Give Extra, Get Extra at the Gym.

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At my favorite fitness school, there is a “sharing table.” What this means is that sometimes the company themselves will have food, drinks, or products to share. Sometimes this means that the students will have something to share. All I know is that I learned early on to look on that awesome table, after a REALLY rigorous 55 minutes, and see what kinds of treasures are waiting. Whether it’s a much-needed drink, something sweet to eat in moderation, or a product sample to try, I have noticed the happy smiles on my fellow classmates’ faces when they see something waiting. I have felt my own happiness grow there.

Somewhere along the line, I realized I could share something too, and make people happy.

The truth is, it does matter. It matters when someone makes your day a little better and brighter, and it matters when you do the same. In fact, it makes your own day bigger, better, and brighter, to make other people happy, doesn’t it?

There are usually about 25 students per fitness class, and then there are teachers, assistants, receptionist, visitors, etc. Ultimately the new Extra® 35-stick pack is PERFECT to give out after class. I buy Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice® in durable, recycled packaging. They are easy to find in or near the checkout line at Walgreens.

Featuring more gum, these packs are so convenient to split between your desk, your purse, and in my case – a fitness/gym bag! It’s officially gym bag season around here, as I am prone to borrowing my son’s old diaper bag, or even my husband’s gym bag. Finally, it was time to buy my own! I don’t go to a gym specifically, but I go everywhere else. I go to the dog park, the Smith College track, and to dance-based workouts – where you get your own locker or basket. When we’re all getting out of class and feeling sweaty, but inspired, we all want a piece of gum to feel fresh and energized. It happens each time.

Now that the weather is warmer, and is only going to get hotter, do you have everything you need packed in your gym bag? If not, here are some essentials you might need to best pack your gym or fitness bag for the spring and summer weather ahead.

It can be tough to find time to go to the gym, or dog park, dance class, etc. I tend to do well with early morning and before sunset, although sometimes the lunch hour is really the most convenient time to go. Unfortunately, that is when it’s the hottest time of day. Whether you’re packing your fitness bag right before a workout, or the night before, whenever you can fit in that hour or two to better yourself is an important task. Here are the best bets for what you want to have with you:

1. Water! I know that goes without saying, but you really should always have one with you. Having a reusable, refillable water bottle will ensure that you can always hydrate. You will need to do so more in the warm weather, but also – always!

2. Convenient toiletries. This can vary, but I find a few to be essential. Lotions and lip balms! Deodorant. Face/body wipes – to wipe away sweat, melting makeup, germs, dirt, etc. These are vital! If you have sensitive skin like me, they make them for us too. I also find that a dry shampoo is helpful, as well as a shower cap to avoid wet hair in case I shower away from home.

3. Powerful snacks. For me, it’s nutrition bars and bananas. Refueling is important!

4. A towel! I personally love microfiber, because it absorbs quickly, and also dries quickly.

5. An extra tank top/t-shirt. A fresh shirt will be appreciated when you’re walking out of there!

6. Fresh socks and flip flops. For me, the socks with sticky bottoms are perfect for slippery floors. Flip flops will keep your feet safe from bacteria if you shower away from home.

7. A sealable plastic bag or shoe bag. This will keep sweaty socks and shoes away from the other items in your bag!

8. Headphones. I feel like nothing gets me more pumped than good music, and I forgot my headphones once, and had my phone blaring out music while passing other people at the dog park. It was the opposite of peaceful for all of us!

9. Medical/health items you need. Things like headache medicine, hand sanitizer, glasses, prescription medicines, inhalers, toothbrushes, and other important items might deserve a safe and special place within your gym bag.

10. Gum, of course. That’s something you don’t want to run out of, and with new Extra® Gum 35-stick packages at Walgreens you will ensure that you’re getting more of the gum that you love, AND, there is now more to go around.

What do you pack in YOUR gym bag? Where would you share your new new Extra® Gum 35-stick packages?

