Fun Activities to Bond With Your Little One

Today, modern-day parenting is fast-paced, no doubt, caught up with career and responsibility. Here are six ways to bond with your little one.

Children grow up so fast; before you know it, your little bundle of joy is shuffling off to school, making new friends, and the world is theirs for the taking. It’s all part of the growth process, and we’re here for it; however, as our children morph into individuals of their own, we can’t help but feel like we’re missing out on so much. Today, modern-day parenting is fast-paced, no doubt, and no matter how caught up we get with our careers and responsibilities, no parent wants to feel left out of their kid’s lives. But we’re only human, and sometimes those precious moments slip away from us, and though there might be no way to get them back, there’s always room to create new ones. What do we mean? When you take advantage of the present moments and highlight them with curated fun activities, the hustle and bustle blur into the background leaving room for strong, meaningful connections with our loved ones.

Six fun-packed parent-child bonding activities 

Establishing a strong and secure connection with your little one is essential; it is scientifically argued to impact and aid their development positively. According to multiple research studies, families with strong parent-child bonds are more likely to raise academically competent children with a grounded sense of self and emotional identity. Look at it this way, while you’re seeking to interact and connect with your mini-me, you’re subconsciously shaping them into wholesome individuals. But how do you go about it without dulling their chirpy disposition? Well, with just the right amount of cognitive, physical, and interactive amusement, as you’ll find lined up below.

Cook together

Forget the dinner dates; this right here is the real deal. Set up a cooking session with your mini-me and let them help you cook a meal from scratch- and the best part is it could be anything. Test out some miniature grilled sandwich recipes, your signature lasagna, or yummy baked goodies with your little one. This experience will serve as a fun and memorable way to pass down those favorite family recipes while instilling a great life skill that your daughter will probably thank you for on their way to college. Besides, who didn’t dream of having their little hands in the chocolate ganache at four?

Wind down retreats

We know you can’t wait to kick your weary feet up and relax during the weekends, but guess what? So does your twin! Young-aged children spend most of their days in school, and while the video games and dolls are great, a wind-down outdoorsy weekend is better. Organize a little trip to California for a sun-filled revitalizing mommy and me yoga retreat; this blissful getaway is the perfect way to bond and destress with your girl. Enjoy 2-4 hours of spa treatment in the Mojave Desert with lots of fresh air and nourishing meals so you can bounce back into the new week fully recharged. 

Game night

You can never go wrong with a game night, and we’ll tell you why- they’re a classic call for entertainment with insanely good benefits for both you and the baby. Schedule game nights at least once a week for a chance to bond with your baby, and unlike most activities, this is homebound and relatively low-cost. Have your kid pick out a game that interests them or take the creative way and invent one of your own- it could be karaoke with a twist, a Frozen jigsaw puzzle, a dance-off, your favorite childhood board game, you name it. Why does it make this list? It offers more than fun play; engaging in interactive, physical, and cognitive games can tremendously boost your child’s communication skills, build teamwork, and sharpen focus. Who knows? It might even bring out your daughter’s competitive streak. 


Your child could use a play buddy. Before kids grow up and find their groove, they regard their primary caregivers as the closest thing to a friend. Like most friendships, this relationship is nurtured through fun, communication, and quality time and using a winmau dartboard is pretty interesting. Please make a point of engaging in your child’s play, taking an interest in their activity of choice. If their favorite play is hide and seek, volunteer to seek them out this round. If your daughter loves to have tea parties with all her dolls, ask her for an invite. Taking part in your child’s playtime lets you spend quality time with them, and believe me when I say they will have a blast, so don’t worry about being intrusive and looking a little silly.

Movie nights

What better way to finalize this list than a good old movie night? Cozy up with your little one over a tub of ice cream, caramelized popcorn, and pizza for an hour or two of screentime. Have your family-friendly movie selection ready, and let your baby bring their favorite toy and blanket, so you’re all comfy and good to go. Thanks to its effortlessness and affordability, movie night will always get a vote as a cohesive family activity. Don’t forget to stay off your phone and check if all homework is complete.


Bonding with your little one begins right at childbirth; from the very moment these little humans lay their eyes on you, they start to build a strong emotional connection. While some would argue that the parental bond wears off with age and independence, we believe it is only progressive and never ends. Children tend to develop a stronger emotional connection to their parents over time as they engrave memories and moments shared between them. So, if you feel like you’ve been missing out on that quality family time or feel your little one pulling away, don’t fret; all you need is a little fun and time to breathe some life back into that bond.

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