Ghost Pudding Cups, Two Ways.

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So I have this funny little story about chocolate pudding.

So I may be about to blow your mind here. I feel like I’m on Next Food Network Star where you weave in a personal story before or during a recipe, to draw viewers in. Perhaps this will have the desired effect. Then again, it’s about prunes. Many years ago, when Scarlet was a young toddler, I wanted her to eat mashed prunes. I didn’t know how to entice her with them, so I told her they were chocolate pudding! She had heard about chocolate pudding from the show “Caillou” and was very intrigued, so she happily asked for “chocolate pudding” and would eat it too! It was mashed (or strained) prunes every time.

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It was a happy time for awhile, until she discovered REAL chocolate pudding – Snack Pack Pudding.

We were on the same wavelength recently, because I was out at Walmart, stocking up on ingredients to make Halloween pudding cups, and Cassidy and Scarlet were on their own adventure. We all got home and discovered that they had bought Snack Pack Pudding, and I had bought Snack Pack Pudding. Serendipitous! It worked out well because Des likes chocolate more, and Scarlet is a vanilla kid. I put all my ingredients together, and decided to make Ghost Pudding Cups, two ways!

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Ingredients needed for both types:

Snack Pack Pudding in Chocolate
Snack Pack Pudding in Vanilla
A variety of Go-Paks!
Chocolate chips


Black permanent marker
Googly eyes (optional)

Glue (optional)

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We’re probably going to more than one party on Halloween, and during the week before. I’ll be happy to make these easy Ghost Pudding Cups for get-togethers with the kids. It just required a very easy trip to Walmart to stock up.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

For the first ghost pudding cups, I use chocolate pudding, although you could easily use vanilla and butterscotch too. First I cut about a 2-3 inch tip off of the banana. Then I put it in the chocolate pudding. Here is where Go-Paks! come in handy:

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I used OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, because they give a better appearance of dirt and earth, like a graveyard. Not only that, though, they also help to center and support the banana, so it looks like a ghost head and doesn’t fall into the pudding. I used small or medium-sized chocolate chips, making sure to put the pointy side into the banana so they stay in. Then I used Reddi-Wip for flavor and to create a swirly “mist” for the ghost to be flying in. It makes for a very delicious “ghost.”

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The second ghost went through a prototype or two! This is the vanilla pudding ghost. I did like the idea of googly eyes and glue, but my googly eyes were big, and I wasn’t so keen on using glue. I think permanent marker would do just fine.

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He’s cute, though!

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So for my final second ghost, I used OREO Golden sandwich cookies in a layer over the vanilla pudding. For one, I think a cookie layer holds whipped cream better than just pudding, and also, it creates a nice crunch with the flavor. The chocolate pudding ghost has the banana, the cookies and the chocolate chips, so the vanilla pudding ghost needs some texture too. The Go-Paks! are awesome for that. You can use any flavor you want, or think would go great with pudding.

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Then do a whipped cream ghost dollop! Yes, I said dollop.

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The Go-Paks! are plastic and won’t leak. They are only about half full of products, so it’s easy to add ingredients to the container. They are great to buy in large quantities (I bought five!) and are available at Walmart for only $1.00.

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And now, for my kids’ true favorite Go-Pak! treat, it’s Golden OREO Pudding Ghosts! This is my piece de resistance in the realm of pudding ghosts. I personally love to use the Golden OREO Sandwich Cookies as a base. Then I spread one whole chocolate Snack Pack pudding cup onto the cookies. THEN, a BIG dollop of Reddi-Wip, with chocolate chips for eyes. This is Des’ favorite treat, and it’s mine too. We love making ghosts and it’s bigger for heartier appetites because of the layers.

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Which ghost pudding cup would you rather eat?

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  1. These are adorable and delicious! I love the banana ghostie idea! My kiddos would love it. Who am I kidding, I want one… like right now 🙂

  2. LOL. I have a friend who always watered down the apple juice for her toddler. He came to mine for a visit – I asked if it was OK to give him apple juice – she said sure without thinking about it. He took one sip of unadulterated juice, opened his eyes huge and said WHAT IS THIS? I said “apple juice?”. He didn’t believe me. Drank four glasses. His mom wasn’t able to give him the watered down stuff again. 😉

    1. Ah, I LOVE that story. We did that watering down thing for ages. Scarlet didn’t even like “real” juice the first several times she had it because it was too intense after the watering down thing.

      She has since changed.

  3. Really?! 1) You forced mashed prunes on Scarlet and then 2) even masqueraded it for chocolate pudding – bad, very bad you are 🙂 But you know what? I’d take the prunes any time, not a pudding lover here. Love chocolate, just not pudding. The closest I come to pudding is Creme Brulee 🙂

    1. Ooh, good point! Halloween is on a Saturday but I do believe there’s a class party for both kids. Now I have to double up the pudding cups!

  4. Oh my ghostness (see what I did there?) these are sooooooo cute! These would be awesome for Halloween parties (and easy enough to whip up).

    I love the mashed prunes story… lol the things mamas say and do.

    Love it!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh my ghostness, I loved that!!

      The mashed prunes story.. sigh.. that would NEVER fly now. And I personally thought they were good as is, but then she had the real stuff…

  5. Those are cute Halloween dessert ideas. My daughter loved the baby food prunes when she was younger. Now she loves the dried prunes. She even calls them candy.

  6. These kinds of treats become annual traditions that children really look forward to. In my day, I made my own pudding and crumbled oreos on top with whipped cream ghosts and milano gravestones and called it “graveyard cake.” This is my first year with no kids at home to make it for – sad day.

  7. These are adorable, Tamara…perfect fun Halloween treat! Hehe good way to get kiddos to eat their bananas–and especially love the prune story. I’m going to remember that one for the future;-)

    1. My son has been known to eat three bananas in one sitting, so I had to make sure these would actually fill him up! Luckily, the pudding, cookies and whipped cream helped with that.

    1. They’re a bit like OREOs but they’re peanut butter flavored! They’re really awesome. They’re usually big cookies but the bites are really fun too.

  8. Wow, this is super! Reiko will love your ghost pudding for sure!!! Now I’m thinking of making some for him. He will be on semestral break next week which is very timely. We can do this together!

  9. Adorable and oh sooooo easy! I love pins like this- because it is actually doable for a busy mom. Thanks for sharing!

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