Giving Back for Giving Tuesday This Year

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#sponsored How can we celebrate Giving Tuesday? I was excited to learn how T-Mobile empowers employees and customers to give back @TMobile

Thanksgiving dinner is over and it’s on to the leftovers, but it’s still the holiday season, right? And for us, it’s a season of giving and of hope.

My husband runs a small business so he’s spent over a decade working hard to make sure everyone is treated fairly and has what they need. It really makes me think about how large businesses, like T-Mobile, empower employees and customers to give back. I read an article about employees at T-Mobile’s Customer Experience Center in Rochester, NY and how the new employees there have already made such an impact on their community before the center is even officially open! It was super inspiring to me to see the kinds of people who give back. The article also shared ways they’re helping customers make an impact this November 28th that I wanted to share with you all if you want to take part. This is a story I also want to show our kids as an example of what kinds of businesses we choose to support, because we know they give back. This is really the reason for the season.

And beyond.

Giving Back for Giving Tuesday This Year:

Welcome to the season of giving! This pivotal time of the year coursing through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and up to the New Year carries a palpable spirit of sharing, giving, and spreading warmth. In this spirit, there’s a lesser-known but equally valuable day called Giving Tuesday. Have you heard of it? Let’s bring it into the spotlight. Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that usually falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It’s an invitation for everyone — individuals, small businesses, big corporations — to begin the holiday season by giving back to those in need.

A heartwarming concept, isn’t it? For Giving Tuesday to truly have an impact, though, everyone has to play their part, and this includes businesses. Here’s a list of practical and inspiring ways that businesses could support their employees and customers this Giving Tuesday:

#sponsored How can we celebrate Giving Tuesday? I was excited to learn how T-Mobile empowers employees and customers to give back @TMobile

Matching Employee and/or Customer Donations:

1 – Matching Employee and/or Customer Donations – Most companies pride themselves on their culture of giving. What better way to demonstrate this than by matching their customers’ personal donations, thereby doubling the impact? And that’s where T-Mobile comes in! On Giving Tuesday, which is November 28th, T-Mobile will be empowering customers to take part in charitable efforts on a national scale through the T-Mobile Tuesdays App. This means that T-Mobile will be matching and donating up to 2 million meals to Feeding America. 44 million people in the United States face hunger, including more than 13 million children.

Volunteer Time Off (VTO):

2 – Volunteer Time Off (VTO) – Encouraging employees to take paid time off for volunteering activities not only boosts the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts but also fosters a spirit of philanthropy amongst the workforce. T-Mobile is so good at creating and fostering healthy and productive employee experiences.

Funded by the T-Mobile Foundation, which aims to make a difference by mobilizing the company’s brand, technology and people for social good, the company encourages all employees to give back throughout the year in big and small ways, volunteering time or donating to charities they are passionate about. T-Mobile then matches employee donations dollar for dollar and matches volunteer time at $10 per hour, up to $2,000 per employee, per year, to an eligible cause of their choice. There is also the “Volun-T Grants” that allow employees to apply for funding from the T-Mobile Foundation quarterly to support local volunteer projects. Plus, during Giving Season, every employee is given a donation credit to put toward an organization of their choice via an internal employee giving portal called Benevity.

That is SO inspiring.

Products and Services:

3 – Launch a Product or Service That Gives Back – Companies could initiate programs where a percentage of proceeds from a service or product go towards a cause, making each purchase a deliberate act of giving. This can also invigorate customer engagement.

#sponsored How can we celebrate Giving Tuesday? I was excited to learn how T-Mobile empowers employees and customers to give back @TMobile

Why Giving Tuesday Matters for Big Businesses:

Let’s ponder on what makes Giving Tuesday so significant for large scale enterprises. Yes, you might think that because they’re large, they wouldn’t value the concept of giving. However, this presumption is far from the truth. In fact, the essence of Giving Tuesday holds considerable weight for big businesses, shaping their corporate identity and bonding them more firmly to not only their employees but also their vast customer base. It strengthens company culture, boosts employee morale and engagement, promotes customer loyalty, and also creates positive social impact. T-Mobile takes the time to reflect on company impact. And by empowering employees to continue that good work after Giving Tuesday has passed, they will no doubt create wonderful and lasting ways to build community, and make an impact.

#sponsored How can we celebrate Giving Tuesday? I was excited to learn how T-Mobile empowers employees and customers to give back @TMobile

What Can You Do?

Giving Tuesday is a meaningful occasion that presents companies unique opportunities to bond with their teams, engage with their customers, and make a positive impact in their community. Embracing it fully can result in numerous far-reaching benefits, enhancing your reputation and securing long-term growth. You can support businesses that participate in Giving Tuesday. Share this blog post to social media! Read more about Feeding America here. And read more about T-Mobile and how you can support Feeding America through their T-Mobile Tuesday App just by clicking a button on Giving Tuesday.

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