Get Summer Road Trip Ready With These 5 Things

Are you summer road trip ready? Get in the car but not before making sure you have these 5 things! What are they? Come see the what you need #ad #LKEveryday

Honestly, sometimes the hardest thing about living in New England for me is the extended, eternal winters.

I can’t reason with that! In fact, I’m often disappointed at how late spring is around here, because by March, I’m aching to wear a sundress and feel the sun on my skin. I am yearning to be driving down the road with my family – with the journey sometimes being the destination itself. We’ve had some times together and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Will it be Cape Cod? Will it be NYC? Or will it be Maine, or Canada? Will we go west? Should we go south? Will we go east, and get on a boat?

There’s still so much time to find out.

When we woke up today with a powerful sun shining in by early morning, we talked about summer bucket lists. I have been planning a beach trip or two, and Cassidy is picking up Six Flags season passes. I loved hearing what my family wants to do.

And that got me thinking of 5 things you need to get summer road trip ready!

1 – Water. How much water? Decide on how much you think you need, and then bring more than that!

2 – Cash. You never know where you’ll need it, and it’s nice to keep extra cash on hand for unexpected souvenirs.

3 – Music. Whether you make playlists by CD (like me!) or you’re more advanced with streaming/satellite radio, this counts!

4 – A toolkit. It’s also a good idea to check your spare tire, and clean your car first!

5 – Snacks. Is there anything better than road snacks? I think not.

For me, it doesn’t get much better than Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks. I’d take them anywhere – from Maine to Alaska. In fact, I have! You can read all about their awesome products, their company story, and where to buy them.

I could go on and on about their great taste, and the energy that good protein snacks can give you. Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks are made with 100% grass-fed beef, and antibiotic-free chicken and pork. There are 11 grams of protein per serving! There’s no added growth hormones and there are no nitrites. There’s also no added MSG, no preservatives, they’re gluten-free, and so no worries! They’re easy to take anywhere, and you’ll also WANT to take them everywhere.

Even into a bed of flowers. ESPECIALLY into a bed of flowers.

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Where will YOU take your Lorissa’s Kitchen?

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