Five Convenient Things You Can Buy Online.

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I think many of you know by now the story of my first car breathing its final breath on the New Jersey highway 287. I was with three friends and we were on our way to a Cranberries/Collective Soul concert (I know!). The next thing I knew, our tow truck driver had squeezed all four of us in a sweaty row in the front of his truck, and was taking us far away from our concert, and to an auto repair shop. There, they pronounced my car dead for good, and hoped I had learned a lesson about all of this.

What was that lesson?

Cars need regular maintenance, and when your dad tells you your car needs an oil change, you don’t ignore him. Your car needs an oil change! And what’s so cool? You can do it yourself, and buy it online too. Do you like shopping online as much as I do? I absolutely love the convenience of it, but also, you can actually save money by buying motor oil online. Not only that, you can select from a wider variety of products, especially when ordering Pennzoil motor oil from, like I did.

It got better with time. My next car was a Honda Civic, brand new to me, and I was enamored with it. I’d zip around town (doing the speed limit, of course) in my adorable car, and feel that I was taking better care of it. I loved it so much that I’d wake up every morning and look out my sister’s window just to see my car, and because she had a view of the driveway, while I had a view of the woods that surrounded our backyard. I had the car for a few years. I apparently didn’t learn my lesson totally because I visited Maine on a first date – at age 25 – and with the man I would someday marry. We had just met and were out and about – looking for moose, eating ravioli, falling in love, and just plain stomping all over the state of Maine. We needed my car to be running well because sometimes looking for moose requires hours and hours of driving around.

(This photo was taken that very day!)

Before our journey into the mountains, I was almost embarrassed to tell him that it had gone this far. I was WAY overdue for an oil change and I had no idea if my car would be up for the moose-seeking task. He was in from California and had no car of his own on the east coast. Could we find a place to give us an oil change during this romantic holiday (July 4th) weekend?

This man, I had just met, sprang into action right then and there – gathering supplies and tools from a garage and from our friends’ bed and breakfast. He bought some Pennzoil and gave my car an oil change. Just like that. Like magic!

I previously had no idea that you could DIY an oil change, but boy, was that a star moment in our how-we-met story.

What did I learn from this story, other than that Cassidy was a keeper? That it doesn’t have to be hard. You can order oil online for home delivery, or convenient store pickup. You specify exactly what you need and when, you pay for it, and it will be waiting at your nearest Walmart. When I had my first car, such online options were not yet available, but I’m certain I would have jumped at the chance, and remedied my situation. I STILL haven’t seen a Cranberries concert! Perhaps someday.

Since shopping online can make your life easier by reducing trips to the store, I made a list of my five favorite things that people can buy online. It’s amazing how many great products are just a click away. Save time and money!

1. Cars themselves! When Cassidy was searching for our new car, he started looking online for deals and negotiations. It’s astonishing how easy it is to compare prices and inventory right from your home. And get quotes right there!

2. Groceries. This is my true favorite, as I’ve had babies and now I have kids, and sometimes, it’s just hard to get to the store for a variety of reasons. They’re readily available online, and you can avoid impulse purchases too. Save time and money!

3. Electronics, including smartphones. I don’t know about you, but I get wicked confused with electronics at the store. Then I get overwhelmed and I have to leave. Online, you can fully read warranties, specs, and price comparisons.

4. Travel reservations. Honestly, I just don’t remember booking plane tickets or hotel reservations before doing it online. It must have been harder to get flash deals, discounts, and to compare rooms, tickets, etc. I love doing booking online.

5. Pennzoil motor oil, of course. can be your one stop shop, to avoid the crowds. There are different pickup/delivery/curbside assistance options. All Pennzoil products are designed for complete protection, and will allow you to drive an extra 550 miles per year vs. a dirty engine. This could mean more summer concerts for all! Or whatever it is that makes you happy. And no other motor oils provide better protection from friction.

We have a high mileage vehicle, so we get the formula meant for us. It helps to reduce leaks and oil consumption in our worn and higher mileage engine. This motor oil is specifically designed for new or late model vehicles with over 75,000 miles, to help keep the engines running clean and going strong for a long time.

Many of these wonderful Pennzoil products are on Rollback right NOW for a limited time at Check it out!

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  1. Oh I have never attempted doing an oil change myself. I just take it in to the shop and get it done. I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper getting it done yourself. I will have to check it out and maybe hubby might do it.

    1. It’s not just cheaper – it’s faster this way! Although I’m sure there are many ways to make it work, and having a trusted business is a worthy thing!

    1. I remember the first time I changed my own headlight bulb. Apparently in Hondas, it’s not easy. My friend was helping me and he has giant hands and it’s meant for small hands so he said, “You gotta get in there and do it, Tamara.”
      And I did!

  2. While I would be hesitant to do this myself, I love the convenience of shopping online! It really saves me so much time (and gas). I like to buy clothing online too 🙂

  3. I had a French girlfriend several years ago. She was a raven-haired beauty. The day I saw her checking her car’s oil and doing other car maintenance tasks, I was smitten, lol

    1. She sounds lovely! Those raven-haired women…
      I remember the first time I jump-started my car (was proud of myself for days) and when I changed my car headlight myself. I had no choice because in Hondas, you can’t do it with large hands, and my 6′ 7″ friend was helping me and couldn’t get in there.
      Proud, I was.

  4. I have never changed the oil on a car, but Jen’s Guy does and he does indeed buy it online. See great minds think alike 🙂 Love that picture of your cute hubby!

  5. I can’t imagine planning our road trip without the internet! And since I’ve been back at work, I admit to some grocery shopping on line. Had to do it.

