Happy Cat, Happy Life – 7 Steps to a Happier Cat

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Want a happier cat? These 7 steps will show you how to get closer to your cat with the best products, the best toys, and the best love! #Catego #Feliway #ad

Guys, I am having a WEEK and it’s only Wednesday! On Monday, Des went back to school after being sick, and that was lucky because I had a BIG photo job I was nervous about for about two months. You just never know what’s going to make you nervous and what isn’t. Then on Tuesday I had a doctor appointment, and picked the kids up to discover that Scarlet had contracted Des’ virus! So she’s been home with me all day today. This has been helpful, though, and you’ll see why soon!

Athena has pretty much ignored us all day, but Juniper has not. I think it’s amazing that cats can tell when we’re feeling sad or sick, and they stay extra close to us. I’m also amazed at how often I talk about Junie on this blog. Loving and “raising” a cat is a fairly new adventure for me. This morning, Des crawled into bed with me and Juniper was on my legs. I didn’t want to get up because she was purring on my legs! She makes me happy, and it’s important to me to make her as happy too.

When I got my Ceva Cat Babbleboxx, I put it aside to open with the kids. Today was the day! Scarlet was home sick and helped me do a grand “unboxing.” If you want to be blown away by her cute, and also see pet cameos, tune in here.

7 Steps to a Happier Cat:

1 – Feed your cat well. Talk to your vet about both quality and quantity of the food, and don’t rely on the food packaging to tell you all you need to know. I am as mindful about Juniper’s food as I am about my own. Actually, more so for her!

2 – Keep your cat healthy with regular checkups, shots, tests, etc.

3 – Keep your cat’s environment clean. At our house, we change the litterbox twice a day and vacuum all the litter pieces she drags out of the box on her paws. We clean her food and water bowls regularly, and change the litter routinely.

4 – Provide entertainment for your cat, especially if you have an indoor cat and you don’t want your cat outside. Consider scratching posts, toys, stuffies, blankets, and PLENTY of affection. We found Junie snuggled with her new Feliway© toy.

5 – Consider having two cats for companionship. Whether you have one or two, we love our Feliway© Diffuser, Feliway© Wipes, and Feliway© Spray. Feliway© is a copy of the natural feline facial pheromone – and it helps cats to feel more secure. It is recognized by all cats. Why will you love it as much as they do? It creates familiarity and security within your home. It may lead to the reduction or elimination of unwanted stress-related behaviors – like hiding, scratching, and urine spraying. It’s also non-sedating and non-systemic. Clinical studies show that Feliway© helps cats adjust to new surroundings, and is easy to use at home or on the go. We plugged in our diffuser this morning and I can tell the difference!

cat happy


6 – Protect your cat from fleas and ticks! What do we use? Catego™! It’s an effective monthly prevention and treatment of fleas, ticks and chewing lice for cats and kittens. It’s topical and is easy to apply with its tube and patented applicator. We applied it today and we’re all set for the month! I love that feeling! Catego™ is currently available through Amazon and through veterinarians, and will soon be available at PetSmart. Click here to find out where to buy it.

Scarlet also wants you to know about her Catego™ pen:

And her Catego™ journal. She’s using it as a science journal, since she wants to be a Scientist when she grows up:

flea and tick control

flea and tick control

7 – Lastly, know YOUR cat’s personality and also know some general things about cat personalities. Some cats are affectionate and some not. Mainly, know YOUR cat. It’s also good to follow some general rules about bonding. Let your cat come to you. If possible, let your cat sleep with you to ensure better bonding/happiness. Don’t pet your cat’s belly unless you KNOW they like it. Look to your cat for aggressive body language. Ears back and a twitching tail are often signs to back off.

And mainly – enjoy your cat(s)!

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  1. Yay you got a Babbleboxx! So fun, right? Looks like you got some great stuff for your cute little kitty!

    OMG, Scarlet is adorable… LOL @ “you’re going to help me clean this up, right?” 🙂 So sweet–glad she was able to help with the unboxing and hope she’s feeling better today.

  2. I just love Babbleboxx! I got the same thing and my post is going live tomorrow. I’m in love with that pen and the journal and of course the cup. I haven’t started reading the book yet and my cat is in love with her toy. 🙂

  3. Such a cool box! My cat would’ve loved it. I miss her so much. I think it’s awesome that Scarlet wants to be a scientist. I can totally see her doing that!

  4. I had a week also Tamara. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and sad, which is so unlike me. I’m usually happy, super happy actually but lately I’ve been down in the dumps and I can’t get out of it. I’m sorry to hear the Scarlet got Des virus. My neighbor has the cutiest cat that waits at my door then purrs really loud to make sure I pet him. I actually leave my house 5 minutes early so he gets his cuddle time.

  5. I so miss having a cat in the family. We’ve had dogs and turtles for years, but it’s been such a long time since a kitty was with us. This is an awesome box, and I’ll sure keep this company in mind if we do get a cat in the near future.

  6. Scarlet is a natural in front of the camera! I like how she snagged the pen and journal. I would have too, especially the journal. This post reminded me that I do need to play a bit more with Ms. Diva Casbah, even though she’s getting up in years and less athletic than she was in her prime. She still has it in her; I just need to tease it out.

  7. I have a special relationship with my cat. She is my first and the first cut is the deepest, no? I think she is happy. She seems to have trust and affection for me. I have long been a contrarian, and how I deal with my pets is no exception. She was very feral when she came to me and still is. I pretty much let her make most decisions about her life, which I keep pretty simple, and I think that’s what she wants also. The worst experience in her life was her first and only visit to the vet. Have you ever heard of a “Doctor’s Lady?” In ancient China, as I understand it, the doctor was not permitted to view women of royalty so a small figurine carved in Ivory of a reclining woman was used so the doctor could be informed of where the patient’s problems were. If I have to see a vet again for her, it will be a lot easier on both of us if I use a figurine of the cat 🙂

  8. There really seems to be some awesome items inside this box! I plan to recommend that calming diffuser to my neighbor. She has 3 cats and they do not always get along.

  9. What an awesome box. I’m sure my cats would love it. I have three cats. I’ll have to check more in to this.

  10. Fleas are a pain in the rear to get rid of if you get an infestation.

    Your cat is so beautiful too. I remember you sharing a photo of your cat in the doll house too. 🙂

  11. How cool is this?! How could I never have heard of BabbleBoxx .. especially when we have four cats of our own! I’ll have to check into getting one

  12. Looks like your furbaby got some cool stuff in that babble box! It just proves pets are family when they start getting their own mail LOL 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  13. This is a great post on 7 ways on how the make your cat happier. The Feliway toy would be an awesome toy for any cat I believe. This is a post I will have to share with my friend who has a cat. Thanks for sharing the information.

  14. She’s getting so BIG! And is it weird that I’ve heard your voice before but I’m surprised by it every time? I think I don’t expect it to sound like it does and then I wonder if it’s just like video and you don’t actually sound like that.

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