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Gift Guide Wednesday: Gifts For Pet Lovers

I’ve been blogging for a long time and I’m always learning. One thing you’ll find here is products we are actually using! Some of the links in this post are known as affiliate links. This means if you do buy something, I may earn a couple dollars at no extra cost to you. That’s it; there’s no catch!

Gift Guide Wednesday: This week we're focusing on the best Christmas and Hanukkah gifts for pet lovers and for the pets in your life as well!

Product links are all embedded in product names and photos – enjoy!

Gift Guide Wednesday is here with all good gifts for pet lovers!

One thing I’ve put off for years is getting into affiliate marketing. I just always think I won’t be good at it, and maybe I won’t, but why NOT tell you about the things we’re using over here? I mean, how could I not? So on Wednesdays, we’ll share a what’s hot list of 5 hot deals, steals, and just plain what gives us the feels right now. There’s no catch for you, & everything is darn good.

Gift Guide Wednesday: Gifts For Pet Lovers:

1 – Health Extension:

These are a crowd favorite in my household, and with three dogs, well.. you know. Three’s a crowd! Natural & Holistic Dog Food is really where it’s at, and these amazing recipes target individual pet health to enhance well-being promote a long and happy life. This is the most incredible brand of holistic pet food I know, and we use it for all four of our healthy pets.

You can get healthy dog treats, dry dog food, and Shop healthy dog & cat food!

2 – Customizable Dog Breed Items:

Ack, these are incredibly fun. There are SOOOOO many options for dog breeds for cozy clothes, bags, decor, and so much more! I’m totally getting Cassidy some great husky gear. I cannot even tell you how many options they have, because I’d have to scroll and scroll but there are a LOT of options.

Check it all out here.

3 – Pawlife:

These are experts in pet pharmaceuticals and they are AWESOME! What could be better for your pet than letting them live a long and healthy life? Plus, Turf Treats have a sale: 50% off your besties first subscribe and save and have incredible sales, always, and Pawlife Makes 100% Natural Dog Supplements that support healthy digestion, allergy relief, and reduced stress.

4 – Robotic Vacuum:

Now hear me out that vacuums aren’t for kids, but if you have kids (and pets), you deserve this best robotic vacuum deal EVER! Like I said, we call her Bessie. I can’t imagine life without our robot vacuum. It can clean up to 1,600 square feet on a single charge and is ideal for medium to larger-sized homes. And, it has LIDAR, which allows Neato robots to navigate and clean in the dark, because they can map, navigate, and clean your home. You can customize your floor plan with Zones that define areas to clean more frequently—or No-Go Zones to identify areas to avoid (like a child’s play area or pet food bowls). The D9 doesn’t record images of you or your belongings, and your data is never sold or shared. Right now it’s $299 only here.

Neato D9 Intelligent Robot Vacuum

On Wednesday, we'll share a what's hot list of 10 hot deals, steals, and just plain what gives us the feels right now. Theme: Kids Gift Guide for Christmas

5 – Fire Pit Inspiration:

Fire pits = more time outside More time outside = more time with pets. It’s a no brainer! And it’s a great time of year to get great discounts and I have a Sunjoy Fire Pit promo code that can’t be missed for this: AmberCove Outdoor 38 in. Brown Wicker Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Lid. Get 13% off and free shipping with the Sunjoy Group promo code: TAMARACAMERA13

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