Fun Parenting Advice: 5 Things I Now Know

You go through a lot of #diapers and you need a sense of humor! Here are my 5 pieces of parenting advice #ad #LuvSavingMoney #luvs #savingmoney #diaperdeals

Guess what? September is officially Baby Safety Month!

In truth, every day is about making sure our babies and children are safe, but September is a wonderful time to think about all of the products that are good for babies – AND – bring peace of mind to parents. This is truly important. When I was a baby, my mom used Luvs diapers for us, among many products. And now I’m a mom of two and I’ve bought Luvs as well!

Why do we love Luvs?

You go through a lot of #diapers and you need a sense of humor! Here are my 5 pieces of parenting advice #ad #LuvSavingMoney #luvs #savingmoney #diaperdeals

Luvs provides Ultra Leakguard protection, affordable prices, AND, a money back guarantee. That’s why they’ve become the official diaper of experienced parents. And by now, I’m an experienced parent – with many years under my belt.

Here is some FUN parenting advice. (I promise) 5 Things I Now Know:

1 – Your babies (and kids) will develop at their own paces. Scarlet learned to walk when she was 13 months but Des was 16 months! And I was a whopping 18 months! We’re all fine, though. I learned to read at age four. You just never know. Try to enjoy every milestone, without always thinking about the next one to come. Your kids will amaze you!

2 – Make sure to always have a good sense of humor and embrace the messy chaos of parenting!

3 – It’s natural to worry about the milestones and academic success, but ultimately it’s all about if your kid is happy and KIND.

4 – Take the time to do something you love. Take the time to be with just your partner, if you have one. It will make you a much better parent if you take care of YOU, and your partner. It’s healthy for your kid to see you achieving your own happiness. Make sure to take breaks, take deep breaths, and take it easy on yourself when you can. It matters.

5 – You will go through far more diapers than you even think you will! That’s why Luvs is the official diaper of experienced parents. We KNOW what it’s like to need to reach for diapers all day long, day in and day out. And then some!

Parenting Advice

And did I mention there are awesome savings available on Luvs at Walmart this week? That way all you parents of little ones can save money! The brandSAVER coupon in the 8/26 Sunday paper is good for $2 off two bags or one box of Luvs diapers!

Parenting Advice

So don’t forget to check the Sunday (the 26th) paper. If you are buying diapers for littles, you’re definitely going to want to save big on Luvs diapers. I really think it’s such a great deal that I absolutely had to share! More info here.

Parenting Advice

What’s a piece of parenting advice you wish you had known before becoming a parent?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Luvs at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

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