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By the time you read this, I will be nestled comfortably in Cassidy’s family’s beach house in the heart of Cape Cod.
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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Tiffany is a wonderful blogging friend, and like her title says, she is full of love, life and laughter – as well as great stories and photos of family life, travel life, and of course – Starbucks. She has been a wonderful and inspiring co-host for Ask Away Friday, and she makes fantastic graphics for her own blog and for all of us. Check her out -she will surely make you smile!

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Be sure to check out Tiffany’s answers to my questions about food and summer HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

  1. If you could pick a dish to represent each season what would they be?

Hmmm! I really had to think about this. For winter, there’s this chicken pot pie recipe that my brother taught us. It’s nothing like my mom’s from-scratch recipe of our youth. I mean, not at all. It’s all pre-made crusts, rotisserie chicken and frozen vegetables, but you know what? It hits the spot just right and the whole family will eat it. Well, it used to be that way. The children can be fickle and only like it on alternate Wednesdays. For spring, I’m going to say ice cream. Just ice cream. When all of the shops are opening and there are ice cream cakes and homemade ice creams, and an eight foot ice cream sundae that my friend made for my other friend? Yes, that happened. Sorry my photo is just a phone pic and doesn’t show the glory that it was:

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For summer, I will forever think about pasta salad. Tortellini pasta salad, with cheese, olives and pepperoni, if we’re being specific, which I think we are. A good, light summer option that’s packed with nutrients and which won’t take long to pull together is falafels with a side salad. Just follow an easy falafel recipe or buy your falafel ready made from the store! For fall, Cassidy and his dad make this amazing pumpkin stew, with pumpkin, wild rice, sausage, lima beans, carrots and some other treasures. The bonus is that Cassidy bakes it IN a pumpkin! How about that one, eh?

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

2. What is your favorite fruit?

This is hard and I want to answer, “EVERYTHING!” Or, “Depending on how I’m feeling, of course!” Fresh-picked berries are nearly unmatched. I can buy them at the store, but the taste of them when they’re fresh, sun-warmed, sweet and local? That is heaven. However, I have to say that apples win all. Apples are just always magical, and you can pair them with peanut butter or honey. I’m going to go deep here and say that when I was 16, I had a life-changing experience that I’m still finding the words to try to tell the story. It’s about growth, change, survival, adulthood, and learning the magic of yourself and your world. I can better talk about it now so I’ll probably have to write an update to that post. Anyway, when I was going through the scary growing stuff, I couldn’t really eat for 4-5 days. The only thing that sounded good to me was apples. So apples win it all.

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3. I know we’ve both had our battles with Mosquitos… What is your record number of bites at one time? *Mine is 8…so far.

Oh, I will never know! I’d bet at least 20 or 30. I got chigger poisoning on a lake once. My sister missed THREE days of work so I figured she must have had a really bad case but when I saw her, mine was a worse case. I’m strong, I guess. Once we went canoeing in some alligator-laden waters of Florida, and the mosquito bites I got were the kind that would have you waking up hourly to scratch the most intense itches imaginable. Then I got some nice scars too, I’m sure, but that’s a story for another day.

4. If you had to describe yourself as a fruit which one would you be?

Well most berries and apples can be sour or bitter. I’d like to think of myself as nearly always sweet. So I’m going with watermelon. Nearly always sweet, but probably too sweet sometimes. (yup). Sometimes seedy, and sometimes not at all!

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5. A day at the beach or at the pool? Why?

Beach. I’d bring my book and watch my kids splash around. Or I’d go alone and bring a book! I love the ocean because you never know what you’re going to find. Sharks, whales, dolphins, whatever. And the photography aspect is better at the beach.

It haunts, heals, intrigues and inspires me. All of it.
[Tweet “It haunts, heals, intrigues and inspires me. All of it.”]

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6.Do you have any favorite photos of summer…?

