It’s Getting Fall In Here.

So I got an new iPhone 6. Standard size and 64GB, for those in the know.

I got my iPhone 6 ON THE DAY they were released. Lest you think I’m someone who needs something the day it comes out, I was still rocking a broken iPhone 4S for about a year too long, with no reprieve from an iPhone 5. Rather than wait in line for two hours, or two weeks, (that really happened) I just called our local Verizon store at 5:00pm on the Friday of the release.

Me: “Hey, I have the dumbest question ever for you. Do you have any new iPhones in stock..or did they sell out at 6:00am?”

Them: “Actually, we still have some! Come on down!”

And that is what happens when the nearest Verizon store is in a cow town, rather than a city. If you’re local and planning to upgrade, go to Hadley and ask for JR. Tell him I sent you. I’m still learning all the new functions, but the camera is fantastic.


Another thing I want to mention is to read Jennifer’s wonderful article on blogger burnout at The Deliberate Mom. It needed to be said. This was an article I had in line to go for an upcoming guest deal, but I’m canning it now because Jennifer says it well. It’s been happening a lot lately with several bloggers I follow, and I don’t know why. I just know I miss a lot of you.

And now that I’ve said those important Monday things, I’m excited to be participating in this month’s Old School Blogging: Fall Into Fall! I have been wanting to talk about fall things. Check me out on SITS Girls all week with fall-related blogging prompts.

I guess you could say I’m all over the place this week. And now, Old School Blogging:

1. What Fall traditions do you have?

Oh, so many! We definitely always do Halloween up right, and Thanksgiving sometimes involves all six of the kids’ grandparents, which is just insane. It always includes at least four out of six. We also do a hayride, apple picking, pumpkin stew, corn maze, haunted train ride and jumping pillow:

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Last year we discovered the Wee Faerie Village exhibit at the Florence Griswold Museum and we will be doing that again:

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I think autumn weekends are simply amazing. There are festivals, fairs, pumpkin patches and more to discover.

2. What is your favorite fall recipe?

Definitely the Pumpkin Stew Baked in a Pumpkin! Link HERE. I also love homemade pumpkin spice syrup that I put in my coffee. With whipped cream and maybe a little cinnamon on top!

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3. What is a favorite Fall photo (or photos) you’ve taken?

I think we’ll go with the plural in this case:

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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4. Football – love it or hate it (maybe it steals your hubby away)?

Hatred would indicate that I actually cared at all, or that I’d ever even watched a minute of it. Indifference is the word.

5. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

In third grade I wanted to be a California Raisin. They had a store-bought costume available, but with my mom being an artist and with money being tight, we bought the materials to make it. She wanted it to be a surprise for me and told me she would lay it out one night and I’d wake up to it on my floor. I woke up to the store-bought costume! It was bright purple with a big face and completely covered me. There were two eye-holes for me. I absolutely loved it. I don’t know if she knew that, or just realized that making it herself would be such a project. Either way, it was special. Supergirl was my adulthood favorite.

6. Pumpkins or Ghosts or both?

Pumpkins, I suppose! You can eat them. And they’re healthy.

7. What’s your favorite fall fashion item (boots? scarves? sweaters?, etc.)

I suppose lately it’s brown boots over leggings or skinny jeans. I have to keep it interesting because I highly resent not being able to wear sundresses. I’ve been wearing sundresses and sundresses alone for the last few months. It’s been fantastic.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

8. Is “leaf pile jumping” your thing or not?

It always was my thing as a kid. I suppose it’s been ages. I think I’m afraid I’ll hit something hard, like a rock or a stick to the eye, or a hard ground. Maybe I should try it again soon.

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9. Is “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” a must-watch at your house?

I can’t remember if it’s that one or the Christmas one that Scarlet likes to watch every so often, even when it’s spring or summer!

10. What are you going to be for Halloween this year (or your kids…)?

Ok, this is largely undecided. There has been all sorts of talk about Guardians of the Galaxy and superheroes. I’ll have to keep you posted on that. She has a Supergirl costume so if she did that, it would be hard for me to resist being the same thing. I also always want to be Snow White again, although last year’s costume wasn’t very good. I need to find a good quality Snow White costume that is halfway between matronly and sexy, because they all seem to be one or the other!

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I miss my rainbow sprinkles phone case!

