Fun Easter Traditions You Should Try in 2021

Treasured traditions are what keeps families together and Easter is an important religious holiday that is accompanied by all types of traditions. But, as the years go by, some of these traditions have been adapted and re-explained. Easter is worth a celebration, even if you are not a believer in the Easter bunny. There are myriad fun ways to celebrate Easter with your family.

Fun Easter Traditions You Should Try in 2021. Treasured traditions are what keeps families together and Easter is an important holiday.


Countdowns are not just for Christmas and other holidays. Get plastic or chocolate eggs and fill them with activities to be done. Additionally, you can fill the eggs with bible mentions about the last days of Christ alongside some symbols for learners. Put your eggs together a week before the countdown.

Decorate Easter Eggs

You can buy Easter egg dyes in stores and mix them according to the instructions, or you can make your own at home. You will need vinegar and food coloring; use different cups for every dye. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar with a quarter teaspoon of food coloring. Start by washing the eggs and hollowing them using a pin. You can choose to hollow your eggs before or after you dye them. After hollowing the egg, gently place it in the dye and leave it there depending on how deep you want the color to be, if you want it to be deeper, leave it for a longer time. The other option is to boil the eggs and let them cool. Then submerge them in dye and remove them to dry.

Make Classic Easter Meals

Easter is another time of the year that is enormously connected to food traditions around the world. There are some particular types of food that are eaten at this time of the year. For Easter snacks, you can try hot cross buns, boiled eggs, and simnel cakes. For your Easter Sunday meal, you can prepare roasted lamb, Easter bread, carrots, cooked ham, and try the beef wellington on ninja foodi grill.

Have an Easter Basket

Have your family members decorate an Easter basket and then fill it with goodies like sausages, cheese, bread, painted eggs, and cupcakes. You can add whatever you like to your basket. You are also allowed to have numerous Easter baskets; one basket can have all your family’s favorite food.  Ask every family member to put food items that they love the most and share with others. You can have a basket full of hampers for your loved ones. Additionally, have everyone create their own basket and present it on Easter Sunday.

Egg hunting

Egg hunting is another great Easter tradition. Although it is a common thing, it doesn’t have to be boring. Make it special by organizing an Easter egg hunt. Have some riddles and draw a treasure map to help the kids find the eggs. You can also look for egg hunting events near you and take your kids.

Egg Relay Race

Egg races are extremely fun. After you have finished decorating the Easter eggs, divide the kids into teams and hand the first team a hard-boiled egg and a spoon. The players must then balance the hard-boiled egg on the spoon while running to a specific point and come back to give it to the next team member.


Apart from the colorful eggs and the fun activities that come with Easter, there are many food traditions. You can try making chocolate Easter egg cookies, and plenty of foods. Every country has its own Easter food traditions, embrace yours or adapt some more and make Easter more fun.


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