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Five Ways to Keep Kids Healthy While On-The-Go

This post has been sponsored by ZonePerfect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It's back to school season (already) and time to get focused. These seven tips will help keep your kids (and you) healthy while you're on the go. #sponsored

The school year hasn’t started yet, and it seems we’re already juggling schedules!

Scarlet will be joining a running team, a soccer team, and after-school programs, while continuing piano lessons and juggling reading and homework. Des will be starting a new school, and will experience new friends, activities, sports, and after school classes. I can’t believe it. In some ways, I will have more time on my hands for work, but I will also play a big part in getting my kids from one place to another, and in providing exercise, nutrition, and of course – support, love and guidance.

Back-to-school time is the perfect time to refocus, re-evaluate, and re-energize. I struggle a lot with the season because I’m not always confident of changes/transitions, and this year has some BIG ones, with both kids moving forward at seemingly rapid paces. I need to catch up! A big part of this changing season, is the opportunity to make changes. I make them every day with more exercise and better meal/snack choices. I think you all know how much I LOVE ZonePerfect® bars for myself.

I have quite an active and busy life as a working mom.

I was excited to find a perfect back-to-school snack at Target last week – ZonePerfect Kidz nutritional bars! They come in three fun flavors that you’ll love getting for your family – Yellow Cupcake, Chocolate Cupcake, and Sugar Cookie.

It’s hard for me to choose a favorite, although Chocolate Cupcake is up there! All three are tasty and delicious. I love the unique attributes of each flavor, and how they are as exciting as their variety names. Scarlet loves Sugar Cookie!

When it’s time to put out a back-to-school snack, which sneaks up on us WAY too fast, what do you reach for? ZonePerfect Kidz bars contain an energizing combination of ingredients, including nutrition designed for active kids (like mine) and no artificial flavors or colors. There are 23 vitamins and minerals, 5 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber as well.


ZonePerfect Kidz bars help me keep my kids healthy on-the-go. Are you prepared for back-to-school season, with all of its hectic scheduling and meal planning? Here are my favorite five ways to keep my kids healthy while on-the-go:

1 – Handwashing. It’s funny that it seems like a no-brainer, and we still get caught up in life during the fall/winter – when we need it the most. My kids use soap and water and sing a song while they soap up their arms/wrists so they know they’re doing a thorough job. If you’re in a pinch without soap and/or water, baby wipes and hand sanitizer will do as a last resort.

2 – Stress the importance of sleep. This is important for the whole family, but it’s especially important for kids because it helps them grow, and resets their moods. During the school year, we make sure bedtime is more consistent.

3 – Create unique and fun opportunities for regular exercise with your kids. This is important for health, in multiple ways, and for preventing problems down the line. Make sure they get an hour of exercise a day, whether it’s running, team sports, martial arts, dance classes, or creating your own opportunities for exercise – like heading to a park.

4 – Get fresh air. Whether you’re outside or you open a window, fresh air has a profound impact on daily health.

It's back to school season (already) and time to get focused. These seven tips will help keep your kids (and you) healthy while you're on the go. #sponsored

5 – Always provide nutritious snacks and refillable water for your children. Not only should we be feeding our kids nutritious snacks, but we should be explaining why it’s important as well. I believe it causes more inspiration/ambition on their part. I tell them that food is a big part of helping them grow and learn, and also of not getting sick. It’s important to limit their sugar intake, and that’s another reason I love ZonePerfect Kidz bars. They have 11 grams of sugar or less.

These tasty, nutritious snacks will be a hit with your little ones, and you’ll want to keep these yummy flavors for yourself too! In fact, I have. ZonePerfect Kidz bars have vitamins, minerals, and plenty of protein. Perfect for back-to-school!

It's back to school season (already) and time to get focused. These seven tips will help keep your kids (and you) healthy while you're on the go. #sponsored

I grab my ZonePerfect Kidz bars at Walmart, at Stop & Shop, at Target, or on Amazon! Grab your own with this coupon.

It's back to school season (already) and time to get focused. These seven tips will help keep your kids (and you) healthy while you're on the go. #sponsored

What do you do to keep your kids healthy during this on-the-go, back-to-school season?

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  1. I’m all for nutritious snacks! But if it looks as yummy as these ones, I don’t think they will make it to my kids’ lunch boxes! LOL Mine. All MINE! LOL

  2. Healthy Snacks are the best snacks, I make sure not to have unhealthy snacks lingering around my kitchen because I know I will devour them. I’ve never hear of Zone Perfect Kids but they look so tasty even I would eat them. 🙂

  3. Do you know if they are tree nut and peanut free? And if they are made in a free facility. My little has a tree nut allergy. It is so hard finding healthy snack for him?

  4. 11 grams of sugar is a lot!!! That’s about 4 teaspoons of sugar! I’m not sure I consider that healthy. Maybe this is a treat, but I’m trying to limit the sugar intake for my littles.

  5. 11 grams of surgar seems like alot for 1 bar. I have heard, long ago, to try and get 5 and below. Almost, next to impossible with most premade items.

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