Game Time: Colorful Goldfish® crackers Art Portraits

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Spring is almost here, and that's why it's time to create fun indoor and outdoor activities with our favorite Goldfish Crackers. What would you create with yours? #ad #GoldfishGameTime

Des and I went to Walmart over the weekend and got inspired by the display of Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers 30 oz Cartons. Right now, Walmart has them on Rollback for $6.46, and it’s only available in-store. We couldn’t resist.

Spring is almost here, and that's why it's time to create fun indoor and outdoor activities with our favorite Goldfish Crackers. What would you create with yours? #ad #GoldfishGameTime

It made us excited for our impending spring activities and games. Are you feeling ready for spring yet?

I know we are! New England often has a delayed spring, but you get tastes of it at least once or twice in February, and then several times in March. It’s those first days of noticing the light – and the way it travels higher and for longer periods of time in the sky. This is always the time of year in which we realize that there’s a magical patch of time between 3-5pm, in which you can take a nap in a sunbeam on the couch. When you live on a few acres of land, like we do, you notice subtle changes.

We’re venturing outside more, and playing sunny games and activities later in the day than we can in the winter. That’s why I’m excited to share my favorite springtime activity using Goldfish crackers. Click the image below to shop for Goldfish crackers on!

I feel lucky that my mom is an art teacher of over 40 years because her love of projects has been passed down, and then down again. When I see Goldfish crackers, and all of the wonderful colors, I can’t help but think about fun ways to use Goldfish crackers, not only as a wholesome snack solution, but as a tool for fun and learning. We bring our particular game outdoors to the picnic table, but if it’s a rainy day, you can totally play on a table. And that’s where we create portraits.

The idea came to me on a rainy day. The activity is time consuming, intriguing, and delicious too. First, we buy a Goldfish crackers Cheddar 30 oz. Carton and Goldfish crackers Colors 30 oz. Carton. A few years ago, I made my first stop-motion movie using Goldfish crackers. It was an immersive project, and gave me the idea to introduce Goldfish crackers “art” to my kids. I find that it keeps their attention, and if I introduce the project during snack time, that’s all for the better too.

When you can give your kids the space to be creative and entertained, it becomes a fun family activity.

Here’s what we do:

1 – Separate the colors into different bowls so the kids have different “colors” to work with.

2 – Set out a tablecloth or board and then pieces of plain paper.

3 – For the first round, have the kids start small and then guess what the other’s portrait is.

4 – Play it like a picture game in which you time the kids to create a portrait and then stop and everyone guess what the portrait is. I admit I was stumped a few times, but ultimately, the kids’ visions came to life and I was able to guess.

5 – Join in! Enjoy! It’s a fun, immersive, clean, delicious game. Nothing not to love.

This is my mom’s influence talking, but when the game is winding down, I always ask them to create self-portrait out of Goldfish crackers to end the game. There’s no guessing involved – but there’s a ton more creativity. I also put out mirrors if need be, but both kids are happy also to “draw” their portraits from memory. I love watching Scarlet work!

That’s why I feel lucky that Goldfish crackers 30 oz. Cartons are on rollback for $6.46 at Walmart. This is a win win for parents and kids, and fosters a sense of adventure, playfulness, and creativity. Ultimately, I just love being with my kids. They’re at school an awful lot! Bonus that we get to eat our “art” at the end. Baked with real cheese, this is a feel-good snack that tastes great and CREATES great. There’s nothing not to love. Have fun!

Excited for game time? What kind of game would you create with Goldfish crackers? For more game time inspiration, click here.

Spring is almost here, and that's why it's time to create fun indoor and outdoor activities with our favorite Goldfish Crackers. What would you create with yours? #ad #GoldfishGameTime

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  1. This is seriously so cute. And I think you know how much we love Goldfish here after my recent post. And I am so Goldfish sharing again later this week. So looks like we are once again twins on Goldfish 🙂

  2. What a creative idea! We went to a birthday party at a science center last weekend and the activities they had the kids doing were so simple, yet fun. Like making rockets blast off using alka seltzer!

  3. What a fun idea. We usually tell our kids don’t play with their food, but with this I can tell Madison it’s totally ok. She can make all the artwork she desires with Goldfish.

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