Fall Is In The Air!

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I’ve only ever discovered I was pregnant in the fall – late October/early November to be exact, in both cases.

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(How to grow and raise a super nerd)

So even though it’s been two years since the first trimester with Des, and five years since the first trimester with Scarlet, I’m always so grateful when fall comes around and I’m not pregnant. I definitely enjoy tastes and smells this way. Things I loved were lost in the folds of taste and smell aversions, and touches of nausea. Luckily, I got them all back eventually. Good as new.

Every season tickles your senses. Fall is perhaps the strongest to me.

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Sight – Golden, amber and red leaves. Dappled sunsets, vivid skies.

Taste – Pumpkin (of course). Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Hot coffee after months of iced.

Smell – Wood-burning smoke. Warm cookies. Cedar.

Touch – Flannel shirts. Cold mornings cuddled under blankets with Scarlet, after she has crept into our bed.

Sound – Winter birds. Crackling fires. And my favorite sound, which I will always associate with fall, because I always seem to have 15-month-olds in the fall. The sound of Des’ voice. Specifically, when he says my name, but I also love his songs and words. I remember loving Scarlet’s as well at the same time of year. Last fall, it was the sound of his newfound belly laugh.

This year. Just as good, but different. I can see the future boy. For now, the baby/toddler combo.

And on that note, of toddlers & pumpkins, I welcome you to our latest edition of Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party: Fall Is In The Air! I’m alway astounded at how deeply fall touches our memories, and of course – our present days, with its magic. Coast to coast, fall is in the air in some way. So link up your stories of fall, your memories of fall, and anything that touches on your sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels of fall. Recipes, stories, songs, photos, poems, odes – as usual – the sky is the limit!

What is your best of fall?

My wonderful co-hosts:

Michelle from A Dish of Daily Life
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Crystal from Mommifried

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Angela from WriterMom’s Blog

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Kristen from Four Hens and a Rooster

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And welcoming Amber from “City Girl On Hicks Farm” as a co-host:

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— This week, I enjoyed “Autumn” at Homemaking With Style, in which Brittnei compares the harvests of autumn to the harvests of her life.

— Then Angela gave beautiful food for thought about liking where we live, and I thought about how much I love fall in New England. It’s kinda what we’re known for.

— Finally, for something to treat your taste buds, Pumpkin Toaster Pastries reviewed at What’s Good At Trader Joe’s!

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  1. I, too, was pregnant for the first time in the fall with Emma. I remember finding out on Veteran's Day in 2008, that I was indeed pregnant. And you are so right nausea pretty much followed about a week later and lasted until I was about 5 months pregnant. So, I am totally with you on being happy not to be pregnant this Fall either!! 🙂

  2. Oh how I love love love those pictures!!! You are just so beautiful Tamara!! And that Des… sigh.

    I wish I had a fall post to link up!! 🙁 But I love to still hang at the party with such amazing friends and new ones to meet!!

  3. Love your picture of when you were pregnant! You look so cute! Just from these pictures, I think you son looks so much like you. And I love his pumpkin pic!

  4. I have been a lazy blogger so I have nothing to link.

    But we did take a ride through Amish country this week with my brother in law, who had never been to Ohio at all before. We saw the first wisps of photosynthesis, and a lot of still-green gorgeous pastures. In a few short weeks fall will be in full splendor and my husband and I will go for yet another drive.

    I already see in Des, the gleam of a total flirt. A ladies man. A charmer extraordinaire. Lookout women!

  5. Eeeeee!!! I love Fall as I got married on 9/22 the first day of Autumn, on purpose, because this is my FAVE time of year! You are SO precious! Thank you for welcoming me, I simply love #LOBS weekends!

  6. Hi Tamara! I found you through the Ladies Only Blog Share. Thanks for co-hosting!

    I was pregnant as well in the fall, and it is also my favorite season. You're right, I enjoy it much more when NOT pregnant, although it was totally worth it.

    Wishing you a happy weekend!

    1. Hi Lauren! Looking forward to visiting you too. You're right – totally worth it, but heck, these pumpkin spice lattes are great when I'm not repulsed by life!

  7. Because I'm super lazy, I don't tend to link up (maybe one day!!) but I have 2 things.

    1. You are gorgeous – pregnant, not pregnant – every picture I've seen of you!!

    2. Did I miss the answer to last week's 3 truths and a lie?

    1. 1. Thank you! I totally never feel that way so it’s been nice to hear that this week.
      2. I published an edited version of it where I revealed the truths! The lie was the one with Des nearly eating dog poop. The rest were 100% true!

  8. I love, love, LOVE fall! It’s my absolute favorite. Give me pumpkin flavored everything and sweater weather. BRING IT ON!!
    But I have to say…I was on pins and needles thinking you were going to announce that you were pregnant because FALL IS IN THE AIR!! You do make very pretty babies. I’m just sayin’… –Lisa

    1. haha! Never! Well, not never. Ask me next fall. If it ever happens (lottery ticket would have to be purchased) it will probably be in the fall again, because I sure love those June/July babies.