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  1. Ok, I got to share and finally sitting relaxing now. Guess who got a brand new iPhone 6 plus Gold at her local Apple Store this afternoon? Yes, me (just had to share because I know you totally get my excitement)!! Seriously, I checked the local availability this morning on a lark and I found that the phone I pre-ordered not due to ship to me for another 3-4 weeks was available to purchase for pickup. I quickly canceled my pre-order, contacted ATT to make sure I wouldn’t have an issue upgrading since I had done the pre-order. Long story short, I got the pickup confirmation around 4 pm. I went to pickup and took me about 2 hours all said and told. I have it and love it, too now!! And just like you my iPhone 4 as you know was totally on its last leg and just glad that I didn’t have to wait much longer for the 4 to drop dead before my pre-order actually showed up! Seriously though, how awesome is the iPhone 6?!!! 😉

    1. I am so excited for you! Yes, it is so awesome. Is just so nice to have a phone that works really well. My old one worked well to a point, but it was very old and the memory was full.
      I couldn’t believe that they told me I would have to wait so many weeks if I pre-ordered it, when all I had to do was walk in and get one. And They took the $200 off instantly! They said with preorders that you have to do a whole rebate thing. I hate those.

      1. I know I am still shocked about being told I would have to wait when I pre-ordered the first morning. Crazy, but seriously glad I just decided to look yesterday. I am so in love with this new phone (I know as crazy as it sounds, I just am). And my iPhone 4 was definitely on its last leg so again thankful I got it sooner rather then later now. And yay to the rebate being applied immediately, too. It is a great Monday morning for this and more now 🙂

        1. I got a case called “tie-dye” and Scarlet is in love with it. I didn’t get the Plus size so I’m curious about that! And how much memory did you decide on? My last phone was 16GB and it was FULL. So I got 64 this time. My friend got 128 and she was thrilled.
          I love it!!

          1. I have to get a case now and got one for free from Casetify for reviewing, but just got it today and is the wrong size and isn’t for the plus. But I too got the 64, too, because my 16 was totally full as well and thought the 128 was too big to be honest. But that was just me.

            1. Yes that is very large! I think the 64 is perfect. We probably won’t use up all the memory for ages. I really want another rainbow sprinkles case, or maybe getting my business logo on a custom one, but this one came free and I couldn’t resist it.

      1. Kenya, the plus is awesome. Seriously, I feel like I have a mini tablet on me at all times. Probably keeping me a bit too connected right now, but seriously love at first sight here!! 😉

      1. I think that there was a great deal on one at the dance studio and I am not really a seamstress. Nana was incredible at that but I only hand sew art related objects or torn clothes, hems, and buttons!

  2. And I really had to laugh about that story on FB about the first man who purchased iphone6 and also the first person ever to drop it. Lol. It’s very expensive here in our country now because of high demand. Overpricing really. So I’m just happy for you and Janine! Did you really go up on that hot air balloon? I’m sooo jealous!! Also, would wanna see a photo of you in your California raisin costume. Hehehe :p

    1. I so wish I had a photo from that Halloween! I will ask my mom. The iPhone was practically free for me because I was so overdue for an upgrade, and there was a $200 rebate. So it really was very minimal on my wallet.
      I didn’t go up in the hot air balloon! It was a festival and I was on the ground.

  3. Great photos, Tamara! I want to try your pumpkin stew recipe this season. My kids are October babies so I’m partial to that month. It was hectic when they were little as it went daughter bday, thanksgiving, son bday, halloween…crazy hectic. I also love sun dresses and will miss them. They’re more forgiving than a pair of skinny jeans LOL.

    1. That is so true! I am lighter than I was last winter, but I still feel very constricted in pants.
      I saw a poster once that said that they wished every month could be October. I get that.

  4. My cellphone is a broken and wonky old android. I am hoping to remedy that sad state here shortly, but congrats on your new shiny iphone 6!

    I love fall, that is kind of like our summer here as the weather cools own and we play outside for months!

    Jennifer’s article really was great, I miss a lot of my blogging friends too and hate when it is caused by burnout!

    1. I’ve been noticing a big surge in it lately. And of course I worry about the trend of blogging, but I know I will always be blogging so there’s that.

      I had a Droid for a year and it never works for me. People seem to love them, though.