You know, I have plenty! Ready for a photo bomb? I think I’m going to have to photo bomb this post..now…
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7. I know you have a love of sun dresses…definitely a perfect summertime look. What is your favorite dress and why (bonus for photo)?

You know, I don’t think I have a true favorite. I have many favorites and it would take too much digging to find photos of all, but this red one is a big favorite. It’s quirky and cute, and totally my color and very comfortable too!

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8. What is your favorite summertime meal?

Ice cream? Hot dogs? Pasta salad? Ok, my true favorite is a cup or bowl of clam chowder (New England style) and some sort of not necessarily healthy protein paired with great, crisp french fries. I’m thinking a great burger with pickles or fish and chips.

9. If you had to eat one meal for an entire week what would it be?

I’d need energy and health, right? So I’d choose a casserole. Cassidy makes a great cheesy quinoa (instead of pasta) and he adds ground turkey and abundant vegetables to it. It’s really very good and it’s fairly balanced. Balanced enough, anyway.

10. You’re going on vacation soon…what is your favorite part of getting away on a summer day?

Yes, I’m away right now. I think I have a very curious and energetic spirit, and of course my kids do, because they’re kids. The thing is – I never outgrew it. Never. I see the wonder in a day in a beach town, or in the water, or exploring a lighthouse.

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Thanks, Tiffany! That was totally fun and fit the mood of the end of this week. Happy Weekend, to all!
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  1. Aww, so truly hope you are enjoying your vacation right now and will say that I have been following your pictures on Instagram and Facebook and so far looks like another successful trip to the beach. Oh and by the way, I have a funny story about watermelons and Emma, but I will save it for when we meet hopefully very soon now 😉

    1. Can’t wait to hear the story!! Vacation is wonderful but the nights are so quiet. No tv I know how to work! Finished my book. No one’s around. It’s prime blog replying time!

  2. That sounds like a lovely vacation spot! I would love to go into a lighthouse, I think they are very beautiful! I would definitely choose a beach, too, but one on an ocean…lakes are nice, but the ocean is so much more magnificent! My grandma would eat an apple a day…they also go great with caramel! LOL! The pumpkin stew sounds wonderful, as do all of the other food choices! Those pics are fabulous as always! Des and his two little teeth and the look of awe on Scarlet’s face! I love that red sundress! Hope you have a great weekend, girlfriend!

    1. Thank you! I get a little freaked out by lakes, honestly. The ocean is amazing right now. I feel very drawn to it. In fact, I’m on my way there in a few!

  3. I wish I could have a recording you of you at about a year and a few months old saying “apple” at every fruit and vegetable in the house!

  4. Loved these questions, although now I’m really hungry! Love those summer pics, and the one of you in the red dress, gorgeous. I hope you’re having an amazing getaway right now! Cape Cod sounds perfect!

  5. I just died of cuteness in all those Scarlet pictures!!! Amazing, you just capture her so perfectly.
    And the 8′ ice cream sundae? That would be my favourite for all four seasons 🙂

    1. If I ever meet you, I will make you an eight foot sundae! With rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream if you want it. This one had chocolate sauce too!

  6. Oh goodness Scarlet, she is just too much! Such a little lady! You capture the most amazing moments with your family. I like casserole, but I think if I had one meal to eat forever it would be something ridiculous like pizza or macaroni and cheese. So much for me being a health nut! 😉

  7. Oh, how I could go for a cup of New England clam chowder. Summer won’t feel complete, though, unless I eat some fried clams, though I may not get a chance to eat some until I’m on the Cape in September. Have a wonderful vacation!

  8. Hi There! I hope you are having a wonderful time of sun, fun and photo ops! 😀 I am so excited that we had the chance to exchange this week and enjoy our summer fun along the way 🙂

    That sundae looks beyond yummy even in a phone shot. I would have simply pulled up a chair and grabbed a spoon!

    Apples are great! I love Granny Smith the best and usually pair mine with slices of sharp cheddar cheese – Yum 🙂 I’ve tried peanut butter but never honey…will have to do that soon!

