Games Which You Love to Play With Your Friends or Family

To help you make your next get-together fun and memorable, we created a list of games you would love to play with your friends and family. 

What’s better than spending some quality time with your friends or family, laughing and playing games together? The perfect way to spend your evening or weekend together. It sure is refreshing to meet your friends and family in person in the world of emails and texting. 

There is nothing as fun as playing card games or exploring Scary Games Vault with your family members or friends like dragon islands. The friendly competitiveness, the rush of winning, and the beautiful memories all make it worthwhile. 

So to help you make your next get-together fun and memorable, we have created a list of all the games you would love to play with your friends and family, and have a blast. 

Games to Play With Your Friends or Family

We’ve added both board games and cards game so that there’s plenty to choose from. Let the games start!

  • Uno

The ultimate card game of all, and you can find a pack of Uno at almost everyone’s house. 

Uno is a classic card game where the player’s goal is to throw all the cards at hand and win the match. Each player is dealt with seven cards, and everyone can throw one card at a time.

But there’s more. You can get power cards and make the other person pick 2 or even 4 cards! Switch hands if you get the card, or reverse the order; whatever you do; just remember to say “Uno” out loud when you have just one card left. 

If the pile has the same color or the same number as your card, throw the card and win the game!

  • Cabo

Another great card game that can be played with any deck of normal playing cards. Each player gets four cards, kept in front of them face down. Each player is allowed to see the bottom two cards and then keep it back in place. 

Each card represents the number on them. So whatever number the four cards have will be added to the total. The objective of the game is to have the lowest sum of all the cards. But there’s more. 

Cards with 8,9, and 10 have powers with them. 8 allows you to see one of your unknown cards. 9 allows you to see one of the opponent’s cards. 10 allows you to exchange your car with someone else (without looking). 

Joker carries 10 points, Queen carries 11 points, and King carries 12 points. Except, the Joker in red carries minus 2 points, and King in red carries 0 points. 

Each player draws a card from the deck, and they can either keep it and throw one card from one of their four cards or throw the deck card on the pile. 

In the end, when the player thinks the total of their cards is the lowest, they have to say Cabo (or Kaboo) and every player must stop playing. The sum is calculated, and the player with the lowest point wins. 

  • 3Up 3Down

3Up 3Down is a great card game that is exciting, fun, and can get very competitive. The objective of this game is to finish all the cards you are dealt, just like Uno, but 3Up 3Down can get a little complicated. 

Each player is dealt with three “down” cards that are kept face down. Then they are dealt six cards, out of which three are kept face up above the down cards (hence, 3Up cards). The other three are the hand cards that players use to play the game.

The draw pile is used to draw cards. If you have a card that either has the same number as the card on the pile or is higher than it, then you can throw the card. You can also throw two cards at the same time. 

In the end, when there’s no card left in the draw pile, players will use their 3Up cards and flip their 3Down cards one at a time. The first one to get rid of all the cards wins. 

  • Monopoly

The classic board game of growing your business, expanding your empire, and going to prison while doing so! Monopoly is an evergreen classic board game that can be played and enjoyed by friends and family. 

What makes this board game even better is how a simple game of properties and assets can bring enmity amongst friends and family. So get competitive, crush your rival business, and have a monopoly!


There are dozens of great board games and card games available to play. It does not matter how many people are there; these games can be enjoyed by two people or a crowd alike.

The games mentioned above are known and understood by almost everyone and hence will eliminate the need for learning. So meet your friends and family, and enjoy being together with these classic games.

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