10 Unexpected Family Summer Vacation Spots

Time to talk about unexpected family summer vacation spots!
With summer quickly approaching, it's time to plan out those family vacations. Here are 10 fantastic summer vacation spots for you and your family to enjoy.

With summer quickly approaching, it’s the time of year that families are starting to plan out their family vacations for this summer season. Some of the most popular family vacation spots include places such as Orlando, Florida or Hollywood, CA because they are big amusement park cities, however there are some great hidden gems in various cities throughout the United States that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be a good time as one of the best Places to Vacation. That’s what we are talking all about today! So here are ten fantastic summer vacation spots for you and your family to enjoy.

10 Unexpected Family Summer Vacation Spots:

1. The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA:

The Queen Mary is a 1930s cruise ship that your family can board for a fun vacation spot. Although it is a cruise ship, it never leaves the dock. You can enjoy the family fun of a cruise ship without the sea sickness. On the boat you will find five swimming pools, a 4-D movie theater, and lastly the Queen Mary is said to be haunted and you are able to take a nighttime ghost tour.

2. Chicago, IL:

With Chicago being a large and busy city, you wouldn’t necessarily expect it to be a good choice for a family vacation spot. On the contrary, Chicago is actually a really great place to go for families. The city is filled with a ton of kid friendly activities such as the Lincoln Park Zoo (which is free admission, by the way), the Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and visiting the Willis Tower.

3. Utah’s National Parks:

If your family enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, and walking trails, then visiting the national parks in Utah will make for a great multi-day vacation. Utah is home to five national parks and they are all fairly close to one another. A great way to spend a week is driving to each national park and spending the day taking it in.

4. Sandusky, OH:

If your family is looking for a fun-thrilling vacation, then definitely consider the Roller Coaster Capital of the World – Sandusky, OH! Sandusky is home to the most thrilling amusement park in the United States – Cedar Point. At Cedar Point you will find record breaking roller coasters for the thrill seekers in your family along with many other family friendly rides and even a kids section for the little ones.

5. Ocean City, Maryland:

Ocean City is home to miles of beaches that make great destinations for summer vacation spots. If your family is big into visiting the beach, laying out for a tan, and making sandcastles, then this is the place for you to go! Personally, I have spent four weeks there. LOVE it.

6. New Braunfels, Texas:

I don’t know about you but before this, I had never even heard of New Braunfels, Texas! Turns out that New Braunfels is home to the world’s best water park, according to Amusement Today. The park is filled with pools for swimming and lounging, crazy water slides, and various types of water rides as well. It’s for people of all ages, making this spot a GREAT family vacation spot. Plus you can visit other Texas state parks.

7. Fort Worth, Texas:

If your kiddos are fans of dinosaurs, Fort Worth, Texas might be somewhere that you want to check out. Fort Worth is where the Dinosaur Valley State Park resides. Here you will get to enjoy the wildlife that currently resides there but the really cool thing to see is the tracks and evidence left behind from the dinosaurs that once roamed the area.

8. Providence, Rhode Island:

Providence is filled with a ton of family fun activities. There is a lot of delicious food places to visit, a fantastic children’s museum, and so much more! Providence actually is the home to the third oldest zoo in the country. It is a fantastic family-friendly vacation spot.

9. Sun Valley, Idaho:

Another great outdoorsy city for your family would be Sun Valley, Idaho. Sun Valley is a beautiful mountain town that is absolutely fantastic for outdoor activities. There are the options for hiking, bike riding, paddle boating, fishing, and even horseback riding. It has any outdoor activity that you can imagine.

10. Branson, Missouri:

Branson is again not necessarily a city that you immediately think of as a city for a family vacation but, it is actually the PERFECT family vacation spot. There is so much to do there and so many great kid friendly activities. Here you can visit one of Branson’s multiple water parks, enjoying the lakes and streams for fishing and water activities, or visit the World’s Largest Toy Museum!

If your family is looking to plan a nice and fun vacation spot but you don’t want to go somewhere that you have already been or that is necessarily “typical,” I would highly recommend any of these spots. All of these spots are perfect for families – especially if you have small children. I hope you find the perfect destination for your family’s needs.

So, have you ever visited any of these summer vacation spots?

With summer quickly approaching, it's time to plan out those family vacations. Here are 10 fantastic summer vacation spots for you and your family to enjoy.

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  1. Of all of these listed I have only been to number one. I hope to get to some of these in my lifetime and need to schedule some trips asap! Thanks for the great ideas!

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