Finding the Best Film Transfer Company

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Have you ever gone through old photographs or home movies of when your parents and grandparents were children? Not only is it heartwarming to see these memories, but it is also amazing to see how far technology has come.

Back in the day, 8mm film was the way to go. It was how you could capture a moment that you wanted to cherish for as long as possible. It gave the everyday person a chance to feel like a cinematographer with their own camera.

Unfortunately, though, there is an expiry date for these films. Although they were built to last as long as possible, films shot between the 1930s and 1960s are deteriorating. Once that film is damaged and warped, it is no longer usable. This means those memories on that film will be gone, forever.

Luckily for us in the way technology has progressed over the years, some companies specialize in film transfer. That’s right; you can convert your old 8mm film to a digital format like MP4, DVD and Blu-ray.

But these are your special, personal memories, so you won’t want to leave this task to just anyone. The best film transfer company should hit a few key points.

Not Just Conversion, But Restoration

It is one thing to convert a film into digital. But it is a whole other thing to restore the quality of the film as much as possible.

Merely transferring the 8mm film to a digital copy without any restoration, you are taking the same quality (which compared to today’s standards is not good) and copying it. Even then, by simply copying the film, you can’t guarantee you’ll even get the original quality.

A good film transfer company also restores the quality film as best as possible. This includes restoring the colors in the film, scanning at the highest resolution and stabilizing it.

Something new that has been developed is Advanced Grain Elimination Technology. When you watch old 8mm film, you’ll notice it is quite pixilated, grainy and fuzzy. This is called video noise. Advanced Grain Elimination works by removing as much of the video noise as possible, bringing out the best quality of the film.

Has the Equipment Needed

Anyone really can transfer 8mm film to digital. But do you want to leave your precious memories in the hands of a machine found for dirt cheap online? Or would you instead go to the company that specializes in the process with their scanning machines costing in the $100,000’s?

You’ll probably want to go with option two.

The machinery needed to transfer films into the best quality possible are expensive. Plus it is not an easy task to accomplish.

Customer Satisfaction

As with most companies, finding someone who has excellent customer service and reviews is of high priority. Look at reviews that talk about the experience, the results, and if it is someone they will go through again.

Remember what you are working with – irreplaceable, priceless memories. Having the chance to sit down with the family and go through video of memories from generations before, that is not something you want to take for granted.

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