Feeling Proud To Be the Odd Mom Out.

I was excited to see that Andy Buckley from “The Lying Game” plays the main character’s husband in “Odd Mom Out” but I pretty much screamed when I found out that Joanna Cassidy plays his mother. As in..Rose from Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead. As in, “I’m right on top of that, Rose!” Please tell me that most, if not all of you, know that reference!

Here they are, looking good!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I kept a flyer from the hospital in my diaper bag for three weeks after my daughter was born.

I read it a million times. It was for a “Beyond Birth” hospital group held for mothers and babies – from birth to four-months-old. It was a safe place to talk about our feelings and our postpartum experiences and our babies and everything we wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Ultimately, it was a place to make connections & friends. Connected friends, really.

It took me those three weeks to work up the nerve to go to Beyond Birth. Like I did for most events, I got ready in style. My newborn daughter was a rare gem – she slept well and was calm while awake. I had time to take a shower, brush my hair, and put on mascara and lip gloss. I was still in my 20’s, I had some funky nursing tips, and I had time to take a long shower.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Not that I should ever have to explain myself. I like liking good!

I walked into that room on the second floor of the hospital and it was filled to the brim with 30 women and their newborn babies. I sat next to a pretty young mother and I smiled. She smiled back and asked me where I was from. I replied that I was originally from New Jersey, but I had moved to Massachusetts from San Francisco. “I could tell you were from New Jersey!”

She blurted out.

I instantly got self-conscious and ducked my head, looking around the room. To be honest, everyone seemed in various states of nursing and not-nursing, dressed and not-dressed, hair brushed and not brushed. It was a mixed bag but I suddenly wondered if I should have come at all. And I contemplated walking out and never coming back. Or worse – coming back but in some altered state of what I wanted to be. With messy hair and ratty clothes? I didn’t even own ratty clothes!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

In the end, I decided to take it as a compliment and I don’t think she meant it maliciously. I still ducked into my corner of the room for a good hour, feeling like the odd mom out. Luckily I emerged and made some of the best friends of my life.

I do know what it’s like to feel like the odd mom out, but I often don’t mind being ME.

The hilarious Bravo TV show, “Odd Mom Out”, centers around a very wealthy family in NYC. Jill, the main character, is the black sheep – and Odd Mom Out – of her social group and married family. In the story, the mother is called out by the school for having a kid who says she loves tattoos, underwear dance parties and bad words! Basically, she is pretty awesome.

And she loves sprinkled doughnuts (girl after my own heart) and cocktails:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

When you watch the show you should also check out Bravo’s new V.I.M. Perks Program – which stands for Very Important Mom. When you download Bravo’s mobile app – The Daily Dish, you will become an official VIM Perks member! Through the Daily Dish app, not only can you catch up on your favorite Bravo celebs, but you’ll also be eligible for exclusive VIM discounts from partners. And they are GOOD! I must have visited the V.I.M. Perks website seven times. (just ran away for an 8th time)

And in case I have yet to convince you to watch the show (if the bad words, underwear dance parties – featured in one of the first episodes – and sprinkled doughnuts didn’t do that for you yet!), viewers have an opportunity to win $20,000 in each of the first 4 weeks of premiere episodes (starting 6/8 – 6/29) through the Tune-In to Win Sweepstakes. Tell fans to tune in live at 10/9c on Mondays (6/8-6/29) for the secret hashtag and tweet it out to @BravoTV each week for their chance to win.

While waiting for June 8th, you can enjoy your first look at Bravo’s new scripted comedy by viewing the Odd Mom Out trailer.

Check out the Odd Mom Out Facebook page!

Check out the Bravo TV Odd Mom Out website!

Check out the VIM page! And that stands for Very Important Mom perks!

Check out the trailer!

Many thanks to Bravo TV for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to be an “Odd Mom Out”!

