Great Gifts Military Personnel Will Love

Read below if you're looking for a gift for a loved one currently enrolled as military personnel, or a soldier no longer in active duty.

If you are looking to find practical and sentimental gifts that will make boot camp or a deployment easier for your loved one who is currently enrolled as military personnel or a soldier who is no longer in active duty, you are already on the right path.

Let this list of great gift ideas point you in the right direction to choose something meaningful, thoughtful, and unique to let those military figures nearest and dearest to your heart know just how much you appreciate them when the next special occasion occurs. 

Display Cases for Air Force Ribbons 

Military personnel and veterans tend to be fairly humble and modest about their courageous accomplishments and the risks that they have taken when taking on their positions.

In order to give them the celebratory salute that they would probably be the last one to bestow on themselves, give them a gift that lets them showcase the symbols of their time served in the military by purchasing them a display bow for their military medals, badges, or air force ribbons

Known as shadow boxes, these display cases are great military gifts due to the fact that they allow service members or veterans to organize and display their awards and decorations. 

With or without mounting the shadow boxes on the wall, this military gift idea is still a stellar choice that can enable your loved one to keep all of their military awards and mementos in an appropriate storage container that can get passed down one day as a family heirloom.

Personalized American Flag Case

Knowing where to buy american flags is important when you are shopping for a premium present for military personnel because not only are you able to make sure that they have a brand new flag as a domestic decoration, but you can also gift them with a personalized flag case is to celebrate the time that this friend or family member spent in the service or for their deployment.

Heated Shaving Razors 

The Art of Shaving has been taken to the next level now with the creation of the first heated razor in the world.

Now you can give the military personnel you love the gift of having the sensation of being in a barbershop and getting a fresh hot towel shave from the comfort of your own home. 

This heated shaving razor has two adjustable temperature levels of heat, technology that can adjust to the contours of their face, a waterproof design, and wireless charging that can power it up with enough juice to handle six shaves. But there’s more to grooming than meets the eye. Getting a Cut Throat Razor Kit if you know he might something old fashioned but stylish.

Pair of Sunglasses

Working effectively in the military requires many skills to maintain a tactical advantage, including having a clear vision.

The difference between cheap sunglasses and high-quality sunglasses is a game-changer, making a trusted brand like the brand Oakleys an ideal pair for a military worker. 

Not only can Oakley sunglasses offer impact-resistance and high-definition optics, but they can also be custom ordered, and they are tested to ensure that they can handle harsh treatment, which makes them a must-have for deployment in the military service.

Tactical Backpack  

If you are looking to purchase a practical present, consider a high-performance sling pack with utility features to fit hydration bladders, comms equipment, and even a laptop. 

Persona Travel Organizer 

For that adventurous family member, you can give them a gift that helps them embrace their thirst for seeing the world by getting them a superior travel organizer as a viable military gift idea. 

Opt for a travel organizer with a polyurethane coating to simplify the cleaning process and durable material like canvas.

Casio G-Shock Watch 

You really can’t go wrong with a classic, colorful Casio G-Shock watch as a gift is an ideal gift for its long-lasting quality, shock resistance, water resistance (up to depths of 200 meters), and magnetic resistant design. 

The Casio G-Shock watch also has a battery life that is able to have you covered for approximately two years, an LED light to brighten up its visibility, and the ability to keep its time accuracy to within 15 seconds of the set time in the course of a month as well. 

Service Pride Apparel  

If your military man or woman served in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, or Space Force for that matter, there are a plethora of wearable military gifts to represent their service pride, with everything from sweatshirts to hats. 

It is important to make sure that you know the appropriate size that they wear if it is any piece of clothing with sleeves or legs. 

Hats and caps have a bit more flexibility being that they tend to be adjustable or one-size-fits-most.

Survival Knife 

If you are looking for survival gear to give to that military member of your family, consider getting them a Gerber folding survival knife with a large handle and blade for chopping down branches and carving wood.  

Field Gear 

Similar to knives, field gear is also an excellent choice for a military gift due to its wide range of applicability, such as this equipment being used during training out in the field, while the gift recipient is off duty, or also while camping, fishing, hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Field gear gifts gear can include meal kits, binoculars, items like hydration backpacks, ponchos, compasses, meal kits, and tactical backpacks as terrific gifts for that man or woman that is enthusiastic about spending time in the outdoors.

Tactical Gear 

Maybe your loved one is more of an avid rifle sports enthusiast than gifting them with tactical gear.

If you know that they already own a pistol, then you may want to buy them a proper holster, but when it comes to firearm accessories, make sure you know exactly what will work best with the firearms that they possess because holsters and slings can be pretty specific to the model of weapon owned.

If you are uncertain about the details of what they own and you want to make a selection that is more general, you can purchase them some eyewear, ear protection, or shooting targets.  

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