can't think of anything to write. Reading your post today, helped, it will come back around right? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  27. Also can you please give me the secret of photos on your blog? I upload mine and I get that they're too large. I shrink them in Photoshop and I lose them. Not that they're ever yours, yours, but they're better than they are on mine…Help????

  28. I absolutely love your pictures. You could do a Wordless post every day and I would want to stop by and see. If only we knew you for our wedding! πŸ™‚ I completely agree with you on being busy and having blogger's block! So much going on, so little time in a day! πŸ™‚

  29. I know what exactly what you mean with this post. I was nodding my head with every word. And just looking at your pictures has calmed me down. I don't know what it is about the sea and the beach, but it always has that effect on me.

  30. Oh these pictures. They are making me smile. Doctor Princess, so cute. I know what you mean though, I feel like sometimes it's hard to do everything, be everywhere, and juggle. I'm glad photography takes you back to that calm place.

  31. I understand this so much. I think I am fried right now – fried from summer, fried from no break from the kids, fried from all the thing I think I need to be doing. Unlike you, I often struggle to find inspiration for writing. I LOVE to write, but it often seems the things on my mind are so repetitive and I long for NEW inspiration. Those pictures are beautiful!

  32. Gorgeous photos! I can see why these would definitely help you find peace! Last time I was blogging, I was a SAHM, now that I am working full time, just in this first week back to school here in Kentucky, I don't feel like logging into the computer when I get home. I had wanted to post 5 times a week, but lowered it to 3 times because I am afraid of burning out before I even get started! Lovely post, and I have to admit I am a little jealous you guys are not in school yet (I seen the above post also!!). Now I am just rambling… =)

  33. I love this post, it echoes my heart perfectly right now. And while I always love your photography, that one of the gull with the crab grabbed me and took me somewhere, made me catch my breath. Love.

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