    Oh the mosquitos! I am still hoping this year’s bites don’t turn into scars. I can dream can’t I? Eh! If only summer could be without them…it would be perfection!

    You don’t know I was hoping for a Tamara Photo Bomb! Lovely and amazing summer moments…so innocent and honestly loving. You can feel the joy and fun through your lens! Awesome!

    Thanks again for letting me be a part of your summer by swapping with me this week!

    1. Thank YOU! You made this ask away Friday so much fun for me. I can’t wait to get to yours when I can use more than a phone. Commenting doesn’t work so well here. I’m so glad you invited my photo bomb! It was a blast to compile.
      And apples and cheese is amazing!

  9. Are you too young to remember the famous line from Dirty Dancing – “I carried a watermelon?” Gwen said that the other day because that’s what she was doing, and I cracked up. She didn’t get it and did not think my explanation was funny at all. The pic of you and the watermelon reminded me of that. Anyway..have a wonderful time at the Cape!

    1. I’m breaking my replying to comments in order, and my not replying while on vacation to tell you that NO, not too young! When I put this photo on Facebook, two years ago, “I carried a watermelon” was my quote. Love the movie.

  10. I hope you’re having a beautiful time on your vacation. Me, I’m now starving… I’m craving a magical pumpkin stew served in a pumpkin, berries, and ice cream too. The summer photos are fabulous! You look beautiful in that red dress.
    So… are you a honey crisp lover?

    1. I do love honey crisp! I don’t put as much weight into crisp apples as Cassidy does, though. He won’t stand for mushy apples!
      I am starving right now but I don’t usually eat this late because it keeps me up. Booo!

      1. My husband is crazy for Honey Crisp Apples! As soon as he sees them at Whole Foods or the local Farm (back in IL) he goes nuts, no matter the cost…. I love that apple-loving-man 🙂

  11. 1. I love all the summer photos- stunning.
    2. I love that maxi green dress on your preggo self!
    3. I want to eat that pumpkin stew.

    1. What’s funny is that I’m wearing that same green dress right now! I don’t have a watermelon under it anymore, I hope. With enough pasta salad and ice cream, it might trend that way.

  12. That pumpkin stew looks OUTSTANDING!! And yes Ice cream is all you need in the Spring.. 🙂 Pineapples and Mangoes have my heart – yummy and blackberries! I’m allergic to the skin of apples so that’s a no no lol sliced they can be ok but sometimes I get itchy.. Pollen allergy here. I hate mosquitoes – you’d never get me to go to a swampy area with heavy mosquito population; I Have strict criteria for outdoorsy ish and ain’t no experience worth mosquito bites they are horrible. Dominican Republic was my lesson I had marks for 2 years on my legs because they “vaccinate” you – that’s what they kept telling me over there a$$bags. Hope you guys have a blast at Cape Cod!!! Happy Friday Tamara -Iva

    1. A$$bags is right! Scary!
      Scarlet doesn’t eat the skin of apples either, although not from allergies, so I’d peel you a good apple. Scarlet picked me some nice blackberries the other day! I feel like they don’t get enough attention on Pinterest. And you know that Pinterest rules the world and all.

      1. They’re very rude and crude creatures but I prefer it if we live harmoniously without interacting – which is why I avoid areas I know they reign in high terror. 😛 That’s awesome – one well peeled apple please! Ugh don’t get me started on Pinterest, I have an account and have yet to figure out what it’s purpose is other than “bookmarking” ish.. I don’t care for social media – it’s an addiction I prefer to avoid.

  13. I love that you chose a question theme. I’ve always wanted to do this (especially with you!) but I’m afraid I won’t be able to think of good questions! I love the sealion photo, and the hot air balloon!

    1. Let’s do it! We can use a theme! Coming up with questions isn’t so hard after awhile. You can repeat good ones you used for others, or google them, or use and credit ones that others use for Ask Away Friday!