  6. LOL! Cassidy is such a MANNNNNNN! My fiance = A MAN TOO, he changes oil, belts, batteries, engines, EVERYTHING… And then he essentially builds houses, etc, etc – I seriously don’t think he can’t do anything!

    As for me…. Well, I can certainly BUY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ON LINE!! hahahaha! It’s a true gift. Yes, a true gift indeed! My top purchases on line = Vitamins, Weird Snacks like seaweed & canned seafood, my face wash (that is DISCONTINUED – GAHHH), my moisturizer (on EBAY because it’s 10x cheaper) and……. MEAT/FISH! tee he he!

    1. Canned seafood??? That one threw me off. I thought you only ate the freshest!
      Discontinued face wash makes me very upset. What’s your moisturizer? Meat online?? Ok, you win.

      1. Oh only the BEST canned seafood for when I am in a BIND! Olive oil packed and wild caught but of course! LOL! As for my moisturizer, I use….. HOITY TOITY La Mer (my face is a DIVA lol) and my meat, yep… Gotta love me some North Star Bison! 😉

  7. I could not survive without online shopping because I can’t drive. But I’ve been hooked on it for much longer. I bought my wrangler on ebay. The jeep was in Boston. I took a bus there and drove it home. I didn’t know how to drive stick shift. I learned on eHow. I stalled hopelessly at every. single. toll booth. But by the time I got back to Jersey, I knew how to drive stick! Gosh, I was adventurous. Where’d that girl go? But change my own oil? I’ve never been that adventurous.

    1. eHow! That story is classic. I never learned to drive stick. I tried with my cousin once, but my brain just sort of blocks itself when I’m scared.. and.. that happened. Maybe one day!
      That girl is still there – the adventurous one. I had no idea you couldn’t drive. Lucky there’s online!

  8. First, amazon has saved me SO much time and SO much stress because of same day delivery and free 2 day delivery. Also I buy electronics too because of reviews from real people (not the one with the disclaimers at the end)

  9. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve still never changed the oil in my car on my own, despite the fact that my father tried to teach me when I was younger. But with a car that has over $100k miles, it’s good to know that there are specially manufactured oils to keep the car running at it’s best!

  10. What a great story! I’ve never actually changed the oil in my car, but I definitely want to give it a shot. (Who knew you could buy oil online??) Thanks for sharing…and good luck with the Cranberries concert! Maybe this summer… #client

    1. Pennzoil is ahead of the curve! It was so convenient for me, and my car is thanking me.
      I don’t even know if the Cranberries even tour (or exist) anymore.. but I’m about to find out!

  11. Yes!! I prefer to buy all of these items online except the oil…that one I never thought about. And thats too bad about the Cranberries concert.

    1. I hadn’t thought about it either. I get it!
      Maybe one day the Cranberries will tour again, and this time my car will have fresh oil.

  12. My husband bought our last work truck completely on line. When everything was done he stopped by the dealership and picked it up – easiest car we ever bought!

  13. Isn’t it great to be with someone handy? I don’t think Sam’s changed the oil on our car, but he always makes sure it gets done, and does lots of other handy things around the house. (He inherited it from his dad, who is an engineer and is the ultimate handy man. He recently fixed up a jogging stroller our neighbor had put in the trash and Sam saved.)
    And yes, shopping online definitely makes things super convenient! My latest favorite thing is buying organic groceries 🙂

  14. I really want to try the online grocery shopping. Could be easier for me to have it all packed my car then you going down into it myself with my kids.

  15. OMG, I’m stuck on the Cranberries/Collective Soul concert. I LOVE YOU!!! Wow, that takes me back. Almost like the time I went to Matchbox 20/Chumbawumba 🙂 HA!

    I buy most things online these days; just so much more convenient. I actually just purchased Buster’s dog food b/c we always get a 30 lb bag and that sh*t’s heavy, lol.

    And I need to learn how to do an oil change. One of these days 🙂

    1. hahahaha. I know, right? We’re both kindred spirits that way. Ok, and I LOVE YOU for Matchbox 20/Chumbawumba. I get knocked down, but I get up again! Sheesh, which one opened for which? Both total winners!

      I don’t know how to change a tire or drive stick shift. I just finally learned how to jumpstart a car, but barely.

  16. I stay away from opening the hood of my car if I can avoid it…I’m not one of those woman/man job people – except in this instance. And killing spiders.

  17. I am a big fan of ordering groceries on line, it saves so much time and even money on some sites! I had no idea about the cars!

  18. I completely understand the travel booking point. As a little girl, I remember driving with my parents to the travel agent’s office. Things have certainly changed!

  19. I know you can do your own oil change, but I’ve never done it, nor my husband.
    I’m sorry you missed the Cranberries!!! I loved them.
    You have some of the best stories. 🙂

    1. Me too! Dreams was my jam in 1994. One day..
      I am full of stories. I keep the past ones on a Post-It note and I check them off when I finally get to tell them.

  20. Aww, the Cranberries concert! Too bad. I haven’t heard of grocery shopping online here. Maybe I haven’t explored that much, but that would be very convenient! My father bought his car online! I was amazed.
    I love window shopping for electronics or gadgets online but I’m always worried about the shipping so I just compare prices online and buy it from an actual store.

    1. We didn’t buy a car online completely, but it’s how we narrowed it down. We actually paid for the car in person, but still!

  21. I wish either me or my husband knew how to change the oil in our vehicles. Because I hate taking our vehicles in for maintenance. We actually need to take his truck in for an oil change ASAP (or we should have like two months ago). That needs to be on our to do list for today 🙂

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