Grill Cupcakes For Father’s Day/Summer Celebrations

These Grill Cupcakes with Kabobs are wonderful and perfect for Father's Day or a summer BBQ party! Make/buy your cupcakes and have fun decorating! #recipe

Guys, what can I say except that I’m sorry about yesterday!

I realize I published four blog posts in one day, and all before noon! How rude! If someone else did that, I’d probably be all, “WTH” and probably also I’d be all, “Well good for them! Honestly! But.. seriously. FOUR?!” That said, bear with me. Even those four posts give you a nice feel for the oddities going on in my life. Parenting. DIY. Pets. Photography. Blogging. Life.

That about covers it! So now we eat cupcakes, no?

grill cupcakes

We have three more weeks of school now. Those three weeks are filled with kindergarten potluck picnics and preschool graduations. Field days and recitals and all sorts of insanity. My big data entry project is over, although there’s sometimes a sequel to the project, if I’m lucky. I feel a bit freer than I have in weeks, but I have about four photo sessions to edit after they got lost in the four blog posts/four million hours of data entry shuffle. I also have upcoming photo shoots! When it rains, it pours. And sometimes that lasts for 17 weeks, but who’s counting? The garden is happy even if we aren’t loving it.

I complain about the weather A LOT, but I have always gravitated to the sun since my July birth! It’s surprising that I’ve remained pale fair all these years. I also depend on the weather for my career. Also, it’s ok to want more and to expect more than turning your heat on in June. Cassidy asked me, somewhat jokingly and probably somewhat with truth, when I actually DO have my groove – since I’m constantly trying to get it back. And grooves – they come and go. It’s ok to want more. My default setting in life is happiness, but I’m not necessarily (or ever) peaceful. I’ve been building my business(es) for a couple years now, and many of you know how hard that is. I work hard to find my footing, and I work hard to parent, AND to move against the anxiety currents and landmines that are formed and detonated by marriage and parenting.

These Grill Cupcakes with Kabobs are wonderful and perfect for Father's Day or a summer BBQ party! Make/buy your cupcakes and have fun decorating! #recipe

That said, I’m trying hard, and I’ll try harder. What I really need is emotional support, artistic outlets, deep breathing, downtime, being heard and understood, and maybe a really fantastic vacation. Oh, and lots of rainbow sprinkles and maybe putting some stamps on my passport. I could also really use more cupcakes. Couldn’t we all use more cupcakes, though?

These Grill Cupcakes with Kabobs are wonderful and perfect for Father's Day or a summer BBQ party! Make/buy your cupcakes and have fun decorating! #recipe

It’s ok to want more, and to be taking a long time to be figuring that out. That said, our chickens want more too! They are big and about ready to move into the coop. Or rather, they ARE ready and we are ready, but the coop is not ready. There’s one chicken we’ve had since the first shipment named Barnie. She used to do a funny butt shake and shimmy before pooping. She also used to sleep flat on her back with her feet up and I had to Google to make sure she was ok. When we first let the chickens into the sunshine, she snuggled against me like a cat. Now she “talks” to me before any others. They are trying to cluck and the transition from peeping and chirping is hilarious. She sounds like she’s whistling through dentures!

If she’s flown out of her pool and is wandering the garage, I can find her because I call to her and she answers.

Summer is really coming, weather be darned, and I really want to share this recipe. Consider this your call and answer, like Barnie the Chicken. You call for me to take a break from FOUR blog posts, and to do so in style, with cupcakes. Even with our broken fridge, Des getting sick (in June), record-breaking low temps (in June), and my inability to get my groove back/get into the groove, what we can do is let them eat cupcakes. Summer is calling, and these cupcakes are answering.

grilled cupcakes


Grill Cupcakes


12 Chocolate Cupcakes, prepared & unfrosted
1 Can Red Frosting
1 Can Orange Frosting
Wilton Chocolate Melting Discs, Black
Assorted Candy (I used Gummy Candy and Red Cherry Balls)
Star Tip


  1. Place the star tip into a clear plastic bag and add about half the can of orange and red frosting to the bag.
  2. Pipe frosting in a swirl pattern on top the cupcakes – this will resemble the fire.
  3. Melt about ½ cup of the chocolate discs in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until melted.
  4. Put the melted chocolate into a small plastic baggie and cut a tiny hole in the corner.
  5. On a parchment lined pan, pipe 12 circles, the same width as the cupcakes. Then pipe lines across each circle to resemble a grill grate.
  6. Let these set until hard.
  7. Cut little pieces of the gummy candy and put on the toothpicks to resemble skewers.
  8. Place the grates on top the frosted cupcakes and place a skewer on top each one.
  9. Make grill cupcakes for Father’s Day or Summer Party!


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  1. Omg, these are absolutely adorable and perfect for Father’s Day. By the way, your June and end of the school year schedule sounds quite similar to mine. Every day is something and some days more than just one end of the school activity to attend to for my kids. So, I get it and cupcakes all around now!! 🙂

  2. Seriously you need to have a little mini cam that shows us all how you get stuff done. Four posts and a family and chickens…. You are the bomb and these are super cute!

  3. I can’t stand how cute these are!!!! Seriously, they are unbelievably adorable and I love that you used cute little gummies for the “meats” on the grill 🙂 Also, that little Scarlet in a sundress pic. Awwww!!! Also, FOUR BLOG POSTS IN ONE DAY!? Dang, girl! That is AMAZING!

    1. Somehow even with the season being weird right now (post spring/summer leadup and before back to school/holiday crazy) I am yet again, a year later, working on four blog posts at once. I never learn!

      1. I swear, I have NO idea how you do it. But you are such an eternal inspiration to me <3 <3 <3 FOUR BLOG POSTS!? And here I am, freaking out about posting three times a week 😉 XOXOXO Love you, Tamara!

        1. haha, I’m nuts. It’s really too much. But there are quiet times. I think deadlines just come in clusters and I swear I sleep and relax. Well.. I don’t relax but it’s not work’s fault.

  4. OMG Tamara I thought you actually cooked these cupcakes on the grill. I’ve heard of weirder things and if anyone could pull off grilling cupcakes it would be you. Wow 4 BLOG POSTS IN ONE DAY! You are a champion of blogging, it takes at least 2 days for me to churn out a post

  5. Those are so adorable and perfect for Father’s Day! I love cupcakes and they certainly brighten up any day! Going to catch up on those posts I missed, we just got back from our trip.

    1. I am at the same point today, a year later, but I do it all day long for work. So as long as I can step away from it at night or on weekends.. kinda..

  6. omg these are sooo adorable and creative!! I love the grill part especially. SO perfect and festive for Father’s Day.

    1. Yes, they sure do! I hate when people make Mother’s Day about flowers and Father’s Day about fishing or grilling. Every day is about grilling in the summer!

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