  14. Tamara the photos in this post were absolutely magical. I literally spent 20 minutes looking through all of the pictures, you know with my lack of time that was huge. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and spend much time eating pasta salads, oh and ice cream!!

  15. What an awesome swan boat. Must have been a pain to inflate though, hah! I’d eat ice cream for an entire season, so bring it on :)! How amazing that Cassidy makes that stew in a pumpkin. That is talented and unique! So cute you describe yourself as a watermelon because it’s nearly sweet and cute photo with the baby bump! The photos of your kids are so cute. My favorites: at the beach/shoreline, bubbles, looking up and away, and into the trees, what sparkly eyes!

    1. We actually borrowed the swan boat! We were playing in the bay two years ago and someone saw Scarlet and asked if she wanted to use it. It was awesome. Yesterday we were at the bay and someone asked us if we wanted to use their tube. It was so much fun we had to buy one for the kids today.

  16. The pumpkin stew looks like it would taste amazing. I’ve only tried to cook a pumpkin once, but I’ll probably try more pumpkin recipes in the fall. I LOVE watermelon, but I’m afraid of cutting them because you have to use a big knife (I try to stay away from big knives because I can barely handle the small ones). Right now we have a watermelon in the kitchen and I’ve been waiting days for my husband to cut it. I also love apples a lot too and I go through phases where my favorite variety changes. Lately I’ve been eating a lot of red delicious, but my daughter really likes eating Gala apples.

  17. You’ve got me going on the food! I love apples during apple picking season (and not really any other time of year), berries all year round, but especially in the summer, and I love casseroles too. That pumpkin stew looks so cool! Cassidy is so creative. Of course, so are you! Have fun in Cape Cod!

  18. That was one of the best photobombs ever! If there was such a thing as too much cuteness, you might have hit it….but I’m not convinced that there is. And I might just have to steal that 8 foot sundae idea. It just looks too epic to resist!

  19. The picture of Scarlet looking up with someone’s legs at the top is awesome! I also really like the fishing picture with Cassidy and I’m assuming his dad? <3 You know I love the hot air balloon photo too (still not up! ugh.) Your meals sound phenom! I hope you're having the most relaxing/joyful time in Cape Cod and you get back on balance there. 🙂

    1. Oh it came!!?? I was wondering if it did and if they did a good job with it. Usually they do. And yes, that’s Cassidy and his dad – actually at a beach I was at earlier today.

  20. Tamara, your pictures are absolutely wonderful as always! I would choose beach as well so that I could bring Phoenix 🙂 Pasta salad…I LOVE pasta salad and with tortellini? Yes please! That pumpkin stew looks and sounds absolutely delicious! I would like that recipe. Both when I was young and on through today I have zero appetite when I’m stressed. Wow, 4-5 days that was a long time for you back then! That horse picture and the full moon on the beach were awesome! 🙂

    1. Having no appetite is sad. It doesn’t happen often but it happens to me! Granted, right now I have quite the appetite for pasta salad!

  21. I love love love your summer photos!! Plus that first picture of Scarlet on top with the giant swan or duck?! Haha. That pumpkin stew is amazing!! And your fave foooodsss are yummmmyyy! Looks like you’re having a blast on your vacation. It’s so nice to know that you never outgrew your energetic spirit. I think that is what makes life more enjoyable!

    1. I can’t imagine it happening! My grandmother was pretty energetic until she passed away at 100 so I have good role models to not outgrow adventure.

  22. Oh yes, ice cream. Always ice cream. I could eat it forever and ever! I prefer the ocean as well. There’s some mysterious and wonderful about it. A pool is refreshing yet predictable. We’re getting our first beach day of the summer tomorrow. I’m over the moon.

    1. Oooh! Have fun tomorrow. It will be my third beach day this week and it’s exhausting, but in the best way. Everyone zonked out by 9:00 pm so I’m all alone with my iPhone and my wordpress app that helps me comment back.

