Finally, The Perfect Adult Vitamins For ME!

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I have to be honest with you – I still really haven’t gotten the hang of swallowing pills.

For the most part, it has actually been ok for me. I only need antibiotics once every several years or so, and even then I can be prescribed liquid form. With many medicines being chewable, dissolvable, or in powder form, I can mostly get by, or head to the children’s medicine section of the pharmacy. When it comes to vitamins, I have always been an avid vitamin taker, but I’m not sure I’ve ever been quite on the mark. I have never stuck with just one brand of vitamins, and its entire line, until I quite excitedly found Sundown Naturals® Adult Gummies Vitamins in Walmart when I was shopping for toy cars with Des.

The thing is, life is crazy right now, after my trip to Alaska. The thing also is, life will be crazy when we get back from Maine too, because all of these end-of-summer, back-to-school transitions can be hectic. I instantly fell in love with Melatonin, since I may need that for my travel jet lag! I fell in love with Cranberry because I love that it supports urinary tract health. Who needs that in the great outdoors?? I certainly don’t. I also fell in love with Vitamin D more for here, because Alaska has the midnight sun right now, but when we get back to New England in the fall, we will lose so much sunshine for the fall and winter. It happens every year to me! Not enough sun here.

With varieties to support so many health, beauty, sleep, and other functions of your body, I’m so happy to have an entire line of Sundown Naturals® adult gummy vitamins that seem tailored just for me. There isn’t one pill to swallow. And of course I’m excited about their Multivitamins, as well as their Probiotics, Fiber, Fish Oil, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Co Q-10, and even Biotin!

I love to support nail and hair health even more.

It’s no secret that 2016 has been a year of many changes for me, which is what prompted me to switch to these gummy vitamins. It started in January of this year. I realized I was approaching the age my father had been when he had passed away, young and suddenly, and I was feeling like I hadn’t learned how to manage stress well ever. Not only that, in this land of four seasons, winters can be endless and brutal and summers can be exhausting. I had to make changes that would sail me through all four seasons, if not completely easily, at least in a way that would complement being active year-round.

Something had to give. Here are three ways I changed my lifestyle in 2016:

  1. Rest and relaxation. Navigating life’s ups and downs can be difficult, and can be overwhelming for me. We all go through so many life changes. Geographic moves. New jobs. Old jobs. Health issues. Family health issues. Marriage, children, divorce and other transitions. Sometimes it can be incredibly hard to move forward, or to know how to do so. Where am I now? I’m in an interesting place. I have two kids and two career paths. I’m married. I want to be a better wife, better mother, better writer and better photographer. I am fearful and anxious at times, and brave during other times. I don’t have that many years to decide if we want a third child. We may want a bigger house. It’s tough to juggle regular bills, much less the unforeseen ones – like home and vehicle repairs. I make it a point to have quiet, and even loud, time with myself as much as I need it.

  1. Regular exercise and a diet high in protein, vegetables, and fruits, and with great supplements.

  1. Better relationships. I’ve been noticing that good days come around often, but great days are ones in which I get quality time with all members of my family, human or not. I take the dog to the dog park about 4-5 times a week. It’s good exercise for me, good exercise for her, and great to get out in nature. I have also started hanging out with my kids without my smartphone around. It’s amazing how happy it makes them, and me in the long run. We play more together. I listen better.

Maybe now you see why I turned to Sundown Naturals® adult vitamins to complement my active lifestyle. Melatonin – Sundown Naturals® support sound, quality sleep. Cranberry helps support healthy urinary tract function.*

Vitamin D3 helps support strong bones and teeth, and also supports a healthy immune system.* All are free of gluten, dairy, and artificial flavors◊.

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