Finding a Bra That’s Perfect For You

Shopping for bras can overwhelming in the choices of bra types, styles, fabrics, straps, and even functions of the options available to you, and none more so than the bra. There are so many different types and options that even women who have been wearing unlined bras for all their lives might need some guidance into finding new options. You can worry no more, because here are the five bras that every woman needs to own, and when you should wear them. Women need bras that are super super soft, super comfy, and super stylish. Every woman is unique, and HSIA bras are designed to be for everyone with a variety of fabrics, straps, and bestselling bras.

The Bralette

If there’s one style of bra that is suitable for everyday wear and every woman should own, it’s a lovely bralette. Bralettes are usually made of cotton or spandex and have seamless, soft material. The construction is both comfy and supportive. Another benefit is that they’re usually cheaper than other styles of bras, so you won’t feel guilty about replacing your bras, which should be done periodically, anyway.

The Lacy Bra

A good lacy bra is crucial because you might usually want your bra to be unobtrusive and do its job without being out there, but other times you might want to make a statement or just feel sexy for yourself. Then, that’s when you need a lacy bra. Finding a bra that is lacy is one that’s meant to be shown off; it’s perfect for wearing under more sheer tops. The beauty of this style is that there’s a wide range available, and you could always go for something in between comfort and statement.

The T-shirt Bra

The T-shirt bra serves an important purpose for those who like to wear tighter dresses and shirts. And that’s because it eliminates the patterned impressions resulting from beads, frills, and lace showing through tight fitting outfits. The smooth contours of the cup of this bra mean that the material of your outer garments is smooth too. You probably already own a few t-shirt bras, but you can never have too many of these.

The Push-Up Bra

Sometimes you just want to feel good or make a statement, and the push-up bra is designed just for these occasions. They’re also good for everyday looks. When paired with elegant evening wear that call for a fuller shaped chest, the push-up bra is an essential weapon in your bra drawer. This bra features additional padding (usually a foam or gel) in the bottom of the cup to lift your breast and enhance cleavage (or it can create it!).

The Strapless Bra

The strapless bra might not be one you’ll wear very often, but when you do wear a dress without straps or with thin straps and want to avoid a visible bra strap too, a strapless bra is perfect for you. Strapless bras get support from silicone that is sewn into the edges to keep them in place. Some of these bras might even be convertible, with removable straps to make them even more versatile, and also useful.

Having these five types of bras in your lingerie drawer will mean you have a suitable bra for every day and occasion, and you can be comfortable and supported throughout the day. When finding a bra, take the time to get it properly fitted. And then, just imagine what it could be like! Taking it off might not even be the first thing you do when you get home from a long day.

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