  23. Cassidy’s pumpkin stew would be part of my last meal ever, but I think you already knew that!

    I hope you got some clam chowder while you were on the Cape. I HATE soup in summer, but will always make an exception for clam chowder!

  24. So I’m reading this surrounded by my kids this morning and Miles yells “Mommy! That’s Scarlet! Where’s Des?” so cute. So Vaughn comes running over and excitedly asks if you’re in Hershey Park (where we are) and I said no, Cape Cod. They are very disappointed. I may have to get ice cream for breakfast 🙂 Enjoy your vacation!!!

  25. I’m so loving the photo bomb and realized today that most of your photos are missimg that remarkable Tamara Camera Photography watermark. You muat really have been in a rush. I love that pic of that pumpkin baking and I’m sure it muat be delicious when its done. Would love the recipe but would much prefer to share it with you. Here’s to lots of fun at the beach house and can’t wait to hear all about it.

    1. It wasn’t even a rush! I just took these photos before I started watermarking! Laziness too, I guess.
      I can think of few things better than sharing pumpkin stew with you.

  26. I love the photo bomb – all of them are so great.
    I’m right there with you – a beach is always my top choice.
    And, I’m very intrigued by Cassidy’s pumpkin stew baked in the pumpkin. Maybe in the fall hew will share his recipe with us!!!
    Have a great time at the Cape!

  27. Hi Tamara, I’ve come over from Past My Curfew. I’ve been here before and love your site. Your pics are lovely! My favorite is your daughter in the fun car. This AskAwayFriday sounds like lots of fun. I have entered…so nice to meet you! I’m also over at BlogHer as well.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I love mike. And BlogHer. Will you be going this week? I lived in northern Cali and it’s my birthday week but I can’t swing it this year. Maybe when it comes back to the east coast.

      1. Oh, I would love to but it’s not feasible since it would involve expensive flight etc. Maybe one of these years. Maybe next year! I think it would be so cool to go to the blogHer annual event. Have a happy Birthday Tamara! You’re in Washington now? I’m in Vancouver, B.C. maybe we’re not too far apart 🙂

        1. Thank you about the birthday! It’s coming so soon. I’m in Massachusetts, actually! Last year I could have done Chicago but I was too scared. Two years ago, BlogHer was in NYC so there’s hope it will come back east at one point and I can go.

  28. You know I am a big lover of your photography but some of those pictures are exquisite. The hot air balloon one! And, I think Cassidy needs to start blogging some of his recipes! That pumpkin soup looks AMAZing. And I want to the cheesy quinoa one!

    1. I think that’s a great idea! In the fall, I’ll do a photo tutorial of his pumpkin stew! It’s really that good. The cheesy quinoa is just on google. I can find it for you!

  29. I want to say something really intellligent, or witty or in response to one of the Asks.. but I am just seriously just overcome with so many feels about all the photographic loveliness — especially the pigtails on her head. like, Oh My Heart!!!
    and also, a wee bit jealous about the beach Cap Code house thing. 😉

    1. You have said enough then. I appreciate that!
      We’re already back from Cape Cod, so no need for jealousy! Although the western part of the state is fantastic too.

  30. OMG! So much to comment on in this swap.I’m a bit overwhelmed…

    So here are a few of my thoughts in no particular order: I want that inflatable swan; that pumpkin stew looks (and sounds) amazing, and we both deserve a gold medal for the amount of mosquito bites we’ve endured in one sitting…

    Have fun this weekend!


    1. You and the commenter above you! That makes me so happy. Thank you.
      The swan wasn’t ours! Two years ago someone saw Scarlet being cute on the beach and offered her to use it for a bit. This current vacation, someone saw her being cute and lent her out a tube. It was so much fun we had to go buy her one for 9 measly bucks. I have photos ocming.
      The pumpkin stew will be a whole photo tutorial post soon! Maybe closer to fall, or in fall.
      The mosquito bites! I couldn’t believe Tiffany’s record was eight. Maybe eight just on my right knee!

