Good Dog Health: 7 Tips for Prolonging Your Pup’s Life

As a dog owner, your utmost priority is ensuring the health and safety of your pet. Since pets cannot talk to us to tell us how they feel, it’s up to us to ensure we provide them with the highest quality care and consideration. To ensure that your dog sticks around for many years to come, there are a few things you can do now. Here are some tips on promoting good health for your dog and prolonging their life!

Good Dog Health: This article will give 7 helpful Tips for Prolonging Your Pup’s Life, like snuggles, walks, and good dog food!

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Good Dog Health: 7 Tips for Prolonging Your Pup’s Life

1. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies.

There’s more that goes into caring for a dog than just wanting to have a dog. You’ll need to invest in a dog collar and leash set, a dog bed, quality dog food, grooming materials and even make sure you’ve fenced in your yard. In fact, there are certain types of fencing that are better for dogs than others. Depending on your dog’s breed, size and even the local ordinances in your community, you might need to have specific supplies best suited to them. Having the necessary supplies to care for them will ensure that you can prolong their life!

2. Do your research on dog food.

You can either get advice from your dog’s vet or do a deep dive on the web to research quality dog foods that are great for your pup. Your dog might develop specific dietary needs based on their breed, age or even medical conditions that can have a serious impact on the dog food they eat. 

Some dog owners even opt to feed their dogs human food, but this is only if you feel you have the time to dedicate to cultivating meal choices for your dog this way. Plus, you’ll need to learn what foods are suitable for dogs and which ones are toxic. Feeding your dog human food just because it seems trendy and “better” for your pup can ultimately lead to harming them — and potentially killing them. 

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3. Be sure to give lots of snuggles.

Dogs crave affection, so be sure to give it to them! Don’t hesitate to give them lots of snuggles on the couch, in your bed or at any other point. They deserve to be loved! Giving them a big hug when you walk in the door or curling up with them on the couch to watch a movie is just one of the many ways you can show your dog some love. 

Dogs can feel many emotions, just like humans can, and avoiding physical affection with them can have a huge impact on their mental state. So, the next time your dog bumps their head against your leg, be sure to give them a good pat on the head and remind them who the good dog is!

4. Take them for walks.

Your dog should do more than run around the yard or house. Take your dog out for a walk at least once a week! Did you know that dogs release endorphins when they exercise, just like humans? That’s right, the “high” we feel after exercising is something dogs also feel after a walk or run, or even when they play with other dogs! This is a great activity that both you and your dog can do together and doesn’t require much effort. 

Walking can be good for you, too, so be sure to take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood, local hiking trail or any other place you can think of that’ll both excite your dog and give you something to explore. Learn what to put on dog tags so that you can be sure to keep them safe on all your walks together!

Good Dog Health: This article will give 7 helpful Tips for Prolonging Your Pup’s Life, like snuggles, walks, and good dog food!

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5. Get their teeth cleaned.

You might not think about it now, but it’s really important to have a dog’s teeth cleaned regularly.  Some pet insurance companies like Bivvy cover orthodontic treatment for your pet from $15 per month. Additionally, you can feed your dog dental treats or give them toys to play with that encourage dental hygiene. Dogs eat a lot of weird things and, depending on their age, they might have bad breath. Getting their teeth cleaned can prevent rotting, cavities, meningitis and loads of other dental health issues. 

Just like how humans have to see the dentist (or should be seeing one regularly!), so do dogs. Otherwise, your dog’s mouth might end up being the breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs that can make them sick. And that’s definitely not a way to prolong their life!

6. Keep your home safe for them.

One factor that many dog owners forget is to keep their home safe for their dogs. As dogs age, they might need additional furniture or considerations made within your home. Whether that means increasing the size of the doggy door so they don’t have to bend or placing ramps in areas where the dogs used to be able to climb stairs, keeping your home safe for your dogs will ensure that they live long, healthy lives. 

Much like baby-proofing a house, you can dog-proof an area as well. Harmful decor, toys or other items should be put out of reach of the dog and always returned to their storage place after use. Otherwise, you could be endangering your pup!

7. Feed them vitamins.

Under the direction of your dog’s vet, consider feeding them vitamins, especially as they age. Vitamins are a great way to supplement some of the nutrients that your dog will lose as they get older. Your vet can probably provide you with some great options and suggestions for supplements your dog would benefit from. 

Sometimes, your dog’s vet might even prescribe them as a medication! This can help you access the highest quality of brands and supplements for your dog. If there aren’t any available at your vet’s location, they can probably also help you set up a regular delivery or shipment with a supplement company.

Taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility and a lot of hard work. But, giving your dog quality care will ensure they can stick around for years to come. When you take care of your dog, it’ll show in how positive your dog’s quality of life is.



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