  5. My son is counting down the days until fall official begins so he can jump in a leaf pile. It is still pretty hot in Arkansas, but I’m looking forward to some fall like temperatures. I’m just hoping Halloween night isn’t cold.
    Loved all the fall pictures of Scarlet.

    1. Our ten-day forecast is actually very beautiful. Up to 80 on some days. It’s been very up-and-down, and our air conditioning broke yesterday, which I thought was very symbolic. It broke on the last day of summer!

  6. I loved Jennifer’s post too!! She covered it all, I’m so glad you gave her this shout out. She’s awesome! I definitely think you can sexy Snow White up- you are the perfect Snow White! That pumpkin stew is famous now, I can’t wait to make some when it chills out. It’s still in the 90 degrees over here in so cal…and I’ve never had leaf jumping days. Is that what having seasons is like? Jealous and soooooooooo excited for our Halloween exchange!!!! I’m gonna theme it up!

    1. Having four seasons is pretty amazing. Having lived in California, though, not having winter is even more amazing. If you can get to New England, come in October. It is as good as you see in movies and posters, but better. I honestly can’t think of things more beautiful, although I love spring more because it leads to summer.

    1. What?? That is insane. It was only 40 bucks for me, because I was eligible for an upgrade and I traded in my old phone. So that’s really not a lot of money. My uncle was even making fun of me and calling me rich, and I said that I had paid more money for my kids to eat one week of school lunch!

  7. I love fall!!! bring it ON! I actually marked down the Fairie exhibit because I definitely want to take the boys there this year. I also love that you got the new iPhone without issue. I’m going to try and get mine this week so, if all else fails, I’ll be coming to Hadley!! Thanks for the tip 🙂

    1. Ooh! Maybe I will see you there. I’m actually also doing family photos there because it’s so beautiful, if you want a free Christmas card photo!
      Definitely ask for JR if you come up here for a phone! He cut me the sickest deal in the world.

  8. Congrats on the new phone! I haven’t jumped in leaf piles since… I was 6? 7? Can’t remember. I like fall when it’s not raining constantly and the best part of course is Halloween. I like it better than winter that’s for sure!

  9. So fun! I love Old School Blogging! Will post mine later this week. I always used to say that Spring was my favorite season because that’s when my birthday is but then a few years ago, I realized that it was really fall. It truly is the most spectacular of the seasons. The weather is perfect, September feels like the new years without the drag of the cold and there is so much to do. Love it!

    1. And it is the Jewish new year! I always thought they were onto something.I think I love both seasons very much, but spring always pulls a little ahead for me because it goes into summer and not winter. Which is a shame, because autumn in the northeast is unbelievable.

  10. ok you and Janine have got to be the absolute best. iPhone 6? I’m a galaxy girl so wasn’t particularly interested. Anyway back to old school blogging. I can’t believe Fall is here myself and there are so much things to do. I for one am always scared to leave jump because I always think there’s something in the leaves. 🙂 The Wee Faeire Village sounds like a lot of fun and we plan on visiting a pumpkin patch this year. It will be Madison’s first and I hope she loves it. btw I read Jennifer’s blog post and it was so spot on!

    1. I had the same iPhone for so many years. And it worked for a while, but then it was definitely time for an upgrade. Having a working phone again is so wonderful.
      Have fun at the pumpkin patch! Wish you could visit here in the fall. It is so magical. But you already knew that because you are a Northeast girl too.

  11. There are so many blogging friends that I miss from the “old days!” I started out in 2008, so there are quite a few that don’t blog any more. I especially have been missing my Spin Cycle co-host Gretchen, since she is taking a break to write her book! Speaking of the Spin Cycle, this week’s prompt is “Fall.” I’d love it if you would link up this post! 🙂

    1. Done with the link up!
      It is very hard when blogging friends quit, because sometimes then you realize that they weren’t really friends at all. Only within the blog. And then I have many blogging friends that have turned into in-person friends.

    1. Me too! It really is such a unique experience to have it in New England. Although I lived in California where there really is no fall or winter, and the spirit was strong.

  12. I really was dreading fall but with the exception of cool mornings I am actually loving it! Looking forward to doing fall activities.

