Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied (and Learning) at Home

Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied (and Learning) at Home. Most of us are spending more time than ever before at home.

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Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied (and Learning) at Home

Most of us are spending more time than ever before at home due to the coronavirus pandemic and the need for greater social distance. When you’re a parent with young children, this can be particularly tough because they hate being cooped up. If you’re struggling to keep them occupied, below you’ll find some fun ideas to try that will be as much fun as they are educational. Give them a try next time the kids have you tearing your hair out and you’ll be glad you did!

Teach them to write their name

Young children love being able to write their own names, so helping them to master the art of proper pencil holding – something you can find a helpful resource for here – and showing them how to make all of the right marks is a great way to keep them occupied. They won’t get it right first, second or maybe even tenth time, but they’ll have a lot of fun trying and it’ll stand them in good stead when they head off to school.

Create your own quiz

Compiling your own family quiz that takes into account your children’s interests, but also throws in some general knowledge and questions on the sorts of topics they will be learning in school, can be a fun way to spend an educational hour or two when you’re out of other options. Buy or make a small prize for the winner and their natural competitive streaks will come out and make it all the more exciting.

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Ensure they’re active

Kids need to burn off energy or they will start to get cranky, and as a result, so will you, their poor parent. Don’t let this happen by putting on a Youtube fitness video – there are tons aimed at kids – and letting them move around in an organized way for a while, or if you would prefer, put some music on and have an impromptu dance party to get some exercise in. You may not think that fitness videos are particularly educational, but actually, kids need to know that moving their body can feel good and that it is important to do so as part of a healthy lifestyle, so really it’s one of the most educational things you can do.

Make up stories

Taking turns to make up stories with your kids is a good way to get their imaginations firing. It will also help to boost their language skills and give them a great sense of accomplishment, so what are you waiting for?

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Make some origami

Origami is a fun little activity that you can easily do at the dinner table with little more than some paper and your imagination. Okay, you may need an instructional video or book too unless you’re very smart. It’s also very educational. It teaches children better hand-eye co-ordination, improves memory and attention skills, and allows for a high level of creativity once you’ve got the hang of it. They’ll love decorating their bedrooms with their creations too.

Have fun!

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