Greece: 5 Reasons to Visit Corfu

Are you planning a vacation to the beautiful country of Greece and want to visit Corfu Island? Here's why you should visit!

Greece: 5 Reasons to Visit Corfu 

Are you planning a vacation to the beautiful country of Greece and want to visit Corfu Island? Do you want to know why you should be visiting this island on your next vacation?

Greece is a country that has been on the map for centuries. It’s known for its history, culture, and cuisine – not to mention some of the best beaches in Europe. 

One island you really shouldn’t miss is Corfu: it’s got everything from rugged mountains and sandy shores to ancient ruins and gorgeous sunsets right out your hotel window! It is surrounded by many different islands, both big and small, which add up to the list of activities and places to visit when on this island. You can book a ferry trip to Othonoi, Paxos, or Antipaxos and enjoy breathtaking views. Here are five reasons why we think you should visit this beautiful Mediterranean destination. 

Beautiful Corfu Town 

Once you have chosen to visit the beautiful island of Corfu, the next step is deciding what you should do whilst you’re there. Many people will choose their holiday destination based on the activities they can do and the attractions that they can see whilst they are away. When it comes to Corfu there are an endless number of things to do and so many things to see while you are there.

One of the first reasons why you should visit Corfu is because of the beautiful Corfu town. While on the island there should be the first stop that you make for so many different reasons. If you love to stroll around gorgeous, picturesque streets and bask in the beautiful views that the island has to offer then Corfu Town is somewhere that you have to go.

It is the epitome of European elegance with a heavy emphasis on Greek charm and is picture-perfect.

Villages in Mountains 

The next reason on our list of why you should visit Corfu is the villages up in the mountain. Although the island may be small, the mountain villages are plenty for you to discover while you are out and about.

Exploring these mountain villages is something that you can’t miss whilst on the island of Corfu however while exploring these mountain villages you can also take the time to go for a hike and just bask in everything that nature has to offer.

Sunsets On Beaches

one of the reasons why people choose to go to Greece every year during the summertime is because they are home to some of the most impeccable beaches in the entire world. on top of the beautiful beaches, you can spend the afternoon lounging around waiting for the sunset.

Sunsets on these beautiful beaches are something that you want to catch at least once in your lifetime as they are magnificent and an amazing experience.

However, if you don’t want to be out in the evening, Corfu’s beaches are just as amazing during the daytime where you can run around on the soft sands and laze around in the water all day long.

Many Museums 

Greece is incredibly rich with some of the most detailed history, and even for those who are not history buffs, you are bound to find something that will be of interest to you in one of the many museums that are around on the island of Corfu.

In Corfu Town, you can find various museums such as art museums to archaeological museums, and more.

On top of that, you can experience the history outside by visiting ancient ruins that you can find all across Greece.

The Food

Last but not least you have the food. Whenever you visit a new country, you should always make an effort to try the local cuisine because you never know what you expect, and you could be pleasantly surprised. This would be the case with the local cuisine on the island of Corfu which is a beautiful mix of Greek and Venetian flavors.

Local dishes are abundant for one to try and fall in love with from meats to seafood, to vegetables, and even pasta. Once you try the local cuisine you will be hooked, and Will be tempted to try and make it at home. There is nothing better than trying a new food or foreign cuisine in its country of origin.

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