Glueless Wigs vs. Traditional Wigs: A Comparison Of Pros and Cons

In this blog post, learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of both glueless wigs vs. traditional wigs.

As people turn to wigs as a low-cost alternative to grooming their hair, a lot of advancement has occurred over the past few years to produce near-perfect wig designs. From ball cap wigs to machine-sewn and lace front wigs, styling your hair has never been easier. Traditional lace front wigs are the most common wig types, lauded for their seamless look and hyperrealism.

However, achieving a sleek lace front installation requires extensive customization, hence the need for an alternative. Glueless wigs are growing in popularity among wig lovers for many reasons. Learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of both traditional wigs and glueless wigs.

What are traditional wigs?

Traditional lace front wigs mimic the natural hairline to provide a realistic appearance. Lace front wigs come in different lace types, colors, lengths, and designs, allowing you to choose or customize the perfect wig type you desire. Traditional wigs are made with skin-like lace materials with hairs that are individually machine-sewn or hand-tied into the lace material to provide a hyperrealistic illusion of a natural hairline.

However, traditional wigs need to be customized to fit your scalp. A professional hairstylist will pluck the hairline, dye the lace to match your skin tone, and glue it down to your scalp. Customizing your wig to match your scalp can be a strenuous process for new wig lovers. It is essential to employ proper wig maintenance techniques to protect and preserve your wig sew-in or installation.

What are Glueless wigs?

Glueless wigs are new lace front wigs that eliminate the strenuous process of installation. These new wig types are growing in popularity for their ease and other benefits. As its name suggests, a glueless wig is a kind of lace front wig that does not require glues, tapes, or any other attachments.

Most glueless wigs are customized to fit the wearer’s head and dyed to match your skin tone. All you need is to sleek your hair into a bun or make some cornrows and wear them. Glueless wigs save time and are designed with large bands or pins to ensure firmness.

What are the Pros of Traditional wigs?

Traditional wigs come in different types and sizes to suit your preferences. They are the most worn wig types because they offer the following benefits:

Gives room for customization: Traditional wigs provide an opportunity for hairstylists to create different styles of your choice. It serves as a clean slate for you to make any design or hair inspiration you have in mind. Your customization opportunities are endless if you own a traditional wig with a 360-degree lace front or a 13 by 4 frontal.

Cheaper: When compared to the price of glueless wigs, traditional wigs are way cheaper. They are perfect for people looking for quality wigs without spending a fortune.

What are the Cons of Traditional wigs?

Expensive installation cost: Customizing or installing your traditional wig can be quite expensive, especially if you consult hairstylists in high-brow areas. If you plan on wearing a traditional wig multiple times in different ways, you need to factor in the cost of each installation.

Damaged lace front: Pre-plucking, gluing, and dying your traditional wig consistently can wear out its durability. Depending on the number of installations, the lace can tear and may require immediate replacement or repair

Hair Loss: Traditional wigs can cause premature alopecia if you do not take them off properly. If you are fond of ripping out your glued wig, you may lose your baby (front) hair permanently.

High maintenance: After installing your wig, you are expected to maintain your installation properly by re-gluing your lace fronts to conceal the lace.

What are the Pros of Traditional wigs?

Low maintenance: Glueless wigs can be maintained easily as they do not require you to reglue the laces or tint them. They come customized, and all you need to do is to wear them.

Additional designs/customization: To ensure a firm fit, glueless wigs are designed with adjustable straps, large hair bands, and numerous clips to keep the wig in place. These customizations are comfortable for the scalp

Saves time: Glueless wigs do not require a stressful wig installation process, allowing you to save more time for other activities.

Protects your hairline: Since glueless wigs employ different tools to keep the wig in shape, you do not need to apply glue to your hairline anymore. With glueless wigs, you can save your scalp and hairline.

What are the Cons of Traditional wigs?

Expensive: Glueless wigs are a bit more expensive than traditional wigs, for obvious reasons. Although there are many budget-friendly glueless wigs, a majority of them are best suited for people with a larger budget.

No room for customization: Since glueless wigs come customized, there is little to no room for additional customization. Ensure you choose a glueless wig that can be worn in different styles.

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