Fall Into Passion! Autumn Date Ideas.

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One of the things Cassidy has always loved about me is my ability to be a kid at heart.

It’s my ability to seek and cultivate wonder, fun and a sense of humor too. In truth, it’s something I love about him too. I remember when we first met and would follow all of our whims. We’d go on dates, sleep in the next morning, have great brunches, and then explore the world. I remember so well chasing after him on a San Francisco pier – because he had bought a fresh pint of juicy strawberries at the farmers market and was making me chase him for them. That was such a happy time – that dating time. Ours was odd because we lived 3,000 miles away from each other, but it was a dating period just the same.

It was weird and different, but it was ours.

autumn date ideas

I always thought I would be exempt from marital ruts but sometimes they happen, and even worse happens. We have busy lives and miscommunications and conversations about who needs to buy toilet paper and if the summer camp bill was paid. It’s not always the gushing and romantic and musical backdrop of when you meet, date, and fall in love with one another.

So, why not date? Date your significant other, as if it’s new and as if you’re just met. Date yourself new again. With fall coming, the options are endless and fun. My ideas take on a bit of a playful motif, but that’s because of who we are at heart, and what we love about each other most. You have to make your own schedule based on your own interests, needs and resources. You can stay home or go out. Do you need a babysitter? If you can get a sitter only in the afternoons, or only at night, or if you can’t get one at all – factor these needs in. If you have a lot of money, or if you don’t, and if you have a lot of time, or if you don’t, my list for fun fall date ideas covers all of your bases, and can get you to a more intimate place!


I want to be more connected to my husband because it’s awesome and life-affirming, because it’s better for the kids and for us, and quite frankly – because it gives me a stomachache when we’re not connected, or nowhere even close.

I think intimacy comes in many forms, and being connected in one way spreads to other ways.

autumn date ideas

I think we have so much going for us, and passion can be re-ignited. You can be creative and make a special effort.

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Sometimes getting more connected in the bedroom can help in other ways too. K-Y® is a brand that is about passion and real life romance, because real life romance can sometimes need a boost. I found K-Y® LOVE Sensuality Pleasure Gel at my local Walmart.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It certainly can give something to look forward for your upcoming fall dates. It’s important to re-ignite the passion in your bedroom and enhance intimacy in your relationship. K-Y® LOVE Sensuality Pleasure Gel and K-Y® LOVE Passion Pleasure Gel can help inspire couples to nurture the passion in their relationship.

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And now – the dates! Here are some ideas to fall into passion with Autumn-themed dates:

If food is your thing, and it’s certainly my thing:

– Go apple picking! It’s so much fun to bite into some delicious apples and make a date of picking out the best apples you can find. Bonus, if you go home and make a pie together! Cassidy and I rarely bake together, but it goes well when we do.

– Make a romantic, small bonfire in your yard (we have a fire pit) or at a nearby park or beach. Bring a bunch of ingredients to make s’mores and elevate them with peanut butter cups, salted caramels, M&Ms and more!

– Find a completely new restaurant to you both, and ask to see the specials menu. Order some seasonal delights and enjoy.

– Make a pumpkin dip together! I usually Google and look through recipes that appeal to me. It’s a perfect treat to dip cookies, crackers or fruit into while watching a movie.

– Make cookies, brownies, cupcakes, apple cider floats, pumpkin stew or any other seasonal delights.

– Have a Thermos picnic on a chilly evening with soup and/or hot chocolate.

– I crave soup all fall and winter (and spring and summer) long. Learn how to make both of your favorite soups from scratch and make them together.

– Before it gets too cold and snowy, get a lot of use out of your grill!

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For the young at heart and the Halloween lovers:

– Rake a big pile of leaves and play in them. You’re never too old for that!

– Have a Fall Photoshoot – this is where leaves can really come in handy. Set the camera timer, throw leaves at each other, snap some photos and enjoy! Bonus is that you may get good ideas for holiday cards.

– Go to the pumpkin patch, pick out your pumpkins, and then come home to carve them together and roast the seeds.

– Decorate pumpkins! We generally do this with our kids, but it might be fun to do it together to make a fun fall centerpiece for our table or porch.

– Go to a corn maze or on a non-haunted hayride during the day!

– Plan a date to a haunted house or to go to a haunted hayride! Make sure you check with them first, in case your partner scares easily.

– Go Halloween costume shopping together. Make a night of it!

– Watch a scary movie together. Pop some popcorn on the stove and settle in.

– Have a night watching Halloween-type movies – Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus, even Harry Potter!

– Head to the Halloween store (you know your town has one) and pick out sexy costumes for each other.. to wear in the bedroom later.

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For more outdoorsy and active dates:

– Go on a fall foliage drive. This is big where we live! Bring along a great playlist and some hot chocolate.

