Genius Backyard Camping Ideas You Need To Try

These genius backyard camping ideas present a unique opportunity for quality family bonding. Here's some genius, lucrative ways to set up your camping site.

Shaun Montero

Genius Backyard Camping Ideas You Need To Try:

Nothing beats dazzling breeze, fresh springs smell, beautiful weather, timid evening and endless fun activities that you can have in the great outdoors. But, why go distances to enjoy amazing nature adventures, when you can have it and set it up all in the comfort of your backyard. That’s right, camping in your backyard is the easiest, most entertaining and interesting way to show kids some tips and tricks of living in the wilderness. Backyard camping really represents a unique opportunity for quality family bonding, hence here are some genius and lucrative ways to set up your flabbergasting camping site.

Set up your campsite

The first thing you need to do is find an ideal spot in your backyard where you would put up a tent and set up your little campsite. It doesn’t need to spacious, just wide enough to place the tent, have room for some amenities and a play area. Putting up a tent is an all-family job where you should work altogether to put in the stakes, connect the poles, and putting on the rain fly if necessary. Along the way, teach your little ones the importance of safety, and that they should shake the tent to check its stability.

Spruce up your campsite

Once you have set everything up, the time has come to add some glamping amenities. Inside the tent, you should place a sleeping bag or an air mattress, spread around some funky floor cushions, and a blanket for the outside area. Hang some cool and colorful lanterns or candle lights, place comfy deck chairs and a foldable chair. Don’t forget about the campfire. Teach your kids how to set up small branches, arrange the chopped pieces of wood and how to safely light a bonfire.

Have a unique outdoor kitchen experience

Marshmallows, roasted corn, grilled sandwich, even burritos, and tacos, you can make absolutely anything on the grill outside. Kid-friendly camping food is easy to make on any grill or camping dinnerware, and utterly mouthwatering. For some, a barbecue is the number one choice, so it would be great to set up the campsite near your grill. Since the weather can be unpredictable, it would be useful to get some good weather-resistant cover for the grill so that you could enjoy in delicious camping feast all year long knowing that your grill is safe and sound.

Equip yourself with the right gear

Backyard camping is so much more than a plain sleepover. Among the many outdoor activities that you can do with your family, the niftiest ones are adventure-based games. And for those, you might need some gear. Get binoculars and during the day have fun searching various bird species or analyzing different insects up close. Moreover, for a full-frontal stargazing experience in your campsite, get some elementary child-friendly telescope and make the most out of your night-life camping adventure. Other gadgets that are useful to have are a torch for spooky storytelling, a compass for navigation and a photo camera for memorable photos.

Let there be games

Spending time in the great outdoors is all about having fun. And believe it or not but you can also have loads of fun camping in your backyard as you would in some strenuous mountain. The trick is to play some exciting outdoor camping games. The Scavenger hunt is one of the best and most action-packed games that kids of all ages enjoy. Next, organize a fun hike around the neighborhood with hints, clues, and trivia quiz about nature, animals, and wildlife. Paint multicolored circles on the lawn and turn it into original Twister game, the list is never-ending.

Start your genuine adventure in your splendid backyard by incorporating the above-mentioned tips for backyard camping, and you will have amazing and quality family time.

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