    Blogger burnout-haven’t heard that one before! :p It happens when you have a lot going on. I’m so prone to it because I have a job outside the home. Evenings are tackled by me with my toddler. And weekends are the only time I can really blog so it’s tricky! I cut down to two posts a week so that I wouldn’t completely come to a halt and prevent burn out again, but would love to do more. But it’s finding the time mostly.

    1. Finding blogging time can be so difficult.

      We have had some ups and downs with temperatures going down to 40, and up to 80 during the day. We haven’t had to use heat or air conditioning in ages, which is only convenient because the air conditioning broke on the last day of summer! Symbolic, right?

  13. Oh just taking in your beautiful photos fills me with so much joy!!! They are absolutely breathtaking!!!! I want to live through fall with you… I want those experiences and those moments!!! I hopped over to read the post of Jennifer’s- and it was fabulous. I have hated to lose blogging friends that have burned out or moved on!! I miss them so much…

    1. I know! Sometimes you realize they really were only friends within blogging. I have so many that have transcended into Facebook, email, texting, and even meeting in person. A little bit of everything.

  14. I’m sure here in Boston there were massive lines for the new iPhone. Good thing about having an Android is new ones come out all the time, though it’s not nearly as exciting 😉 And yay for fall!

    1. It is convenient with android! I have needed a new phone for a long time. It feels very much like a huge relief to have one that I can depend on again.

    1. There’s a lot of people who say that they like fall more than spring. I always liked spring better, only because it led to summer. Really, fall is absolute perfection. I just can’t stand winter!

  15. Amazing pictures as always! I really really wish we had a fall season but I guess we could always travel! I really want to make that pumpkin stew this year! This year we are doing a group Star Wars theme for Halloween. Should be fun if the kids don’t change their minds 4,572 times before then! Yay for fall traditions!!

    1. That sounds like such a fun Halloween idea!
      The From Tracie blog has a fall bucket list today for people who don’t have fall. She lives in the Orlando area. I told her I should send you all a giant box full of fall leaves to jump in. When I lived in California, there was no real fall but the spirit was very strong.

  16. Wow! I am so flattered by the shout-out. Really, truly, thank you so much.

    I completely understand when bloggers leave blogging due to personal circumstances but it’s such a shame when they leave due to burnout. I’ve felt the need to write about it for a while because if I can help even one of my beloved blogging friends combat burn-out… then it’s worth it.

    I’m holding onto my iPhone 4 until the price of the 6 comes down a bit. I’m drooling over its camera though. I’m certain it would put my current iPhone camera photos to shame.

    I love your photos Tamara. Absolutely gorgeous. Fall is my favourite times of year and I loved seeing it from your perspective.

    I have the pumpkin stew on my must-eat list for this fall – can’t wait!

    Ooooh, you are a gorgeous snow white… you can sexy it up a bit. But wowzers… you would also be a fabulous Wonder Woman.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. My sister was always Wonder Woman and I was supergirl. We realized we could switch it, though!
      I loved your post because it is something that has been on my mind for a while. And I don’t know that anybody has written a post quite like that, but I feel like it was bound to happen. It is sad to me that so many people are dropping off. I honestly think I could blog until I’m 100.
      And I may have told you that I posted your link on Facebook, and got a ton of likes and comments from people who needed to read it. So you are helping people and you don’t even know it!
      As for the phone, I was so overdue that my iPhone wasn’t working at all. I skipped the 5, so the camera on the 6 is mind blowing in comparison. I got $200 off for trading in my old phone and being eligible for a contract extension. So it was only 40 bucks for me!

  17. So now that the iPhone 6 is out, I may finally get the iPhone5….I’m always a little behind in technology I love fall too…making matzoh ball soup this week for Rosh Hashanah will make it officially autumn for me!

    1. What time should I be over for dinner?
      It’s funny because I am always behind with technology. I finally got an iPhone a few years ago and it was not the new one. that’s why it’s extra funny that I got a new one on the day it was released, but I had a broken one so it was very important.

  18. Love that photo of Des from your phone! I love pumpkins, mainly because I love roasting pumpkin seeds. This is how my boys got me to buy bigger pumpkins this year. “Mom, we’ll have more seeds!”

  19. I’m generally not one to upgrade right away, but I am SO excited to get my hands on the iPhone 6 just for the camera!!! Also, pumpkin spice syrup sounds amazing.