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    1. It’s so cool! I have even come to expect it, and to try not to peek out the glass door and what might be there before class is over..
      The gum is the biggest hit I’ve found. Everything else is hit or miss with everyone.

  1. So, I had to take a break from reading this to walk over to my secret stash of gum. Some moms have secret stashes of candy…I actually have a secret stash of gum, Extra Spearmint to be exact. It’s been my favorite way to curb cravings for years. Definitely agree that having good music is important to a workout. It’s just drudgery otherwise!

    1. I love that! I have a secret stash of gum too! It’s all Extra and it’s right next to me. Ahhh…
      I can’t imagine working out without music. Sometimes it’s ok outside and I’ll just listen to birds, but.. not the same.

  2. I’ve actually never worked out at gym (other than our college gym but I never packed a bag to go there). I perfer home workouts. It’s just easier since I can do it whenever I have the time.

  3. My gym has a table with lots of flyers. I think a sharing table is more interesting 😉
    I make sure my gym bag has flip-flops for the shower, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face wash/lotion, and extra hair ties. Oh, and a lock!

  4. I didn’t know they were making bigger packs now!!! Extra is the only brand I’ll chew while working out because it is the only one that will last a full 1.5 hours (I’ve tested them all).

    Funny story. I will NOT workout without gum. Ever since breaking my jaw, I have a bad habit of clenching it to hold it still. The gum makes me stop that. Plus, it’s refreshing.

    1. That’s scientific testing right there! Thanks for sharing that!
      Also, I’m sorry about your jaw but happy about the gum. When I was pregnant with my second, gum helped settle my stomach. And for a full 1.5 hours, I’ll take it!

  5. I don’t. I have some extra yoga clothes in my drawer at work, and I change into them and grab my mat before heading to class. It’s low impact, so I can just change back into my work clothes when I get back. Did you make it back for more yoga yet?

    1. I never even made it once! Should I be ashamed? There’s an all-ages, all experiences levels class this weekend I may consider. I need it BADLY!

      1. You should. I just found a studio near work and am going to try to go 1-2 times a week on my lunch hours. I’ve been four times in the past two weeks. I forgot how much I loved it.

  6. Great idea! I bring some with me to my events and always offer to my crew. Now I won’t run out with this big pack!

  7. I love this idea of a sharing table! You are right, sometimes it is the little things that help make someone’s day a little brighter! I love the idea that anyone can contribute or help pay it forward in a small way!

  8. I need this pack of gum! My kids have just discovered gum and I always have an empty pack in my purse. Great idea to bring gum to the gym too.

  9. I always have to bring music with my phone or an ipod. Something to keep me motivated that I can blare in my ears. That is always a must for the gym with me. I have never been a gum person, but my husband is and loves all kinds.

  10. I work out at home so I don’t have to pack a gym bag. But I may be admitting that I have about 4 packs of Extra gum stashed in various locations like the car, my purse, my night stand. It’s become a necessity for a coffee drinker. OHH!!!! Why is there no coffee flavour gum???

    1. I actually worked out at home today. I’ve never done that. It was weird! I did all kinds of planking and squatting and swearing. What do you do? Videos? YouTube? Jane Fonda? haha.. I’m old if I’m referencing that.

      They do have coffee gum!

      1. I have a Beach Body membership so some workouts I can stream, and some I have bought DVDs. Right now I am alternating between two programs I have completed: the 21 Day Fix and the killer Hard Corps 22 minutes. Killer, not even kidding. There are 6 – 8 different workouts in each DVD package – so good variety. I do one of those every other day, and on the “rest” day I do yoga (with Sara Beth on You tube) usually. It’s a good program – if I get bored one day and don’t feel like doing that, I also find Tone It Up really good.

        1. Ah, Tone It Up sounds good! I’d be going from zero to 100 so I imagine I’d feel pretty sore! If you see results, though, or feel them, all worth it!!

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