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This is a new post I’m going to do periodically where I’ll randomly select photographs from the giant directory of photos I have on my computer and then I’ll tell the story behind the photo. Since my photos are all kept in one comprehensive place that has been building for 5-10 years, there will be a wide variety of time periods, subject matters, and stories. This will be good to shake things up and also will get the writing going when I’m not in the mood for a long and deep writing session, or whatever’s on my mind is not fit for print. That’s not to say I have anything to hide, because I don’t. Ask me anything! It’s just as Cassidy says, “You have to post things on the Internet with the knowledge that ANYONE can read them” That said, let’s just do Fun With Pictures now!

Ah, here’s a gem. This was a day or two after my high school graduation. I think the actual night of my high school graduation posed a no-brainer scheduling conflict for me: participate in “Project Graduation” with my graduating class and spend an overnight with them, or go see the X-Files movie on its opening night. Yeah…like I said it was a no brainer. Please note that this was when the X-Files was still good. If it were the more recent movie you might think that both choices sound like torture. Anyway, back to the story. My friend told us about some cool 80’s party in another town so my my sister and her ex best friend and me got dressed to the nines in our awesome outfits. So there we were pumped, blasting 80’s music and stopping at 7-11 to show off our costumes. We thought we were SO cool. We couldn’t wait. We pulled up to the party and….um….we were the only ones dressed up. And what’s worse – EVERYONE was staring at us and they were all from other schools and you know how big of a deal that was back then. I do remember shouting loudly to my friend, “Why didn’t you tell me I’d be the only one looking like Debbie Gibson on acid?!?” I don’t believe we stayed at that party long. And don’t think we were embarrassed for an instant. On the contrary, we thought we were hotter and cooler than anyone there. I mean just look at my washboard abs in this picture. We went home and had our own 80’s party and it was amazing.

This is a favorite of mine. It was the first successful picture I took with the lightscoop I got for Christmas. I needed to know that I could take pictures indoors and at night without direct flash and this was my proof. The hat was given to Scarlet in her Christmas stocking and I got bored of taking just diaper shots so I threw the hat on her to spice up the picture. She is a very patient model for her photo-flustered mama. One day I’ll figure out how to use my camera properly.

This picture was a finalist and the eventual winner to be used on our pop-up wedding invitations. Our friend and neighbor Jono took this during a photo shoot in the Haight in San Francisco. I really can’t remember what exactly we were going for here and I’m not sure we did then either, but what I do know is that we got what we were going for. I also know that of all of the things happening in the Haight at that time, no one even looked twice at our silly photo shoot because it was definitely not even in the top 25 most bizarre things happening. Probably not even the top 100. Or 1000.

Oh, the adrenaline rush. Sometimes as a photographer you encounter the kind of moment you have anxiety nightmares about – you see something so spectacular and so photo-worthy but your camera battery has died or your shutter button just won’t click. This was not one of those moments. In fact, I’ve really barely had those moments, if ever. However if I had to pick one moment in my life for that not to happen, this would be in the top five. Some friends and I were in central Maine in a town where moose outnumber humans 3 to 1 and people don’t have computers – but they do have weekly town hall line dances. We saw some cars stopped on the road and we pretty much knew it would equal a moose sighting. What we didn’t know was that we were getting two added bonuses – newborn twin moose babies. The other cars had all driven away and this mama moose looked at me getting out of the car across the street from her. Then she looked at her babies. Then she looked back at me. Then she turned to the side and framed her face so that her babies were showing under her protective gaze. She waited one moment for me to take one picture and then we both walked away. I was using film back then and I was pretty much stalking Ritz Camera until they gave this photo back to me. I like it.

I took this of my friends in the Path station in Hoboken. One of those guys was nicknamed Worm, another was nicknamed Flip and I can’t remember the third guy! All I know is that I was partying in NYC with three guys. Hey, go me. I used to have such game.

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  1. Jeff! Was it you? It looks like it could be you and I think you might have been there. That would have upped my "hanging with hot guys" factor sky high!

  2. I'm love, Love, LOVING your blog! I've only met you once but you seemed at the time to be one of the most grounded people I've met- so it seems fitting you and Cassidy have built this lovely life together with Scarlet(congrats!). Cheers!Kelly Mulherron

  3. oh you got game sister! i think i should bring those gem 80s clothes next time i visit..why not invade northampton? because youre a mom and should be mature? nahhhhhhhhhhhhi like how you wrote "exbest friend"…yep..she was fun, sort of. regardless we rocked that night hard!

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