Five Ways to Use Hefty Trash Bags

If there’s one household necessity we always keep in stock, that’s Hefty’s Ultra Strong Trash Bags. We moved here five years ago (this month, actually!) with a three-year-old in tow – a first-time home ownership for all three of us!

About eight or nine months later, we became a family of four. Then we added a dog to the mix. And a cat! I never really know what’s next – but I’m hoping for a baby moose? What I do know is that having strong trash bags for indoors craziness is so important. My kids can decimate a room in two seconds flat. Then move on to the next one. It’s actually impressive.

Also, one of our pets (no names mentioned, THE CAT) likes to steal un-bagged stuffed animals and pretend they’re her kittens, and then she likes to tear papery things to shreds and leave them for all of us, like abandoned snowflakes.

So with enough experience, I compiled a list of the five best (indoors) uses for Hefty’s Ultra Strong Trash Bags.

  1. Garbage, obviously. I bet you didn’t see that coming? We live in the middle of nowhere, though, and we need strong trash bags because we don’t have trash pickup around here. We have to take it to the town recycling center.

  2. A laundry basket! I swear these bags are even stronger than “real” laundry bags..

  3. Luggage and packing. I think I moved my entire college dorm into my parent’s house in Hefty’s Ultra Strong Trash Bags. It was brilliant. It was the best way to tote some clothes and personal items. I’d do it again too!

  4. Ice pack. I have kids, after all! Just add ice and wrap the bag around and around it. Apply!

  5. Storage! Enough said there.

Bonus points for lining kitty litter trays AND hauling kitty litter genies out of the house. You can also use them to keep ANYTHING dry, and to use as a paint drop cloth. Did I mention you can also use them to line your windshield from frost?

They’re brilliant. They’re Hefty’s best bag ever, with Arm & Hammer’s patented odor neutralizer. They come in many scents, including scent-free, and have Active Tear Resistant Technology for superior strength. They’re break resistant!

Trust me, I’ve tried.

There are so many times, in which I could have used John Cena’s strength (and cuteness if we’re being honest) at my house! In fact, I think it happens at least once a day!

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