Get Kids Excited About Reading For National Reading Month

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Here's how we get kids excited about reading for National Reading Month! The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is a great resource! #ad #IC #AmazonKidsAndFamily

So I have to admit – it isn’t hard to get Scarlet excited about reading!

I think part of that is genetics and part of that is the reading-heavy atmosphere she has grown up in. Our family friend visited early this month and told my kids he had never seen their mama without a book or reading device in her hands. That’s me! I learned to read at a super young age and I haven’t looked back since. I can remember every book I’ve ever read. So many I’ve loved.

Here's how we get kids excited about reading for National Reading Month! The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is a great resource! #ad #IC #AmazonKidsAndFamily

The kids had a school-read-a-thon for National Reading Month and it’s the perfect way to get kids excited about reading. The grade that read the most minutes cumulatively got a pizza party. And of course, Scarlet’s grade won! Des’ grade did well too. It was such a joy for me to spend all of my extra time reading with my kids. That’s like.. life goals right there. Big time.

get kids excited about reading

How to Get Kids Excited About Reading:

1 – Find books that are interesting to your kids. Scarlet and Des have a school librarian that hand-picks books that are perfect for them. I myself have a town librarian who does the same. This has been a huge part of Des learning to read. He loves books about superheroes, sharks, and dinosaurs. Scarlet came home today with a Guinness Book of World Records!

2 – Commit to special reading time each day, and join them! Making that commitment is wonderful and it becomes a fun routine. I think that’s why it’s been easy to get my kids excited about reading – mainly because it’s special time I have with them. Not every day, but nearly.

3 – Read a series. Ah, I love continuity. Whether it’s a book series, or following along on their Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, this really works to get kids excited about reading! Especially with the variety of Audible books available in Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

get kids excited about reading

4 – Start your own book challenge within your family with minutes logged and friendly competition too. Get the whole family involved!

5 – Take field trips based on books. This is why we went to two aquariums in Florida – Des had read so many books about sharks and dolphins. We also went to museums with dinosaurs.

And lastly, let’s talk more about Amazon FreeTime Unlimited!

Here's how we get kids excited about reading for National Reading Month! The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is a great resource! #ad #IC #AmazonKidsAndFamily

We love that the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet helps Scarlet and Des cultivate their love for reading. It helps to keep them reading at home and also on the go and when traveling. Paired with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, it’s the perfect duo for kids and parents! One of my favorite features is the parental control settings. You can access them right on your child’s Fire Kids Edition tablet, or via your Parent Dashboard:

We love having both books on print, and ebooks, for portability, convenience, and variety. And the controls give security too. I use the Parent Dashboard – shown above – to monitor Scarlet and Des’ activity, which includes how much time they spend reading each day, as well as which books they’re reading and listening to. In the FreeTime settings – whether on the tablet, remotely through the Parent Dashboard, or both – you can set up Learn First settings to encourage learning before play.

get kids excited about reading

In fact, parents don’t have to have a tablet in order to access Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. The app is available for download on iOS and Android, and the content experience will vary based on device. Once you sign up for Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, the same subscription can be used on any compatible device, including Fire tablets, Fire Kids Edition tablets, compatible Android and iOS phones and tablets, and compatible Echo devices – including the Echo Dot for Kids.

get kids excited about reading

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is the #1 kids’ tablet in the US, and it comes with a kid-proof case and a two-year worry-free guarantee. It also comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited – which gives you access to over 20,000 books, videos, Audible books, educational apps, and games that are age-appropriate and hand-curated by the Amazon FreeTime team. I particularly love the parental control settings so I can set time limits each day.

get kids excited about reading

get kids excited about reading

I can also adjust age filters, enable/disable web browser access – perhaps my favorite setting – and choose whether or not to allow in-app purchasing. In our house, it’s not.

The Parent Dashboard allows me to review the digital content Scarlet and Des are using in FreeTime, and helps me manage time limits, set educational goals, and remotely adjust FreeTime settings.

Also, make sure to check out the Discussion Cards in the Parent Dashboard! They offer a “family book club” approach with sample questions and summaries based on the books, videos, educational apps and websites that are viewed within Amazon FreeTime. They also help provide ideas for ways to connect these online experiences with real life activities!

Make the most of National Reading Month and get your kids excited about reading! We encourage positive screen habits with our Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet and we love the way it helps us implements screen time limits while focusing on important goals.

get kids excited about reading

Giveaway Time!

Participate in National Reading Month with your kids!

One (1) of 10 Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablets
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Check out more about the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, Amazon FreeTime, and the Parent Dashboard! All are awesome to read about.

How do you celebrate National Reading Month with your kids?

Here's how we get kids excited about reading for National Reading Month! The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is a great resource! #ad #IC #AmazonKidsAndFamily

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  1. I learned to read early too – and it’s still one of my favorite things to do. These days I tend to “binge read” when I have time. I just started and finished “The Pearl That Broke Its Shell” over the weekend. It’s funny, because I shared my reading love equally with my boys, but Conner isn’t that interested, and Thomas loves reading too!

    1. ooh, I’ll have to check that out! My early love of reading had to do with my anxiety and early loss – it was like as quickly as I could find a way to escape, I jumped right in. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but boy do I love books.

  2. My kids love reading, too. But then again, I suppose the apples don’t fall far from this tree as you know I truly am a reader through and through, as well. Great tips and giveaway, too 🙂

    1. Seriously! Mine were late bloomers about it, though. It was like once they learned – later than peers – they quickly rose to the tops of their classes. But not at first at all!

  3. Astro also looks like he enjoys the reading time .I need to get one of these for my littlest girls. National readimg month is definitely something to be excited about!

  4. I can’t get over the fact that Scarlet has her nails painted in that Stonyfield Farm post. HOW CUTE! Also I love their yogurts and eat one every morning. I also love reading (obvs…) and love that t his is so important in your home! You always share such great tips, momma!

    1. hah, I know! Well it was a color I bought for myself that she stole.
      And a yogurt a day keeps the doctor away! That’s my original quote.

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