How to Give Your Home a Great Smelling Summer Refresh

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We talk a lot about spring cleaning, but lately, we’re all about summer cleaning.

You know I love to open up the windows after a long winter, as well as my cleaning supplies closet! Summer, though, that is where it’s at! Hear me out. In summer, we have our windows open LESS because we have our a/c on more, unlike in spring where it’s mostly open spring breezes. In summer, we have house guests often, and this means more cleaning before and after they arrive. And in summer, we travel more, and that can lead to musty houses when we get back from our trips. Whatever the reason, it’s time to let the fresh scents of summer into your home with PINALEN® Original Multipurpose Cleaner and a few other secrets and hacks.

As you know, we love PINALEN products because they smell great, are made with high quality ingredients, and give me the confidence to use them on surfaces that lots of little hands and paws touch. I like things to be simpler – like having one brand, or only one or two products, that do everything you need. That’s why I love PINALEN® Original Multipurpose Cleaner. This is one stop shopping, or one product cleaning, if you will.

#ad How to Give Your Home a Great-Smelling Summer Refresh with these easy tips #pinalen #clean #house #patio #kitchen #bathroom #scentofsummer

How to Give Your Home a Great Smelling Summer Refresh:

Did you know?

I read that a recent PINALEN survey of U.S. consumers found that 79% prefer scented cleaning products and 65% enjoying the smell of a clean house. PINALEN® Original Multipurpose Cleaner helps deliver a clean and bright home by fighting dirt, cutting grease, and leaving long-lasting freshness too. PINALEN has a whopping 181 uses for the multipurpose cleaner. I won’t name all 181 (but I do encourage you to download the list easily like we did). Here are some favorite tips for adding summer freshness to your home. You’ll smell the difference in your home in minutes:

#ad How to Give Your Home a Great-Smelling Summer Refresh with these easy tips #pinalen #clean #house #patio #kitchen #bathroom #scentofsummer

Baby and kid toys:

Multipurpose Cleaner PINALEN Original cleans plastic balls and toys. Mix 5 teaspoons of the product in 2 cups (16 fl oz) of water, apply directly on toys, and clean with a cloth.

We need to do this pretty regularly!

Artificial flowers:

Multipurpose Cleaner PINALEN Original removes dirt and dust from artificial flowers. Mix 2 teaspoons of this product in 1 cup (8 fl oz) of water, apply and clean with a cloth.

Bathroom bathtubs and countertops:

Soap scum and toothpaste stains can be banished. Simply dilute 1⁄4 cup of PINALEN in a half gallon of water, and then clean as normal. You can use it on faucets as well, and we love using the Floral Delight scent as well!

PINALEN Original Multipurpose Cleaner has more than five times the pine oil power. Use it in your house, and outdoors, to freshen, clean, and degrease. It uses the power of real pine oil, and it contains five times the amount of real pine oil as other leading pine cleaners. This gives the cleaner an aromatic real scent, and it also has powerful cleaning power. For some other benefits, the formula is biodegradable, and the pine oil is ethically harvested, which means that no trees are harmed in its extraction for the product. It’s a powerful degreaser that deep cleans, deodorizes surfaces, eliminates bad odors, AND removes stains. It cleans everywhere/everything.

#ad How to Give Your Home a Great-Smelling Summer Refresh with these easy tips #pinalen #clean #house #patio #kitchen #bathroom #scentofsummer

Other ways to freshen your home with the scents of summer:

  • PINALEN Max Power (To Go) – These wipes have attractive and long lasting aromas, are easy to use, and will deep clean, cut grease, and eliminate bad odors. I have them everywhere, especially in the car.

  • Other than cleaning products, look for bright and clean scents, like citrus and floral ones. You can use candles and scented oils.

  • Bring fresh flowers into your home regularly.

Learn more at, and here check out the store locator to purchase products.

So, is your home ready for a great smelling summer refresh?


#ad How to Give Your Home a Great-Smelling Summer Refresh with these easy tips #pinalen #clean #house #patio #kitchen #bathroom #scentofsummer

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