  9. My goodness you were absolutely adorable when you were pregnant! Out of all the seasons, I miss fall the most. I miss the smells, I miss the tastes, I miss that crispness in the air. Oh yeah, I miss it a lot!

  10. Right now I’m enjoying not being pregnant because I got my first sinus infection of the season and I didn’t have to brave it without antibiotics! Also, you were too cute pregnant. Don’t ever show us those photos again 🙂

  11. I don't have anything to link today – I haven't blogged about fall at all yet. But I plan to practice with my camera at the pumpkin farm this weekend – yay!

  12. Thanks so much for linking to me, Tamara!

    You were gorgeous pregnant–look at that beautiful bump! (And the geek posters behind, j’approve!)

    I’ve always wanted to go to New England in the fall. We always see the dramatic trees on TV and they look glorious, although I’d imagine that it can get slippery underfoot if people don’t clear walkways… Still, the ivy on the garage roof has turned seriously red almost overnight, so that’s almost as good 😛

    1. Good point, about clearing walkways! I once asked my husband what would happen if we just refused to rake leaves. I think he said it’s a slow rot on your lawn. Lovely!

  13. I was pregnant Aug/Sept with my boys and enjoyed fall pregnancy WAY more than if I had to have the latter months in HOT summer ( I think) However I also had no nausea or foods I couldn't enjoy. Your son & pregnancy pic is totally adorable!

    1. Good point! And having no nausea is so awesome. I had none with my daughter but I had a lot with my son. Couldn’t eat chicken for months! Now I love it again with the same love.

  14. I would love to take your place. Finding out I'm pregnant this Fall would be awesome. If only ever learned of a pregnancy in the summer – June and July to be exact. Come on October! You look so cute with your baby bump.

  15. I love fall! I’m really looking forward to the cooler weather and fall activities, even though I’m not quite ready for summer to be over. It really flew by this year!

  16. Awww we don’t have anything for fall but I promise we will have for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 🙂 You look beautiful pregnant and today there were no photos of Scarlet. As much as we love our baby boy Des we love seeing Scarlet too. 🙂

  17. I’m starting to like this time of year more and more. I’ve traditionally been a summer girl but this year I didn’t get to enjoy summer as much as I usually do so I really like the cool breezes that are coming in.

    I love the pics of Des with his super big pumpkin!

  18. I have never been a fan of fall because it means the end of summer. And I am a summer girl through and through. I do like Thanksgiving… and… umm…. warm days during September? 🙂

  19. i love fall!
    dear tamara, you were gorgeous pregnant..loved seeing your photo.

    and your little man is the cutest little one ever! he’s soo cute.

    needless to say, your photos are terrific as usual.

    i ran out of my time but i’ll be back…i just love your link party!

    happy weekend!

    big hugs!

    p.s. thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my blog.
    always great to hear from you.

    1. Definitely. Not the worst thing about it, but I was indifferent to coffee in the first trimesters both times. Better than repulsed for sure, but sometimes it’s sad not to love something you love… Luckily I’m back to full passion.

  20. Yay, it's my first time hanging out at #LOBS! I was saying earlier this week at Nicole's (Work in Sweats Mama)that we really don't have much of a fall here in So Cal. So that's exactly what my post is about.

    But seriously, I don't know how you get any work done with that cute little face around.

    1. I don’t get a lot of work done during daylight hours, and it is because he’s irresistible!

      So happy to have you here. I’ll be sure to check out your link tonight! (When the adorable ones are in bed)

  21. Haha so funny about you always finding out you’re pregnant in the fall, I always find out in spring 🙂

    Your description of fall got me all giddy and excited, all of those small yet wonderful delights 🙂 Hands down my favorite time of the year.

  22. Yeah, it turns to leaf mulch on your lawn and paths. Round here we don't clear fallen leaves as a matter of course, and near school the leaves get trampled by hundreds of small feet into leaf mulch within a day or two. A bit squelchy and slippery underfoot at times!

  23. The nerd posters in the background? Made my eyes turn heart-shaped.

    Fall in the Carolinas means barbecue. And football. But mostly, barbecue.

    I will write about fall on Monday. You've inspired me to do so.

    Too bad I'm just a dude, or I'd link it the heck up.

  24. Holy crap…I obviously missed this party. I'll go ahead and link up although I realize um hello TOO LATE. But it was my anniversary today, so I'll do it in honor of the amazing (as always photos that you have here, because my anniversary post is mostly photos…maybe an amateur homage to you? or something..)

  25. Do you know what scentsy is? Those warmers that melt scented wax (I think you can get cheaper versions at Meijer and target)…they have a scent that is called ember…I think…it reminds me of taking walks during the fall. It’s so comforting.
    So it’s gross knowing that you got it on in the summer.

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