Halloween Traditions With Nestlé .

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We are such a Halloween family. In fact, I just ran to see the proof that we wrote it in our wedding vows – “We promise to create a home that is a place of comfort, health, passion and dreams for us and our children. Our home will be known for love and camaraderie, playfulness and silliness, and will always be the most popular house on Halloween.” Not bad, eh?


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Des is.. getting there. He knows Halloween love is in his blood.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I rest my case.

Cassidy is full of ideas, energy and costume making. If you want to be thoroughly impressed, click HERE. I had an entire childhood filled with holiday cheer. My parents always have and always will make Halloween very special. We had a ritual every year – we’d eat “Halloweenies” for dinner, which were hot dogs stuffed with cheese. Next we’d go trick-or-treating, then come back to give out candy to all the cute kids, and finally dump our pillowcases on the floor and do candy trades.

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Now that I have a family of my own, and as indicated above with the photos, Halloween is still a VERY big deal to us. In fact, I have so much fun preparing for this wonderful holiday with Nestlé.

Leading up to the holiday, we do a pumpkin picking, pumpkin stew, a jumping pillow, a corn maze, a cow train, apple picking and photos every October. Sometimes.. mostly.. we even do such things in costume, like the jumping pillow at Rolling Acres!

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To prepare, I go to Walmart, which is completely decked out for Halloween right now, to pick out three things: 1. An enjoyable and easy dinner for the kids. 2. A treat dessert. 3. Candy for trick-or-treaters!

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Then comes the night of Halloween, which we complete in five fun steps:

1. We get into costume, early! If Halloween falls on a weekday, Scarlet wears her costume to school and then has a school parade! Cassidy comes home and we all get ready together. Then we walk the streets in broad daylight.

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2. We have an enjoyable and easy dinner. For the kids, it’s Stouffer’s® Family Size Entrées – like macaroni and cheese. I know it’s something they love, that will also fill them up for the night we have planned after dinner.

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3. We go trick-or-treating around town and attend our town’s Rag Shag Parade. This is VERY fun.

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4. We come back home for a Halloween dessert. And yes, even despite the candy. It’s tradition! This year I bought Toll House® Refrigerated Cookie Dough and I’m adding a pumpkin pie spice cookie butter for the kids to dip the cookies in!

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Scarlet really loves Toll House® Refrigerated Cookie Dough Apple Harvest so I will make those as well as the chocolate chip for Halloween! See the yummy pieces of apple? They smell incredibly good while they’re baking.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

5. After dessert, we dump out all our candy and check out the inventory. This is also a great time to answer the door to trick-or-treaters and give them candy out of our big bowl of NESTLÉ® Jumbo Assorted Fun Size Candy.

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What were your special Halloween traditions as a kid, and what are they now?

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  1. Oh my gosh the costumes your kids have worn are just too cute! I LOVE Halloween and the candy! Halloween is just such a fun holiday! You are right easy dinners really are the best! It makes the night so much funner when you can focus on all of the festivities and not be stuck in the kitchen.

    1. It’s an amazing holiday! I remember my 7th grade boyfriend saying he loves it because of the atmosphere and spirit and I thought, “Hey, that’s deep for a 12-year-old boy.”
      We have definitely done Halloween amazingly over the years.

  2. Brave you getting out the Hallowe’en candy before the actual day. We don’t even buy it until the day before or the day of now. I know the sales are on now…but if we eat most of it we’re not actually saving any money. Can’t wait to see your pics for this year!

    1. haha, I know! My kids must think I’m nut. We had to hide it, though, so it’s all good now.
      We don’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters at all, but we bring it to the town early so that they can use it for the parade.

  3. You definitely do Halloween right. Your costumes are amazing. We always have spaghetti for Halloween dinner (or brains, when my kids were little). The mac and cheese looks tempting though!

    1. They smelled SO good when they were baking. I couldn’t believe it. I left them out for our babysitter tonight and I was happy she had some.

  4. I’ve never heard of a cookie dip, but now I want to try some. I’m going to have to find a clean eating cookie and dip that works for me, because it’s sounds awesome 🙂
    I really enjoy Halloween too, it’s a fun holiday that doesn’t cause much stress.

    1. I bet you could make your own cookie butter! That way it’s still clean eating. If you like pumpkin, I think it makes a great addition!
      I love that it’s not so stressful.. although Cassidy seems to make it as such!

  5. We always make a big deal of Halloween around here. I made a themed dinner (serpent stromboli, jack-o-lantern burgers, etc.), and I put up a lot of decorations. I don’t really go for the gory ones, more for the fun ones. I used to make graveyard cake on Halloween, but with all the candy, it felt like too much. So I started making the graveyard cake the weekend before Halloween… sort of a start to the celebration. I made costumes for the kids when they were little, but alas, those days are over!

