Five Reasons to Save With Dryel

Disclosure: I am partnered with Dryel as a Dryel Ambassador, and I have received free products and compensation. I am proud and excited for this wonderful partnership and, as always, all thoughts and opinions are so very my own!

Do you have clothes that are dry clean only? Save yourself the time and money, and read all about the five reasons why Dryel is perfect for your busy life!

As you know, I’m proud to be a Dryel Ambassador.

These are products I have used and use in my daily life for years now. Now that the school year is officially underway, and we’re getting house renovations done AND inching closer to the holidays, we’ve had to sit down with our household budget a few times. One way we discovered that we really save money is by reducing the amount of dry cleaning services. Cassidy has a ton of clothes that need dry cleaning that he wears to work every day. I work at home, but love to dress up on weekends.

Do you have clothes that are dry clean only? Save yourself the time and money, and read all about the five reasons why Dryel is perfect for your busy life!

One major way to increase your household savings is to reduce your dry cleaning bills. That’s why I love Dryel’s at-home solution. You can buy the dry cleaning starter kit, the dry cleaning refills and the Dryel pen right at most local grocery stories and also online. You can see the Dryel website for available retailers. It saves both money and precious time.

It takes us a lot of time to go to the dry cleaner and back, as it’s located on a busy street at a busy intersection. I love that Dryel gives me the freedom to wear what I want, when I want it. I save time and money on delicate fabric maintenance, so Dryel is perfect for the busy parent or fashion guru on a budget! I think it’s probably perfect for nearly everyone! Since we already talked about how Dryel is a fraction of the cost of dry cleaners, here are five reasons to SAVE with Dryel.

1 – It uses the power of your own dryer to clean and deodorize clothing. Bet you didn’t know how cool your dryer is!

2 – The Dryel bag is reusable for up to 30 loads of laundry.

3 – It’s safe for most types of fabric, even the most delicate, hand-wash, and dry-clean-only items.

4 – Dryel refreshes clothes in 15 minutes and completely cleans them in only 30 minutes.

5 – The starter kit is so affordable, and available at retailers everywhere.

Plus, the Dryel Pen is something you’ll want!

The Dryel Pen is pretty amazing. It packs a LOT of punch, and is small enough to carry everywhere and to take with you when you’re traveling. That way you can wear your favorites on vacation! What’s better than that? This powerful pen works great on wools, silks, rayons, linens, cottons, and other special care fabrics. They also work on dry clean-only clothes, delicates, and hand washables. The soft touch applicator is gentle – and the scrubber works like an eraser to eliminate your stains. The Dryel On-The-Go Pen is cost-effective and eco-friendly, and has no harsh chemicals! Take it anywhere you go!

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