    1. The camera is so amazing! And there’s a way you can take self-portraits on a timer that I don’t remember the old phone having. Plus, slow-motion video or time lapse video.

  20. your pictures make me want fall just a little. I always have issues accepting that I like fall because of what fall turns into. *sigh* I also got the same iphone, 64gb, on Friday except at 7:30 pm when the UPS guy delivered it. Pre ordering sometimes makes things so much easier. Did you get gold?

    1. It’s so true. That’s why for me, spring is always a bit better than fall, even though fall is amazing.
      I didn’t get gold! Janine did. I got black, but I remember there were other colors in stock I didn’t even ask about. Boo!

  21. OMG Scarlet as a flower is everything! I love Fall, I’ve been denying it’s presence since it was just Summer, then I got married and all of a sudden it’s Fall! I did however already get a pumpkin spiced latte, and I’m ready for the pumpkin cupcakes and donuts. The leaves changing are bittersweet, and I never feel like they last long enough.

  22. Yes – do Guardians of the Galaxy!! Oh my gosh, that would be so awesome. A little racoon costume?
    gorgeous Fall photos – Love the balloon one. spectacular.
    I can’t talk about the iPhone 6 and how amazing the camera seems. I’m just not ready…..

    1. You will do magical things with this camera. For me, I was eligible for an upgrade and I did it before September 30, so the phone was only 40 bucks. Can’t beat that.
      Except with little raccoon costumes.

  23. I had no idea a new iPhone was coming out this week. I guess I actually live in a closet. I do need a new phone, though! I love the photo of Scarlet throwing the leaves! Fall is the best. I always feel energized and refreshed to get things done. A fresh start like in January.

    1. I do love these fresh starts. And I’m cracking up about the iPhone. I don’t even know why I knew it. Usually I don’t, but my broken phone happened to coincide with the new release coming so I waited.

  24. I love your sprinkles case! Maybe you can get one for your new phone.

    Love your fall photos too. And that pumpkin stew. I need to make it. It might frighten my picky boys though, but they’re odd.

    Football. Blah. I’m so thankful that Tom doesn’t want to watch it.

    1. I was trying to decide to do that or to get my business logo made.
      Or just keep the tie-dyed one I have!
      I think the pumpkin stew would frighten my kids too!

  25. Okay, I totally agree that you would be a terrific Wonder Woman!! Fall is okay for me- I agree that it is beautiful, but I have allergies. Scarlet looks so little:) I still have an iPhone 4.

  26. I was feeling really anxious today, and had no idea what I wanted to write about for tomorrow. Then I came here and it all came into focus. Thank you! You are perfection as Snow White – seriously.

    1. I’m so glad to hear!
      And the funny thing about Snow White is that it was always my sister’s thing even though she has skin seven shades darker than mine!

  27. That photo is amazing. Though I can pretty much guarantee these shaky hands would still result in blurry photos. Our kids are so excited about all the Fall activities. It’s really starting to become my favorite season. (Somehow Spring stopped playing nice over the last few years, but fall has been gorgeous.) Your California Raisin story is hilarious. I’d completely forgotten about them!

  28. I think I will get the iPhone but I am trying to stretch out my phone a little longer:) And, I’m sort of thinking I might need the large one – I want to wait and see what the battery life is like on the new phone because mine right now is awful!!!
    I love all the fall pictures you shared!

  29. I love fall too!! It’s my favorite season – apple picking, changing leaves, crisp air, pumpkin patches (although I’m not a super fan of pumpkin. I think I’m the only one??)…I love that you got a new phone without a problem. I should have read your post this morning when I intended to because my husband and I just ordered ours online. I ended up ordering the gold one because it would arrive 10/3 vs. 10/17 for the other colors! Oy.

    1. A lot of people ordered the gold one on purpose! My store had all of the colors in stock and I only saw the black one. I’m sure they’re all very nice.

  30. 1. I love that dipshit who dropped his phone!

    2. Scarlet looks so much like Elise as a toddler with those curls. And the Wee Faerie Village reminds me of the tree people in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood.

    3. I know it’s fall here, because today, it got only into the upper 70s. Brr!

    1. Ha! Yeah, I’ll take fall here. Anything over 80 is a bit much for me. Granted, anything under 60 is a bit low for me. Clearly I’m in the wrong place.

