Flaunt Your Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are an interesting item in fashion accessories. Though started as a women’s accessory, fanny packs are equally useful for men.

Fanny packs are an interesting item in fashion accessories. Though started as a women’s accessory, fanny packs are equally useful for men. But most men refrain from using them because of the misplaced notion that it somehow lowers their masculinity. It has been widely proved that fanny packs are not gendered specific and fall into the unisex category. 

Accessories have always held a special place in the fashion world and fanny packs are among those accessories suspected by some and highly coveted by many. In reality, it’s all about individual preferences. If you like a fanny pack, wear it proudly. Besides, they hold an immense functional value which is acknowledged by everyone. Most men use them for their functionality but it doesn’t mean they have no aesthetic appeal. Recent fashion trends are showing their popularity graph taking a sharp rise. And besides, nobody likes to roam around with overstuffed pockets and fanny packs are the best possible alternative.

There are multiple ways to wear them and we have compiled some cool one’s for you. You can try them all till you find the ones best for you. 

  • If you want to use the functionality of your fanny pack but still don’t find yourself confident enough to flaunt it openly, wear it under your clothes. But beware for it may be quite uncomfortable. For that, you can get a flat one and adjust your outfit accordingly. 
  • The classic way is to wear it around your waist. Mens fanny packs come in all shapes and sizes, so get the one that meets your needs and is comfortable to wear. Try it on before buying. You don’t want to buy an oversized one. Wear them just like you wear your belt.
  • The latest style is to wear your fanny pack across your chest. Wearing it across your chest will look cool in addition to providing extra comfort. Moreover, it won’t feel like tugging around your belly. Your hands can get easy access to the bag. Lastly, you feel more secure with your bag as it is now more strategically positioned.
  • Or you can just reverse the fanny pack and wear it on your back instead of your chest. This will put it in the natural weight-carrying position of the body. It’s the classic look to wear on the back and classics seldom go wrong. Besides, it will be easier to have the bag on the back if you are riding a bike.
  • Try a layered look with your fanny pack. Winter is coming and it will give you ample room to be creative with your outfit. Now, you can wear it under or over your jacket. If you wear it under, you will feel more secure but it depends on your outfit’s fitting. On the other hand, wearing it over the jacket will show that you have an accessory and are bold enough to flaunt it. Just like you match your belt with shoe color, include your fanny pack in it too. The combo would be killer. 

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  1. My daughter, who works as a Speech and Language Pathologist in a hospital, ASKED for a fanny pack. I think there is a market for someone to customize fanny packs for various professions. In her case, she needed to carry around applesauce cups and a type of cookie to test swallowing ability (plus a couple of other, small things). It took a bit of shopping, but we found one she liked.

    I think they are a terrific option. Let’s make these “cool” again!

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