Five Healthy & Easy Meal Planning Tips For Busy Days.

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Let’s talk meal planning during busy days. Let’s talk about the fact that MOST days are busy days, if not all.

Let’s talk about clean and functional superfood salads – like elevĀte saladsfrom Wegman’s.

First of all, walking into Wegman’s is one of the most glorious experiences in the world. My mom grew up near the family in upstate New York. My three closest friends from my longest office job in New Jersey lived across the street from a Wegman’s. Every time I was at their house, we’d cross the road, walk into the friendly and bustling store, and pick no less than 20 things we wanted to eat. And that was just the ready-made section, which actually, spans a dozen sections. It’s huge and wonderful!

Even before I had kids, and now with work and kids at the same time, I have always preferred to have meals, specifically lunches, that don’t require a lot of cooking/prep, etc. I’ve always preferred easy salads for lunch, as it’s the best way to get my vegetables and proteins in for lunches and snacks, and to give me energy to tackle the rest of my day. The elevĀte salads are a big part of my daily, busy, active lifestyle. It’s more than that, though. With all of the choices out there, I have to be more thoughtful with my meal planning on busy days. Of everything I saw at Wegman’s, I was so impressed with these:

What are they like?

They are quality, convenience, clean eating, on the go, and deliciousness at its finest! elevĀte offers a wonderful variety of clean and functional superfood salads in: Organic Sunny Caesar, Organic Nutty Cranberry, Organic Southwest Salad, and Organic Spinach Pow. They all feature clean ingredients which are antioxidant rich and high in omegas. They include plant-based proteins. Five out of the eight varieties are USDA organic. Seven out of the eight are gluten-free. Three varieties include antibiotic-free chicken, three are vegetarian, and one is 100% vegan. Whoa! That covers a lot of tastes and lifestyles.

I love the desirable benefits. I love that they’re Non-GMO Project-Certified. They are also sustainable, with fully recyclable packaging, printed with soy-based inks. It’s honestly never been easier to eat clean and feel great.

It turns out, there are some cool ways to eat easily and healthily on busy, busy days. These tips are meant for stay-at-home moms and dads, work-at-home moms and dads, those who work outside the home, and those without kids too. Busy people!

1. Check the weather. Sounds silly, right? The weather can greatly affect our moods, and knowing a rainy, chilly day is ahead may inspire you to make soup to bring in a thermos to work every day. A sunny day might inspire a picnic cooler!

2. Keep a meal journal and/or calendar. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding what makes you feel great. You can also journal or plan what fits in your budget, what you might bring to share with others, what works with your diet or lifestyle, and what flavors and varieties of certain foods have the greatest impact on your workday. It’s also cool to take a look at what you were cooking or eating a year ago, two years ago, etc. Sometimes you can forget things you once loved, until you’re reminded. It’s also handy for making shopping lists. You can use Google calendar to sync up with loved ones.

3. Making shopping a strategic, but fun, process. Choose one shopping day a week and make a list. Check what’s on sale – looking at grocery circulars and more. Plan for leftovers. Prep food as soon as you get back from the store!

4. Go with themes. Well hey, Taco Tuesday and Wacky Wednesday can be fun! You can have pasta on Mondays, soup on Tuesdays, sandwiches on Wednesday. Whatever! There’s also a good bet there’s a salad to match each theme.

5. Find something that makes you feel inspired and uplifted! For me, that’s elevĀte salads. elevĀte believes that happy starts with healthy. Feeding your body right is the biggest contributor to both! With eight ready-to-eat superfood salads, your taste buds will enjoy many delicious flavors. This is wonderful portable nutrition at your fingertips, no matter how busy your life gets. So enjoy these recipes that include ancient grains, plant-based proteins, nutrient-dense greens, nuts, legumes, and seeds that are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants.

Check out the wonderful variety of elevĀte salads.. Now tell me – which variety are you most looking forward to trying?

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  1. The store design of Wegmans was modelled after heaven; they just left out the chocolate isle. I guess they have to leave something unique for behind the pearly gates. Loving the look of these lunches – you know how I love healthy food!

    1. Did they?? Now I need to go back. I was so distracted by produce, I skipped chocolate. Strange things! Did you ever go to the one in Woodbridge? You must have! The one near me is gigantic.
      And yes, I’m truly inspired by your healthy eating!

