Foods to Detox Your Body

 to Detox helps the body recover through the withdrawals and provides essential nutrients needed for recovery. Here are foods to detox your body.

Foods to Detox Your Body

If you’ve decided to quit toxic substances, you’ve finally taken the first essential step toward living a healthy life. Whether you’ve been using for a long time or were only a casual partaker, these substances can wreck you from the inside. Toxins cause serious damage to your vital organs, such as the pancreas, liver, stomach, brain, and heart. 

Generally, intoxicating beverages affect the liver the most. The liver is responsible for creating a balanced environment in your body so the other bodily functions can go smoothly. The liver performs an important function in the metabolic process by producing bile. It also helps in producing certain proteins, and acts as store for glycogen. But, because of substance abuse, the organ can stop working, and the toxicity may increase as you age, leading to terminal illnesses. 

But thankfully, the effects of substance abuse can be reversed over time through use of body cleansing techniques that are collectively called detoxification. The process consists of systematic series of steps aimed at cleansing the toxins out of the body by using natural foods and drinks. 

Detox, short for detoxification, done through food helps the body recover through the withdrawals and provides essential nutrients needed for recovery. You can also use detox supplements to help with aiding the body’s recovery. It’s always good to do your research when you’re considering using a detox supplement, there are many available online, but not all will be suitable or work for the individual’s need.

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Here’s a list of the foods and drinks that can help with your detox: 

  1. Broccoli: Fibre-rich foods are a must-eat for detox. Since broccoli is choke-full with fibers, which is a helpful nutrient in regulating and facilitating the bowel movements, it is ideal for eliminating the toxins out of the body. Additionally, you get a much-needed boost in immunity from the antioxidants present in broccoli.
  2. Green tea: Green tea is one of the most beneficial drinks to get rid of toxins from your system. According to experts at Palm Beach Institute, anxiety is common during withdrawal, and a cup of green tea may help soothe the nerves. Green tea is also full of antioxidants that make you feel fresh and relaxed. 
  3. Apples: Both apples and apple juice are highly recommended for cleansing toxins. They’re both rich in antioxidants and increase energy levels. Apples, especially, contain a compound, malic acid, which is considered essential in liver detox as it dilates the vessels in the liver, facilitating the clearing out of toxins. 
  4. Berries: Any kind of berry, such as strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, etc., is an excellent food for a detox. They enhance the body’s metabolic activities as well as prevent serious diseases like fatty liver – a critical life-threatening condition caused by long-term substance abuse. 
  5. Beet juice: It’s one of the most underrated detox foods out there. Beet juices and smoothies are perfect for clearing out the toxic build-up in your blood and organs. They help remove free radicals from the body and bolster immunity against severe infections. 
  6. Garlic: This pungent smelling and tasting edible plant has been known to help fight cancers and heart diseases. The humble looking garlic is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins. A compound called allicin found in garlic helps with detoxifying the blood and organs of toxicity. 
  7. Lemons: The use of lemons is more commonplace than some of the other entries on this list as a lot of people consume it in the form of lemon juice, or squeeze its juice out to add to their foods. Not particularly rich in fiber, nonetheless, they’re great for your gut health. Lemons contain a lot of Vitamin C – a compound that prevents serious infections by boosting immunity.
  8. Spinach: This leafy, green vegetable is a great source of Iron, which increases bodily strength, bolsters defense mechanisms, and gets rid of toxins in the body. The carotenoids present in spinach improve your skin health.
  9. Avocado: Avocados are the ideal choice for detoxifying your body from harmful substances that may cause cancer. The phytochemicals present in avocados help rid the body of cancerous risks, and further research suggests that they might be crucial in cancer treatment in the future. 
  10. Kombucha: Last, but not least, is kombucha herbal tea – the concoction is full of useful bacteria and enzymes that eat away at the toxic build in your liver. The presence of glucaric acid is helpful in reducing risk of liver cancer.

Final Thoughts

Detoxification is not an overnight process; it takes time, patience, and effort. First, you should quit using for good so that you don’t voluntarily put harmful substances in your system. And, then, with the help of the above-mentioned foods and drinks, you can rid the system of toxic build up that comes with substance abuse, and recover without feeling any severe withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification is going to help you rid the system of the substances that are harming you from the inside, while also providing you with nutritious value. 


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