Getting That Summer Natural Glow.

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One of the best things I’ve noticed about getting older, is learning to appreciate and embrace all of the parts of me I might not have appreciated when I was younger. We all have our own features, expressions, quirks, and strengths, and they are beautiful and they are ours. 2016 has been a turning-point year for me so far, in terms of health, beauty and fitness.

Yesterday I talked about my hair. And today it’s about achieving glowing skin! I do enjoy revealing more and more about myself and my routines, when I think they can help and inspire anyone else. I’m not saying I didn’t notice or appreciate what I do have before I entered my 30’s, but there is certainly something to be said about growing more comfortable in your skin. I love finding new ways to make the best of what I have, and it makes me learn to love myself that much more. It’s a work-in-progress, but aren’t most things? I have suffered from low confidence and low self-esteem for many years. I may always have those bouts, but I’m learning to have better self-esteem for longer periods of time. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it to try.

After finally starting semi-regular barre classes, and fully-regular power walks and hikes, I have leg muscles for the first time in my life. I can’t stop looking at them! Since this has never happened before, I can’t wait until it gets warmer out, so I can show my legs more. I have never had these thoughts! And the wait better be worth it, because it snowed over six inches today. In APRIL! Although I love my new leg muscles, and I can’t stop looking at them, my legs are NOT ready for spring and summer. Every summer I get shocked at how dry and pale my legs and feet get without proper maintenance. As a busy mama with two kids, two pets, and two jobs, I can still love my legs with these awesome tips. Ready to get warm weather ready?

1. Exercise. Honestly, there’s nothing like it to tone your legs naturally. The power walks are helpful, as well as barre classes, because they tone muscles in your legs you probably never even think about. I love to believe that if my legs are toned enough, no one will even notice if they’re dry and pale. Luckily, that won’t be a problem either. (see #5)

2. Exfoliate and soothe. At night, I like to soak my legs and feet in Epsom salts for ten minutes. Then I rub them with a grainy scrub, slather them with my favorite lotion, (also see #5) and cover my feet with socks, and my legs with cotton pants.

3. De-buzz with your best options. What are the best options for smooth legs? Let the hair soften in a steamy shower for three minutes. Use a hydrating shave cream or gel – but not soap. Always moisturize your legs afterward. (see #5, of course)

4. Love them. As it stands, I love my legs for their strength and health, and the way they’ve allowed me to chase after my kids for all of these years. There are a million things you can do for your legs, in a doctor’s office and not, but loving them is key. There are good products that can produce subtle and powerful changes in your legs, and will make you feel great.

5. Add color and smoothness in one! Why does it matter? The skin on your legs doesn’t produce much oil, so adding moisture is key to avoid irritation. And adding color at the same time is a huge advantage. You can get confidence from your glow!

At Walmart, you can save $3.00 on any 2 full size Jergens® Natural Glow® Product (Offer excludes trial & travel sizes)

How do I create my own sunshine? I start with JERGENS® Natural Glow® Daily Moisturizer. For any special occasion, or just an ordinary work day, I feel great about using my favorite moisturizer. For the most natural-looking color, be sure to exfoliate before first use. (see #2) Also, use sparingly on dry areas, like knuckles, knees, ankles, and in between your fingers and toes.

To minimize extra color absorption, you can apply a regular moisturizer to these dry areas just before applying your JERGENS® Natural Glow® Daily Moisturizer. You can also use half the amount on your elbows and knees, as you would the rest of your body. Choose the right shade based on your natural skin tone, or at least your starting point.

Smooth on your glow moisturizer evenly and thoroughly as you would any daily moisturizer! You can use a sunless tanning/glow mitt to help apply, as well as to minimize any hand staining.

*Bonus summer ready legs tip. Protect. How else can you protect your legs and body this summer? Sunscreen. Well that is important for your face too! That’s why I use JERGENS® Natural Glow® FACE Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20 to add color and protection from incidental sun.

This glow facial moisturizer is not for laying out, and the SPF in the product is for incidental sun.

What are your favorite ways to get your legs summer ready? What’s your favorite JERGENS® Natural Glow® product?

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  1. All I can say is I am beyond happy that warmer weather should be here soon. Don’t get me wrong freezing here right now and sadly was warmer in March than April, but still I have high hopes for spring and summer weather to find us very soon now! 🙂

  2. I have been seeing the commercials on TV with Julia Mann and she totally cracks me up but she’s been encouraging me to pick it up. With the warmer weather here now, seriously it’s in the 70’s today, I would much prefer to glow this way than getting a tan by the sun. I’m already naturally tan so don’t need it.

  3. I am wearing shorts today and my legs are so freaking white it is embarrassing! Something must be done! For the good of humanity I tell you, so thanks for the head up on this 🙂

    1. Oops my blog swallowed my own reply comment. I hope you’re getting warmer days than us. We have record breaking lows this week.

  4. Sexy dress!! Love it. The other day JD wanted white sugar in his tea, I said, “Are you crazy? We don’t have that stuff for eating!! We have that for guests and for exfoliating.” (its the best!)

