Top Things To Get Into The Winter Spirit

If you are stuck for things to do this winter, we have put together some top things to do that will help you to get into the winter spirit.

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Top Things To Get Into The Winter Spirit

As the nights get longer, the weather colder and we head more into the winter season, it is time that we change up how we spend our time. Before, we could laze about in the sun, take long walks along the beach and do various other activities which might now be impacted by the weather. If you are stuck for things to do and want to find out some new projects or things to get stuck into, we have put together some top things to do that will help you to get into the winter spirit.

Go ice skating

There is nothing quite like ice skating to get you in the spirit of winter! Find out what local spots are near to you that you can partake in. There are many different places to ice skate, whether a large rink with things such as hot chocolate stalls and shops around, to something a bit smaller and more intimate. Consider taking ice skating lessons to improve your skills and confidence on the ice. There is something magical about being able to spend your days whirling around on the ice – and it is something that everyone is sure to love doing together!

Head to the forest for a winter walk

A crisp winter walk is sure to make you feel cosy and wintery. Wrap up warm, get your family, friends or partner together and head to a nearby forest where you can tread through crispy leaves and take in the fresh air. You could climb trees or even collect up the different natural materials such as twigs to make a winter collage picture to put on the wall or do with children. 

Do some crafts

As the festive season nears, why not think about making some Christmas cards or doing another form of craft? Large scale craft jobs and printing can be done on inkjet presses – and perhaps this is a career you might look into if you love art and crafts? You could do some winter painting, or make some decorations such as lanterns or items that you can hang on your Christmas tree once December rolls around. Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration if you are looking for some different craft and decoration ideas. 

Get baking

When the weather turns cold, there is nothing like staying in and spending the day baking. You could get stuck in and create a range of cookies that also work well as gifts to your family and friends. You could also bake some muffins, or get your kids (if you have them) with you and show them how to bake. It is a great time to spend some quality hours together in the kitchen doing something fun and also teaching them something too. 

These are just a few ideas of things that you can do in order to get into the spirit of winter. Whether you choose to do one, two or all of them you are sure to have fun. What are some top things you like to do once the weather turns and you want to get into the winter spirit?


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