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  1. Hey I am not a club of one, “The Odd Mom Out”. Nice! This looks like a great show! Underwear dance parties, hilarious! I think I am raising a bunch of nudists around here, so underwear dance parties fit right in with my life 🙂

    1. haha, me too. Although the New England climate seems to go against that. 42 degrees this morning. June 2nd. Are we having fun yet?

  2. Totally am so watching this, especially after you used that reference to Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. Seriously, still one of my favorite movies and my favorite line is, “The Dishes Are Done!” Thank you for making me smiling remembering this!! 😉

  3. I felt like the odd mom out when my youngest was in preschool…I think I was the oldest mom there and they all seemed to have little cliques. I definitely felt out of place! My son made friends of course, and one young man he is still friends with today, ten years later. And I am still friends with the mom. Of course you know her too…Steph. 🙂 Checking out the trailer to the show!

    1. Ah yes, Steph! I love that story.
      The range of ages at Beyond Birth was wide. Some of us were in our mid 20’s, some late 20’s to early 30’s, some mid 30’s and some 40’s. All having our first babies!

  4. That looks like a fun show! I love the Mom-jito too! I had not heard about it so thanks for letting me know about it. Going to check out the links you shared now.

    1. Thanks for checking out the links!
      The Mom-jito does seem rather fun and fancy for summer. Although.. winter came back to New England. On June 1st!

  5. The show sounds awesome! One of my favorite books is Odd Mom Out written by my friend Jane Porter. But this show isn’t based on her book. I guess we all feel like the oddmom out at some point.

  6. OK I have to admit that I kind of love Bravo shows! Sometimes they are exactly what I need! And the moms groups are great but can be a little crazy. Our moms group in my Brooklyn neighborhood had over 100 people in it! Luckily I was able to find a small group of friends among the masses – I think that we all felt like the odd mom out!

    1. I hear you on Bravo shows! I love the weirdness.
      That’s crazy about over 100 people! I found that our big one broke into tons of little ones.

  7. I’ll be watching the show. I’m usually the Odd Mom Out. I’ve been called weird so many times. Hey, I LIKE being weird, thanks.

    1. What? You? You’re totally my kind of person. We’d be friends for sure. I mean, we are, but you know what I mean! Hanging out!

  8. One day if I meet you in real life we can watch movies together 🙂 I don’t know if I get Bravo?? I’ll have to look so I can check this out!

    1. That sounds like a plan! I know we’ll have good food for sure.
      I honestly didn’t know if I got Bravo either, but I’m now a fan.

  9. I am still good friends with 4 other moms from my first newborn class. In fact the 5 families are going on a camping trip together in a few weeks! As one other commenter described, I often felt like the odd mom as I was old for being a first time mom! I am looking forward to the show!!

    1. That is so cool!! I hang out with my newborn class friends too. I swear a good 9 or 10 of them is on my birthday party invite list for the kids.

  10. Haven’t heard of this show! It’s always good to watch out for mom-centric shows as I’m sure we can all have a laugh about or crazy mom madness sometimes! So glad you continued with your class and was able to even make several friends out of them.

    1. This is even better because it’s Manhattan mom madness. So while I can’t relate, and I know it’s fiction, it’s just that much more funny.

  11. I owned Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead on VHS and must have watched it at least a dozen time! It’s one of those movies that is so bad it’s great.
    The one thing I miss about not having cable is the lack of Bravo shows. This sounds like my type of show, though!

    1. “The dishes are done, man!”
      Ah. I love it so. And David Duchovny is in it.
      We don’t have Bravo on our cable either, or at least we didn’t. Now I’m hooked.

        1. He played a bad guy in it! Remember the girl who was trying to take down the main character and find out that she was really just a teen and didn’t belong in a corporate office? David played her slimy boyfriend/partner in crime.

  12. I’m probably the odd woman out over here because I don’t watch much TV.. but this does sound like a funny premise! I give you big points for boing to the class, though. I think I just wandered my house in nursing gowns for 3 weeks, wondering what hit me:)

    1. I think it’s great that you don’t watch much TV!
      Nursing gowns.. ahh.. I had two warm weather babies so I could get away with a lot.