        1. San Diego for sure. I was even telling Jessica above that I keep San Diego on my WeatherBug, along with other cities that I like to look at year-round and see how we stack up.

          I went to San Diego in December once. I have not been the same since!

  31. I’m not an iPhone gal. I had an iPod and it was so difficult to use for me and I’m normally good with technology. Oh well. Scarlet looks great. I would love to Halloween this year, but I don’t think the extended family would like it!

  32. Fall memories are the BEST memories, so much better than SUMMER – I remember when I was younger we used to go apple picking and we would make apple sauce and lots of apple pie! And then we would eat pork chops and apple sauce with egg noodles, OMG the best best best! Man, I miss the smells… And those egg noodles though.. Ah ah ah!

    1. Egg noodles! I don’t eat pasta either. It didn’t ever affect me, but I just didn’t like that full feeling. Go figure.
      I think fall memories, especially weekend fall memories, are so powerful. Even now.

  33. These photographs are spectacular. I wish we could experience fall soon. The desert doesn’t turn cold until after Halloween. We will have to wait to experience some of our fall favorites, like making s’mores.

  34. So exciting about the new iPhone, and you definitely deserved it! That was me last year, after having my android completely die on me and I went without a phone for 2 months, I bought the iPhone 5s the day it came out. I loooooved Jennifer’s post on blogger burnout, because I’m on the verge of one myself. Luis has been coming home late every day so it’s throwing me off my blog game and getting me behind, which overwhelms me and takes the joy out of blogging. So I need to figure out a new plan!

    I keep a list of several cities in my weather app so I can feel jealous looking at everyone else’s weather, and I’ve been seeing that you guys are having amazing fall weather. JEALOUS. I can’t wait to get into some leggings and boots!

    1. I do that too! I have my city on there, as well as where my parents live, and my in-laws, and then places I love. Where our beach house is. San Diego. Calistoga. All places I think have perfect weather. What’s really interesting is that every now and then, I look over the 10 day forecast, and ours is best. Rarely but it happens.

      I had a Droid once. It was terrible! Going to the iPhone after that was heaven.

  35. Congratulations on the new phone! (though I am NOT an iPhone fan, but because I like you, I forgive you, heh)
    Love the hot air balloon shot!
    Hey, you should do a Facebook poll on what you should be for Halloween. What about a giant colorful sock?

    1. I could be my lucky socks for Halloween! It would be lucky.

      What kind of phone do you like? I had one of the first Droids and it ruined my life. Not really but it was horrible. My dad has a Samsung Galaxy.

  36. Oh phooey. I was typing away and got the “awww snap something went wrong”. I was about to click post comment. Anyway what I said was that I was excited for you and the new phone and mine seems to be doing better since the reset. But I can’t physically turn if off so I better not let the battery die or I may not be able to turn it back on. Love the fall pics. 😉 Oh and I watch Charlie Brown seasonally. It has to apply to the season 😉

    1. No Charlie Brown Easter egg for you right now!
      My phone was full up on memory and it had a large crack in the back. And it was so bad that if I didn’t have a case on it I was afraid of cutting my hand. I’m a lot happier now!

  37. Scarlet was the cutest sunflower in the world! Love the photo of the hot air balloon taking off (or landing). Can’t wait to see what you all are for Halloween! And very cute phone cover!

    1. Thank you! The cover broke eventually. Now I have to Google to see if I can get one for the iPhone 6. I’m sure it can be done.
      As for the hot air balloon, they were just sort of hovering at a festival. Not taking off or landing!

  38. Ok seriously, that hot air balloon shot is ART! The colors are so vivid I want it hanging in my house! I am soooo jealous you get fall 🙁 Missing that season for sure!

    1. Fall is pretty awesome. I think I am arranging to send a friend a giant box of fall leaves to jump into.
      I can totally have a print sent to you if you want! The hot air balloon festival was so awesome.

  39. A California Raisin? I just fell in love with you more. I had the Christmas special “taped” so I could watch it over and over. And you really DO do Fall up right. You’ve inspired me to adventure out more with my boys this season. Oh! The blogger burnout. I’m guilty of being one of those that dropped off a bit these last two months. (Insert guilty face here.)