  2. I have been having more slides now that we are in spring even if it hasn’t indeed been as warm as it should be, but still have been. That said totally going to have to try these now and thank you for sharing with us here!! 🙂

  3. I have seen these in the grocery store but have not given them a try yet and I never thought to include the weather in meal planning, but I guess that would make sense so you don’t end up having hot soup when its 90 degrees outside 😉

  4. Oh my goodness these look yummy and so very easy! My kind of meal for sure. I did not even know they were available. I will be picking some of these up on my next shopping trip for sure! Yummy 🙂

  5. I don’t particularly like ready made salads but every once in a while I’ll have them. These sound really good and I will have to introduce them to my daughter because she loves them! She’ll skip the ones with meat of course but I’ll get those. 🙂

    1. Ah, lucky!! It’s the best store in the world. I’m also fond of Publix, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll be opening up here anytime soon, or ever!

  6. We don’t have Wegman’s here, although I’ve been to one when visiting the East Coast. Those salads look delicious!

    1. I wish Wegman’s was in every town! I’d love to explore west coast stores, though. I remember.. Safeway. And something else that already slipped my mind!

  7. Love your tip about incorporating the weather in meal planning (I think it’s something we tend to overlook). I will definitely try the salads featured in your post.

    1. I so get the vibe of soup on rainy days, and fruit on hot days. I guess that’s why I thought of that! I’m glad you loved it!

  8. I love our local Wegmans, and shop there every week. I used to try to save money by going to other stores, but it always took so long and I always ended up at Wegmans anyway (plus, their app makes shopping SO much easier). I’ve never tried those salads, though, and just may pick one up on my next trip to give it a try!

    1. haha! Cold pizza is something I’ve never embraced, if you can believe that. I do like it hot, though! If I eat it for lunch, though, I want to ZZZZZZ.

  9. Years ago, I would have said no to those salads but I am more mature now when it comes to food and those salads look so tempting and delicious! Just looking at them makes me “feel” healthy, no joke! So fresh!

  10. Hi Tamara, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at either of those salads and so convenient too. I enjoy a ‘busy’ salad with plenty of variation in it, but have only just started getting mixed bags of salad leaves here, so it’ll be a while before we get anything like this I expect!


    1. Interesting! Maybe you can start the trend.
      One funny thing is that Cassidy HATES cheese in salads, and I’m like.. “What’s a salad without cheese??”

  11. These salads look yummy. I haven’t seen these in my local stores, but they look like something my mom would enjoy. She loves buying pre-made salads.

  12. Thank you so much for the diet plan. Almost all food, which we choose in day to day life contain fat and due to less exercise, excess fat can cause increase in high cholesterol and High cholesterol mean one step close to diabetes.

    OMG !! No way to diabetes !! 😀

    I will follow your diet tips

    1. Yes, life is more busy to cook for yourself or family. These kind of mobile meal can let us healthy for a long time, But I always prefer organic food to eat 🙂 Therefore I have planted herbs and veggies in my garden area.

      Sometimes it feel good to move out from concrete jungle to large blue ocean and feel the peace and nature. No phone call, No internet and No stupid people 😀

      elevate salads are perfect to meal for outing. Wish you Happy Holidays 🙂

  13. Oh my gosh, those salads both look and sound so darn good. I’ve never heard of this brand before and we don’t have a Wegman’s near us, but I love the packaging, convenience, and mostly that they’re organic.

    1. I was also able to find them at Walmart, so maybe you’ll be in luck! You like all the same things I love about them. The packaging is eye-catching!

  14. Ymmmm, nutty cranberry please!! We have nothing like that here in Canada – or at least that I have seen. And I am a big salad girl so something this convenient and all around CLEAN would be awesome. Because salads are a bit of a pain to make every day.

    1. Yes, they are. And maybe it’s different for you, but my mom and I always say that we always like other people’s salads better than our own. I think that about most foods. I’m not a chef, though! I don’t like everyone else’s photos better than my own.. so that’s good at least.

  15. Oh!! Those look great! I haven’t seen them before, but it seems like it would make for an an easy and quick healthy meal while on the go!

  16. Wegman’s is amazing! It truly is an awesome grocery store experience. I think I’m going to give Sunny Caesar a try first then work my way through the rest. 😊

  17. The packaging for these salads is very smart. Convenience is key for busy families. These options remove the difficulty hurdle (food prep) from eating better

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