Get Into The Groove: Back To School Tips That Rock.

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I think it’s no secret to my blog readers that I struggle with transitions.

I mean, right? I know I’m not alone here. I think you also know that I have had maybe more trouble than many, when Scarlet starting kindergarten in late 2014 nearly knocked me off my feet. That was the same year Des started daycare. Then, in late 2015, I thought it would be smooth sailing. After all, no one was going anywhere new! Scarlet was starting first grade with many friends from her kindergarten class, and Des was starting a second year of daycare. Sounds easy peasy, right? Well, wrong.

In fact, the transition shook me up all over again. I found myself falling behind with paperwork and getting overwhelmed by details. Things like doctor forms, immunizations, school bus forms, school lunch forms, application forms, emergency forms, forms, and more forms. It wasn’t just the details, but it was the emotions involved. I found myself teary-eyed and resistant to change all over again. Luckily, it was easier the second time around, if you can believe that. Now that we’re going for the third time around, I’m more determined to make the transition even smoother. Here’s what I’m doing this time around:

Five Ways To Rock Back To School This Year:

1. Keep your family active. Last summer we began doing family bike rides in the school parking lot every non-rainy evening. Not only did it let off some stress to be together and to be active, but it also made the school parking lot more familiar and safe-feeling to us. Whenever Des came with me to drop Scarlet off, he would say, “This is where we ride bikes!”

2. Tour the school. This is the year we are getting a change. Des is starting a new preschool in September, after two years in daycare. We missed the first open house last winter but will take a chance to meet with the teachers and get familiar with the school, not only before school starts, but before orientation starts. Des is going to the same school Scarlet went to, but he was just a baby then and I don’t know how well he remembers it. Scarlet is starting second grade, which feels BIG.

3. Connect. Scarlet made a very close friend before kindergarten, and that made her first day so much easier. For her, of course. It also helped me to have parents of old babyhood and preschool friends standing in the parking lot with me, going through the transition. School friends can be life-long. It’s powerful for the kids and for the parents. Summer is the time to stay in touch – with play dates and other such ways to build relationships. It’s great finding out the class list before fall.

4. Ease back in. In late summer, you start to think a lot about school. That’s also a great time to start easing into a fall routine, because jumping from summer to fall – without transition – can be rough and stressful. Practice the new school routine within the week before school starts. Set alarm clocks, go through morning rituals, make breakfast, have everyone get dressed, and then get in the car or stand at the bus stop on time. This will help children feel comfortable when it’s go-time.

5. Be prepared with medical/dental/safety information. Now is the time to discuss health and safety – talk about strangers, fire plans, bicycle helmets, food and drink choices, etc.! Fall is the time for paperwork. We do summer well-child exams, because my kids have summer birthdays. It’s about immunization forms, updated medical charts, and more! This is also when we schedule one of the kids’ two annual dental visits and make sure there’s a dental hygiene routine for a new school year.

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Get Into The Groove: Back To School Tips That Rock. — 54 Comments

  1. Amazing tips, Tamara–especially about having the kids ride bikes in the school parking lot. I like the way you think! I’m the same way when it comes to transition, and change… but this is an exciting time of year, for you and for the kiddos alike 🙂 Plus, I’m sure they have great stories to share after their day at school! XOXO

  2. Great advice! My son also had a good friend from kindergarten who is thankfully in the same class this year, too. And yep, this is also the time we do a ton of dental and medical appointments. Must be the season!

  3. I love that you have bike rides as a family. We only have big bikes here at home for now but I want to have biking bonding with Reiko soon. I might have used Sensodyne before but only once and haven’t seen one for kids here yet but will check it out.

  4. With grown kids, I only have to rock back to school by helping my daughter move into her apartment at college. Still some transitioning, but in a different way. You gave some great tips! Also, I need a bike!

  5. We use a different brand toothpaste but this is great! We haven’t been rocking back to school as yet though, but we plan on doing that. Right now we’re barely scraping by lol. As for those tips, they’re spot on!

  6. First, I love your mother/daughter matching dresses in the first pic! So adorable. What a great idea to ride bikes at the school parking lot. All of your tips are excellent, Tamara. I didn’t realize there pronamel toothpaste for kids. It’s about time. I think tap water also helps harden the tooth enamel in children. I remember the forms being overwhelming, too. My tip would be to try to relax and take it in stride. The kids always adapt quickly.

  7. Oh, how I hate those darn emergency card forms. My younger son is in junior high now and I won’t be going to the open house tonight. I just don’t have the time, unless something else suffers for it. Soooo I have no guilt about it. I only do elementary school open houses. Sheesh!

  8. I think it’s a little bit easier going back to school since we homeschool. We buy new books and workbooks for the school year. We also utlitlize the library a lot to save money. We usually plan our first field trip pretty early 🙂 Like either the first or second week of school.

  9. Love the idea of doing family bike rides. We need to do that more often. Hopefully this year won’t be too tough a transition!

  10. My family rocks back to school by staying organized. I try to have all of the forms filled out as soon as possible and shop for essential school supplies I think they’ll need when things are on clearance the year before.

  11. I took them to school on their first day and meet the teacher and see where they are sitting, and help them to adjust by getting things in order weeks before they actually start school so it will not be a shock to them.

  12. My family rocks back to school by setting up a sleep and study schedule before the first day and meeting the teacher and some students who will be in their class beforehand. yarbr012 at gmail dot com

  13. We started the routine at least one week early to get kids ready. As for me, I menu plan and do freezer cooking during weekends to avoid possible chaos.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  14. Dental hygiene is a huge priority. I mean, it always has been, but especially now that I’m shelling out the cash for braces! 🙂

    We rock back to school by designating a specific place for backpacks (mine & my son’s) and packing lunches the night before. I am NOT a morning person, and this really helps us get out the door on time and with everything we need.

  15. what a beautiful smile. i can see why you work hard to keep it healthy. as for school tips son gets everything he needs ready the night before and places it on a chair by the door. all we do is grab and go.

  16. I homeschooled my daughter so I didn’t really go through what you are going through. I will say, the transition from her being home all of the time to going to college 6 hours away was really tough! It is good that it is getting easier for you – have a schedule really helps.

  17. Back to school changes here year after year as the kids get older. I’m always although yelling for them to remember to brush their teeth! LOL!

  18. #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    we rock back to school by starting a month before by getting excited for it…shopping for school clothes, school supplies and always making a fun day out of it with a trip to a favorite restaurant for lunch

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