    1. Serpent Stromboli? That sounds talented! And the burgers too! Did you create these ideas, or see a recipe? I love that.
      We do a lot of fun outdoors decorations but people don’t really see our house because we have a long driveway into a clearing in the woods!

  6. Those are all the best Halloween costumes ever. Your Halloweens are wonderful. And your kids are so CUTE. Our Halloweens have tapered off here…My fault–now that my “kids” aren’t kids anymore. I was just recently telling my daughter that I want to revive Halloweens here–with a big pot of chili and a movie outside on the shed wall and invitations to old friends. I hope we follow through (but probably not this year. We’re house hunting…)

    1. Oooh! Do it! Revive Halloween! That would be so awesome. There are so many weird ages and stages of it. I remember loving it as a kid, but also as a teen and young adult. Then it’s different as a parent. Always excitement.

  7. When I was growing up I used to go trick-or-treating with my best friend, usually in her neighborhood because there were more kids out. Afterwards we went back to her housed, dumped out our candy, took inventory of what we had, and traded any candy we didn’t like. We did this through 9th grade! In 10th grade we had a Halloween party that was, well, interesting.

  8. Whoa, whoa, whoa….pumpkin pie spice cookie butter?! T would go nuts for that. She would probably also go nuts for all the costumes your family has worn over the years. I can’t wait to see what you put together this year!

    1. It’s at Trader Joe’s! I highly recommend it! You can dip apples in it or bread or cookies or… or.. chocolate.. or anything your heart desires!

  9. we wanted to start a Halloween bash tradition this year at our new home, but feel it’s not ready this year. next time! I love all the great costumes your family has had!

  10. I think the biggest holiday tradition as a kid was I would not decide what I wanted to be for Halloween until the weekend or so before the day of, normally, too late to find the costume, so my mother and I would stay up all night to make our costume (of course, pre-internet). I was just thinking that I wish I got a bag of Nestle instead of what I did get, but of course, that means that I would’ve eaten the whole bag by now!

    1. I remember having big dreams that my artist mom would make my costume, but often she just went and bought it. Like the time I was a California Raisin!

  11. It’s almost dark here when all the trick or treaters get started… which still in only about 5:30 pm — so it’s always a quick and easy dinner. then costumes on and we are often out for hours! We do our neighborhood, drop off that candy, pick up a new bag and head over to the annual haunted house one of our neighbours does. They have a grown up (or very brave kid) route through the house, and a more kid friendly walk too. And they coffee and hot chocolate for everyone too. It’s awesome. Then our little town usually has something for everyone, so we check that out and then back home for the great candy dump. All the Nestle Crunch and Wonderbar are MINE. Don’t even argue, it’s my fee for walking you for hours and carrying the extra bag you said you wouldnt’ need, but did. LOL

    1. Wonderbar?? I forget that you have different/better candy than us. I want a Wonderbar, for the record.
      I have a big bag of Nestle candy here (based on the photos above). I wish you could split it with me!

      1. I got jelly beans and sour gummy worms here. Old Fashioned penny candy stores are the best!! If we can get someone to make Yoda Punch, we got a darn good party.

  12. We usually trick or treat at my parents house and she feeds us. It’s NICE not to have to cook dinner that night.

  13. Your Halloween Tradtions is just amazing. I knew I was going to see some amazing costumes and you as Snow White was phenomenal. I think if there’s a movie you would be perfect for that role. We do a lot of Nestle around Halloween time and we’re definitely stocking up.

  14. WOw what wonderful tradition you have. We have had to give up trick or treating this year due to football. Son’s schedule just wouldn’t allow us to go to Disney or around town. That said can I have a cookie please.

  15. I love that you dress up with your kids! That’s just so much fun! You serve some amazing meals too! We keep things pretty simple at our home on the holidays and do a quick dinner and then go trick-or-treating.

    1. Sometimes a quick dinner is best!
      I love dressing up for Halloween. I’m not sure I’ve ever skipped a year! Maybe once or twice in my 20’s.

  16. I love all the costumes and traditions. We always have Sloppy Joe’s on Halloween before trick or treating.

    1. Thanks! I’ll try to do another great Halloween post this year. We’re still not even sure what we’re doing, if you can believe that.

  17. I love that the adults are dressing up too. My grown kids still dress up, it’s fun/ny. 🙂 And hurrah for cookies!

  18. Lol at the Halloween part of your Vows . I love Nestle .. They are a great long standing Brand with lots of amazing Products. Look at the cute Bunny in the 1st Picture

  19. LOL!! We have that bunny costume here! The youngest wore it her first year out and then it became dress up clothes for the dayhome kiddos. Are those “lost” costumes?

  20. Your Halloween bounty looks like what we get when we trick or treat in my mom’s neighborhood. That’s the good stuff. I hate when places hold “fall festivals” in place of Halloween.

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