  31. 1. Know what’s cool? Bugs don’t bite me. I think I have salsa in the blood.

    2. Did Scarlet realize how cool she was in a Stones T-shirt at that age? Seriously?

    3. One meal for a week … when I took my first job, I lived on a box of Frosted Flakes, a bunch of bananas and a case of Coke a week. Those were the days. (Yes, I had milk.)

    1. Someone once told me that they go for the people with the highest body temperature, and the highest amount of sugar in their blood.
      In other words, salsa.
      Scarlet wasn’t aware.. then.. how bad-ass she was in her Stones dress. That’s right. A DRESS! Ever see photos of Des in a Stones shirt, though? That shirt was Scarlet’s.
      Did you put the Coke in the cereal?

      1. I’m an enigma then – my daughters love that my hands are always warm, no matter, what. Somehow, someway, there’s something about me bugs find repulsive.

        Not even jellyfish sting me.

        I do remember Des in the Stones shirt. I didn’t realize Scarlet’s was a dress. I can imagine a play date with kids in Hello Kitty and Dora. What? No. Stones, biotch. Now, give me that toy before I make your mom get all helicopter on our asses!

        (I knew someone would ask if I put Coke in the cereal. I felt 87% sure it would be you. Some secrets must remain secrets, Tamara.)

        Which translates to, “no I didn’t. But, why didn’t I think of that??

        1. Scarlet wore a Dora shirt today! Ha! We don’t actually have Nickelodeon, though, and it was a shirt that came in the mail with a bunch of hand-me-downs from a friend.
          I wonder what she thought when she put it on.
          She probably thought, “I want to pour Coke in cereal.”
          True story, though. I’ve only finished a soda once in my life. In high school. A can of Dr. Pepper. I can’t drink soda or alcohol or caffeine.
          This means I’m the lamest person on earth.
          And also, that I’ll live until I’m 200.
          Wearing a Dora shirt.

  32. Great answers, as usual. And I spot a horse! A horse – among all your cute kid photos 🙂
    Oh, and any time you get the chance: I.want.that.pumpkin.stew.recipe!! Love stew, love pumpkin and that just looks delish (even if it is summer and not fall)

    1. That’s my mom’s horse! She also has a mule, as of today. She always wanted a mule or donkey.
      I’m going to do a whole photo tutorial on the stew! I’d be happy to share it!

        1. Totally serious! I’ll post photos when I get them in. She has always wanted a donkey/mule to ride to the mailbox. Like me, her mailbox is far away from the house.
          She’s in Blairstown, NJ if you ever need to take some mule photos!

  33. I thought I replied to this but now don’t see it. Maybe my phone ate it. It happens and I’m sure it’s not nearly as delicious as that amazing pumpkin stew that Cassidy makes! OMG that looks fabulous!! Can you please give me the recipe?? I love that it’s cooked in the pumpkin. Your photos are stunning as always my dear and I hope your vacation was amazingly fabulously perfect. Also isn’t the water on the cape FREEZING? I don’t know as I’ve never been (sob) but seriously yikes. Also I adore pasta salad. Probably way too much for my own pasta belly.

    1. I’m going to make a photo tutorial post about it, but if you email me, I’ll cheat and give you the directions!
      It’s awesome.
      The water on the Cape can be freezing, yes. It wasn’t this time but we wimped out from the wind and waves and mostly stayed on the bay side, which we NEVER usually do.
      It felt like a warm bath, honestly.

  34. Sounds like an awesome vacation! How lucky they have a regular spot to go to every summer. And I’m a beach girl myself. Okay, I don’t like sand, and I wouldn’t necessarily swim in the ocean, but I love the feeling of lying down on a blanket, I love the smell of ocean water, and of course the calming feeling of hearing the waves. 🙂

    1. Sand gets.. everywhere. I guess you have to come to peace with it, but I resist at first.
      I swam a lot, but only in the bay. And there were these crabs and some were big and they were nibbling on our toys at times! That would have skeeved me out in the past but I was just too hot to care.
      When I’m at the beach, I have no anxiety and no allergies. I wonder if that’s related.

