Gifting a Memory With Vera Wang.

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I’m actually wearing Vera Wang perfume as I sit to write this.

It astonishes me the way that smells carry memories. And when you’re first falling in love with a perfume, you don’t even realize that one day it will remind you of falling in love with that time in your life. When I smell Vera Wang on my skin, I’m reminded of times with friends. And it’s funny how when you’re in the moment, you don’t even realize that it will one day be a memory – and maybe a powerful or strong one. So when you give the gift of fragrance, you’re gifting a memory!

Have you ever noticed just how much a certain scent reminds you of a person? I certainly want people to smell vanilla and think of me. I’m doing a Secret Santa with a close group of friends and I’ve been a little lost at what to get my friend. I know I’ve baked her cookies. I know I’ve gotten her cards and gift cards and books and even pajamas. And I tried to think of what the perfect gift for her is – fragrance! She absolutely loves to smell nice and get dressed up. Getting her just one fragrance didn’t seem as exciting to me, so I was so happy when I went to Walmart and I found a display of COTY Fragrance gift sets.

gifting a memory

They’re all so beautifully packaged and ready to be gifted!



I know my friend is a big Vera Wang fan, and I love that she gets to choose out of three fragrances to wear, depending on what she’s doing or how she feels on any given day. Sometimes I get really scared to join Secret Santa gift exchanges, or other ones, because I am afraid I won’t be able to pick something perfect out. This time of year is hectic enough, and trying to figure out the perfect gift for everyone in my heart can be so stressful. I was really happy that the COTY Holiday Gift Sets brought such ease to my gift buying. And of course, I happened to buy one for myself too. I needed some pampering.

holiday gift giving

Of all the senses, smell is the most powerful! Just getting one short whiff of a particular fragrance can conjure up so many memories of people, places and things we love. I love that when I give my friend a fragrance as a gift, it has the power to leave a lasting impression. I even have it all wrapped up for her to open and enjoy:

holiday gifting

Here are wonderful COTY Holiday gift sets that are available:

Nautica Gift Set: (Voyage or Nautica Blue)
Beyoncé Gift Set (Heat, Pulse, or Rise)
Katy Perry Gift Set (Killer Queen, Royal Revolution, or Mad Potion)
Vera Wang Gift Set (Signature, Princess, Forever Vera, Lovestruck, or Bejeweled)
Stetson (Original, Black, Caliber, or Sierra)

Which COTY Holiday gift set would YOU purchase for yourself? Or for a loved one?

Here are more wonderful ways for you to gift a memory for a loved one this holiday season, HERE.

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  1. I love getting perfume, because it’s something I never buy myself. My SILs have learned this and have each bought me some really nice smelling scents. I’ll check these out as well. I wil have to smell them before i can tell you which one I like

    1. Perfume is definitely special for me. It doesn’t happen often!
      I do have to smell them too. I get it! Luckily I was able to sample all three scents first.

  2. Like April said above, perfume is a great gift because it’s something I also wouldn’t buy for myself, but would totally use if I received it. Funny because I’m getting my husband cologne for Christmas 🙂

  3. TBH I would personally get the Vera Wang. I have the Princess and I just love it but I remember getting the original Vera Wang after my youngest son was born so whenever I smell it, I remember my days living in Brooklyn with a newborn son.

    1. Princess is awesome.
      And the smells of perfumes you or a loved one wore long ago.. fastest way to a memory.
      When I smell my grandmother’s perfume, I can almost imagine her in front of me again.

  4. The great thing about this is that I own the owriginal Vera parfum and it is splendid. I call it my grown up perfume because it is SO amazing and has so many levels of scent!

  5. The only scent that I’m familiar with is Stetson…lol. It’s one of those old school fragrances. If you know what type of scents someone loves it’s a great gift to give.

  6. I just picked up an Embrace gift set too! It’s fabulous! I think quite a few people on my double checked nice list need one too! You are a great friend! I know she will love it.

    1. What an awesome story. My dad doesn’t work in an office anymore but for special occasions he’ll wear a cologne he used to wear to work and it reminds me of those mornings before school and work.

  7. It is really crazy how just the whiff of certain perfumes (or colognes) can instantly transport me back to a certain time and place! I don’t think that I’ve ever tried Vera Wang’s fragrance.

  8. Hmm…I haven’t worn perfume in YEARS. It’s just not my thing (gives me a headache). I do love the name “Killer Queen” though. Is it bad that it makes me think of Queen and not Katy Perry?

  9. I can’t wear perfume because it gives me migraines – but I love scented lotion. I have 3 or 4 that I rotate each season. I bet the Vera Wang perfume smells amazing.

  10. In the past my little brother has told me when he smells vanilla he thinks of my house. I wonder if he still does, we haven’t lived in Texas for so long. 🙁

  11. I love Vera Wang, but have never tried one of her perfumes. I am sure it would be great though. I will have to head out to find some and try it.

  12. <3 I love how memories are often triggered by scents and fragrances. I've never tried Vera Wang before but am totally curious about it now! Thanks for sharing this post; I wonder if I can try it at my local Sephora… Hmmm…

    Also I love gifting/receiving fragrances. It's actually the gift I always ask of my parents (this year it's FlowerBomb by Viktor and Rolf) but I'm ready for something different!

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