  5. I know many women who love Jargons Glow products. Now that I think about it, using some of those products myself wouldn’t be a bad idea. That and getting back to the gym again. Gorgeous photo at the top, too! I think it’s hilarious how the bartender is checking you out!

    1. The glow products are my favorites! I’ve been using the foam for years so it was time to switch to the lotion!
      I honestly think the bartender was wondering why I was holding one of his empty glasses!! He was like, “Should I… serve her a real drink?”

    1. I hear that! That’s why I had to go for the lightest kind. It is subtle and works over time so you can always stop if you feel suspiciously tan. haha.. been there.

  6. Being of Irish DNA, I swear by Jergens lotion so that I don’t disappear in the sand on the local beach. I actually get comments like “wow, you tan so nice for being a freckled Irish lass!” Ha – they don’t know! 🙂

  7. Hi Tamara, my legs are my least favourite part of me, I appreciate that what they do and can’t imagine not having working legs, but they really aren’t pretty. I could really do with something like Jergens, I have tried looking for a product that would add a natural looking glow to my legs, but not found anything similar here.

    Nice sunlessly tanned legs sounds perfect to me.


    1. Yes! The sun itself can be too harsh and not even do an even job. This is a great lotion. I’ve been using their products for.. decades now. I hope they have something similar over there!

  8. Oh, how the snow this week — not to mention the cold weather — makes me a bit sad. I thought spring was on the horizon, but alas we have a bit more of winter left.
    I’ve used this lotion in the past — I can definitely see that my skin looks way less pale after I use it! I’m in need of some major exfoliation on my legs and feet right about now.

  9. LOL. One of the things that Hubs first noticed about me. Of course because I was wearing something short. (And look at that bartender checking you out!!)

    1. ha! On both counts.
      As for the bartender, I honestly think he was either trying to get out of the frame OR wondering why I was holding one of his beautiful empty glasses! Or, he thought I wanted a drink.
      Or he was looking at my butt. Hmmm…

  10. HOT MOMMA!! Love that first pic of you–hope you guys had a great time at the wedding! You really do look all glowy 🙂 Thanks for sharing these tips, I’ve not yet tried this Jergens lotion, but will look for it next time I’m in CVS. HUGS!

  11. My legs saw the sun last week when it was 18+C outside and then two days later it snowed… I don’t tan. I burn so a product like this would be perfect for me!

  12. I’m ridiculously pale and no matter how hard I try I can’t get a tan to save my soul. I wear pants all summer to prevent blinding anyone with my white legs. This may be just what I need to get back into shorts!

    1. haha, for me it’s not shorts, but short dresses. I used to only rock a maxi because of my darn legs! Here’s to new beginnings.

    1. Same here! I used to see people who seemed to pull it off so effortlessly, and I’d be envious.
      I’m trying to change that now!

  13. Oh, I am so ready for summer weather! My legs are looking ok, but I think the smooth tan would be a great start to the summer. I’ll give this product a try!

  14. I actually have this Jergens natural glow lotion in my purse!! I just love the smell and the texture. Can’t wait to use it in the summer when I wear dresses…you know when summer arrives eventually 🙂

    1. Awesome! I feel the same way about the smell and texture.
      And spring will come.. I think?? The weekend was dreadful, weather wise!

  15. These are all great tips. My legs have been covered up all winter and definitely need a little pampering.

  16. I saw that picture of you on IG, and thought you just looked stunning! Jergens natural glow is my very favorite, and I’ve been using it for years! Very important after out long, pale winters!

  17. I am fortunate because I am naturally the color that some people sit in the sun for hours to become! I agree that to get legs ready for the summer, it is important to keep them moisturized and protected from sun burn.

  18. When I started exercising recently I got leg muscles too. I initially thought that my clothes would fit a lot better with exercise, because I knew my stomach was going to get smaller. However, I didn’t count on my leg and butt muscles getting so big…lol. Some of my pants no longer fit because my quads and butt are more muscular. But it’s nice to have a good increase in size 😆

    1. YES! My skinny jeans are tight around the calves now. At first I wondered, “What’s with that??”
      Now I get it. A good increase.

  19. I wish the summer heat in my part of the world is not too painful. I’d really love to take long walks and relax at the beach but ugh, I’m gonna burn myself there! LOL. I haven’t tried Jergens Natural Glow (not sure if it’s available locally here) although I’ve tried their regular lotion before and it smells really good! I think I can benefit from leg moisturizer. I totally forget that when I’m just home all day.

    1. Same here! One of those things about working at home all day. I’m so curious about our heat. I’d gladly trade with you, or maybe the temps can meet in the middle.

  20. What an interesting product. I’ve never needed a natural glow, but pretty cool. I also like to soak, scrub and put socks on. I don’t do it nearly as often as I need to though. It needs to be at least weekly.

  21. GOOD LAWD!! Look at you, mama!! Hottie tamale 🙂
    Last week we had sun all week, I was SO HAPPY! Yesterday, the day was gray and cold and I was so sleepy, I would’ve been sad if my babe wasn’t home with me.

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