    1. It’s really funny! I think I had a few moments where I laughed so loudly that my kids asked me why.. and I couldn’t really tell them.

  13. We had kids before our group of friends. That made me the odd mom out. Even now, our kids are older than theirs and at different stages. Plus, we had three, while they stopped at two. Just makes me feel awkward!

    1. I really did too, but then I moved here when pregnant with Scarlet so I made so many friends through having her! It’s been kinda amazing that way.

    1. Ah, I can understand that. I work at home so I’m kinda the middle of most of my friends. It’s all nutty and wonderful! Congrats on the new baby!!

  14. I’m totally stoked to see this show! Manhattan moms can be quite entertaining for sure…just get them on the topic of applying for pre-school BEFORE the kid is even out of the womb! Fun stuff, I tell you!;-)

    1. haha, Jess! My friend lives in Manhattan and doesn’t have kids yet but tells me stories. And I always say, “No way! You’re lying! That stuff only happens in TV!”
      And like you, she says the crazy is REAL.

    1. It’s VERY funny! And I hadn’t heard of it either so I’m happy to be talking about it and spreading it around. It’s fun!

  15. Sounds like a fun show and cool app! I think we all feel like the odd one out but hey, what can ya do? Sometimes it’s good to be odd!

    1. I took it as a compliment because she meant that I looked really put together. I guess Jersey girls have a reputation for putting on makeup just to go get gas.
      Yup. And proud!

  16. I’ll have to check to see if we get it in Canada. We are often the odd country out, ya know:( I have often felt like odd Mom out given our family makeup – it used to bug me and now I’m proud to wear that odd badge!!

  17. I went to a playgroup when we first moved to the area, and I was totally the odd mom out. I never went back! Fortunately I found a group that was more my speed. I love a good comedy in the summertime – I’ll check it out!

  18. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like the ‘odd mom out’. And I have to admit that Bravo shows are sometimes a guilty pleasure of mine. After I finish binge-watching my latest guilty pleasure I’m going to have to check the show out!

    1. I love guilty pleasures. So very much.
      And I have felt that way a LOT. Sometimes I kinda love it. The other kids don’t have parents that dress up like Groot and walk around town? Well ok then!

  19. I think I would have lost the “What movie?” trivia on “I’m right on top of that…”. I would have never guessed what movie that belonged to even though I’ve seen it several times. Again with the staying and not leaving, I would have been self conscious and left only because it would have been too much trouble to take the baby in the bathroom and stare at myself to see what she was talking about. I don’t have Bravo so I’ll be missing out. I know some shows let you watch online but then some stations what you to log into your cable service.

    1. We have weird cable here.
      Do you know the reference, “The dishes are done, man!” Same movie as above!
      Also by my second kid, I went to Beyond Birth again but not as much because I didn’t have childcare for Scarlet. I remember I went once and Des blew out his diaper onto his outfit and onto MY dress. Right there in front of others.
      I couldn’t care less at that point. Ah, second children.

  20. I just heard about this show yesterday when I was watching Wendy Williams. It sounds like it will be pretty funny, but I don’t have BRAVO 🙁 However, if they ever show it on Netflix I will certainly watch it 🙂

  21. This looks like a fun show! Admittedly I have not yet watched! what is not to love about a sprinkled donut 🙂 D& D’s of course! LOL!

    1. That means a lot! I think I’m often NOT the odd mom out because I don’t care enough. I never really have. From high school until now I have this devil-may-care, happy-go-lucky thing going on. People just don’t mess with that. BUT. That day? I was messed with. Jersey girl and all!

  22. I’m in the same club, I’m a bit of the odd one out…everywhere. Most of the time I don’t mind being different, in fact, I am sure God made me different for a reason. You too! I’m going to have to check out this show, it sounds awesome! And I love a great mojito!

  23. I feel like the Odd Mom Out quite often, and I’m not even a mom. What’s up with that? I’ll even have one of each of those Mom-tails, too. Make ’em doubles.

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