  35. There is just too much goodness in this post! You MUST share the recipe for the pumpkin stew – cooked in a pumpkin. He’s a genious!! I love the beach – but I can’t relax there with my kids. All three of them love to go running straight in and go deep! But yes, alone, I love to lay back and rest or read a good book. I am on vacay now too… so, later!

    1. I went digging and it turns out that Cassidy did a photo story of it once. So I’m going to use his photos and his recipe and make a post about it! Soon!

  36. I think I know what you mean about fruit. I feel like with this pregnancy, I have to be in the mood for different foods all the time. 🙁 I love love burgers, too! I love your photos of summer. Scarlet was mostly at the age Des is now in those? Maybe a little older? Have fun on vacation, Tamara!

    1. I know that feeling well, Brittnei. I know every pregnancy is different and I always wonder what influences how it will feel. Sex of the baby? Timing? Time of year, etc.?
      It’s all interesting.
      Always hoping you’re feeling well!
      In the photos, Scarlet is all sorts of ages, actually! I think since birth.

  37. I am so happy to hear you are on vacation right now. The beach is my absolute favorite place to be. There is just something about the water….I am loving all your photos too! The ice cream, the kids and the seals (or are they otters?) Adorable! Have a wonderful time with your family and hope you get to eat ice cream on your trip!!

    1. I’m so sad to say that we’re back now. We left on Thursday and went for a long, wonderful weekend.
      You were right – seals! I get them confused with sea lions but these were seals, I believe. And much fun!
      (I got ice cream TWICE.)

  38. Ahhh summer! It’s been pretty great so far. I’ve never had fresh, picked from the bush berries. They don’t really grow here in Miami. I need to add it to my bucket list. WOW, that sundae. I need to create something like that! I love all the summer pictures and your red dress!!

    1. Oh wow! But you have other experiences that we probably don’t, right? Citrus fruits? Other warm weather delights?
      If you ever come visit, visit in June!

  39. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time. I love all your food answers and most of mine would be the same! Oh how I love “summer” food. Best parts of our upcoming/annual trip to Rhode Island is very much based on the food we indulge in down there! Such a fun, insightful post. Thanks!!

    1. I’m actually going to Rhode Island this week! A place called Watch Hill, I believe.
      I remember so much about my childhood vacations based on the food. It’s true! Vacation/summer food is very special.

  40. I love the ice cream sundae. Simply fun and delicious. Tamara, your photographs are just exquisite. The one of the water captured all your sentiments about the beach.

  41. Cassidy’s kitchen skills are freaking insane. IN A PUMPKIN?! Oh come on! That’s too good and left me hungry for Autumn! I cant believe you’re already back from Cape Cod! Thanks for the photodump..I totally took it personal like it was just for me. lol Those Scarlet pictures are too much. I want to time travel! I guess that’s what pictures are for. I’ll pick beach over pool any day of the week. I cant wait to read about your life changing experience that has caused apples to trump all! I’m a little scared!

    1. That photo dump was totally all for you! I’m glad you noticed.
      It was a really quick trip but we packed a lot of living in those three days.

  42. The pumpkin stew is great! We do a dip that we bake in a pumpkin. Delish. Love the photo dump!!

  43. OK, I was going to say you look very watermelon-y in that red dress with the black buttons, but that doesn’t sound like the compliment I meant it to be. Instead I’ll just mention that I love pasta salads in the summer. And also I need Cassidy’s pumpkin recipe because my husband has always wanted me to make something like that!

    1. You know what, from you it would sound sincere and not insulting to have you compare me to a watermelon! I will be doing a whole photo tutorial of the pumpkin recipe very soon.

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