    1. Yes but you’re back! Such things happen and summer. But most importantly, you are back!
      I just fell in love with you more back because of the California raisins

  40. I am so jealous! I was so late getting the iPhone 5 that I can’t get an iPhone 6 ANYTIME soon, LOL. LOVE all of those pictures, and I can’t wait to see what you decide about Halloween. Addy, as much as she loves Elsa and princesses has decided she wants to be a WITCH! And she wants her dad to be a Warlock, her big sister to be a princess, and she wants me to be Tinkerbell. Hmmm…..I’m not so sure about the last one, but I did make her a DIY No Sew Maleficent costume….it actually posts this Friday so you will have to show Scarlet! 🙂

    1. I really can’t wait to see that post on Friday!
      I don’t think a lot of grown ups can pull off Tinkerbell, but I think you would do it quite well.

  41. My finger hurts from scrolling to leave a message…lol! JK 🙂 I am jealous of your new phone. I have a android and constantly hear I can’t do something because it isn’t an Iphone. ADORE that hot air balloon photo!!!! I have never seen a stew in a pumpkin before- is that weird?

    1. I don’t think it’s weird! I don’t think pumpkin stew is all that common. I know people really like their droids. I had one for a year and it was one of the worst years for technology I ever had. It just didn’t work. I don’t know if I got a bad egg, or what, but it was the slowest piece of garbage ever.

  42. You know what? I’m so sad to see Summer go, but Fall holds so much that is close to my heart. My son was born in the fall and in general, I’ve always had such good memories of Fall…school, the weather, the colors, everything. Its kind of like start anew, since summer is pretty much just time to kick back. Next up, the holidays!

    1. I am in shock that your son will turn a year this fall! Where did the time go? I love summer so much and I hate winter, but I have mixed feelings for fall. Ultimately it is one of the most magical times of the year.

  43. Yep, this was a first for me, too. Never been one to stand in line just to get the shiny, new toy they day it came out. In fact this is only the 2nd iPhone I own. But – I do love it! And I don’t regret having gotten it last Friday. I cannot wait to also try video and slow-mo like you you did.
    I love you fall pictures. All those leaves – wow, really pretty with the kids ‘showering’, ‘bathing’ in them. But I really love the balloon shot. I guess you did not go, huh? David would really love to go, but I’m a scaredy-pants when it comes to heights 🙁

    1. It was a festival. I think you could pay to go up, but we didn’t. It was really fun to watch from the ground!
      I think with your blogging and your photography, getting the iPhone 6 was a career decision. No shame in getting it the day it’s out!

    1. It’s funny because I didn’t have a choice! My phone was pretty much dead a week before the release. I went to Verizon to get an iPhone 5, even that close to the release of the new one, and they were out of stock. So I was a bit forced into it but I do love it so much.

  44. I am so relieved to not be the only person who doesn’t give a care about football! I live in Steelers country and it is everywhere! I just don’t get it & people look at me like I have 2 heads when I say I don’t watch a minute of it. My husband actually gets overtime at work during Steelers games because so many guys take the day off! It’s insanity!

    1. I cannot even imagine! My husband occasionally throws on a game just for background noise while he cooks on a Sunday. I think it reminds him of his childhood.

  45. Fall is by far my favorite season. I think your fall pictures explain fall without one single word… fall is beautiful and happy. Those sweet pictures of Miss Scarlet are just the bee’s knees– precious!
    I cannot wait to bring out the boots and scarves, I might actually put my boots on today… maybe 🙂
    P.S. I’d love to visit cow town.

  46. I think I still have a couple California raisin outfits in the attic that my mom saved from when I was a kid. I don’t remember wearing them, but I have them. The kids have had fun playing with them.

    1. I had a flip phone until pretty recently. And then I finally got an iPhone, because I really do think they work well. But that was only two years ago!

  47. I love love love Fall as well. We have new traditions this year since we keep the fall feasts in scripture. I so wish we could go camping, but not this year. I think I may try to work that out next year. The weather here is so much nicer than other places for it, too. I also want to go apple picking or to like a pumpkin patch. I love love love your fall pictures That hot air balloon one is so wonderful!

  48. You’re right. No in between on the Snow White dress. Hubs wants me to get one. Not to wear outside. I love Scarlett’s Dalek dress!!!! And I’ve seen your pumpkin stew recipe before. May have to try it out.

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