– Go to a Fall festival or fair. Our county fair is often in the fall, as well as our state fair.

– Go on a sunrise or sunset date.

– Go out stargazing. Bring a blanket, spread it out, and enjoy.

– Discover a new town together for a spontaneous date. Maybe find a place for a meal or treat!

– Go zip-lining through Autumn leaves!

– Tour a local brewery or winery and have fun sampling all the seasonal drinks.

– Go on the same walk once a week in October and watch the leaves change from day to day.

– Plan a long bike ride together to see scenery. Rent bikes if you don’t have them!

– Where we live, it’s pretty mountainous Find a ski area that turns the chair lifts on to see fall foliage.

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For snuggling and romance..

– Redo your bedroom together – with DIY projects, decorations or repairs. Wash your sheets, and maybe even snuggle under the covers too.

– Make a cozy fort for two..

– Go to a quiet bookstore together.

– Have a spa night – filled with romance, relaxation and DIY spa recipes. Just Google them!

– Spend a whole morning in bed together, with newspapers, books and breakfast.

– Make your own fall decorations from stuff you’ve picked up from romantic autumn walks together.

– Have a game night with festive foods.

– Don’t forget the K-Y® LOVE Sensuality Pleasure Gel or K-Y® LOVE Passion Pleasure Gel at Walmart. It’s a whole product line dedicated to something fun and healthy. Try out all of their products in one weekend, or one night…

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Now tell me – How will you plan for romance with your partner this fall?

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  1. Love this 🙂
    After a busy (and at times stressful) summer, we’re making a conscious effort to practice self-care…together. So we’re slowing it down, taking more time for ourselves. We’ve both taken on new projects that excite us, but are minimal stress, and we set aside time each week to work on them- 2 nights for projects, 2 nights for together time, and the other nights are usually occupied by outside stuff. One thing I’m super excited for is on Monday we’re seeing our favorite comedian Gabriel Iglesias at our state fair. We bought VIP tickets as our wedding gift to each other, so we have reserved front third row seats. It’s probably one of the coolest things we’ve done!
    Definitely gonna have to plan a trip to the pumpkin patch and corn maze, too. It is fall afterall 🙂

    1. You guys rock. And you’re newlyweds too!
      I think the state fair sounds so amazing. We got front row tickets to Bruce Hornsby a few years ago and it was like.. the best thing ever. I love good seats.

  2. Perfect list and you are so right that sometimes even the best relationships can get into a rut when married for a few years with kids, but like you Kevin and I try our best to reconnect for date nights and more as much as possible. But I love your further ideas for Fall here and definitely going to have to try a few of these now. Thanks Tamara 😉

    1. Thanks!
      I always think of it as a fall and winter thing, but I am so obsessed that I’ve been eating it all summer. And chowders are extra good in the summer.

  3. You are right, I really need to do a better job of dating my husband. He is my best friend, but sometimes it just feels like it gets so hard to connect, because life gets in the way. Last night he ended up on the couch with 1 sick kiddo and I had another one in our bed! You definitely have some great ideas for re-connecting you shared here today!

    1. Oh yes. Last night I fell asleep on the couch (embarrassing) and Scarlet snuck upstairs into our bed.
      I had to remedy that. It was 1:30 in the morning so I still had time!

  4. Girl you have talent! You are about the only person I know that can write a post about KY that just makes me giggle but somehow you did! 🙂

  5. Great ideas for date night. You are so creative. I think I would be too embarrassed to write something for this brand. Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve visited your blog. We had a crazy busy summer. But now I am back! Have a great weekend.

    1. I was definitely nervous, but they made it easy for me by helping with topics. It was fun!
      I was busy this summer too so I’m also sorry I didn’t visit. I’m back now!

  6. I love these fun and creative date ideas. I think when kids come along, it’s so easy to get in to a rut and do what’s easiest rather than what could be most fun, most interesting. Your ideas are all fun. I especially love the apple picking idea, so maybe my husband and I will try that in the fall.

    1. Apple picking is an old favorite of mine! They’re just so delicious here in MA, and everywhere, I imagine!
      It’s hard to go on dates often!

  7. These are great ideas, Tamara. I love discovering a new restaurant with my hubby. We love watching movies together too. Lovely, creative ways to spend some downtime. Thanks.

  8. Ahhh I so love your list! Now, if I can only create a pretend Fall season here! LOL. But I’m taking a week off from work next week and I’ve planned so many things. I’m crossing my fingers, hope I can do most of what’s in my list! 😉 Making smores is definitely on my list!

        1. I’ve already found one! It’s still pre-school safe but.. a little better. Ya know? Like that quote in the Wedding Singer about a wedding kiss that’s not too chaste or too heavy. “Church tongue.”

  9. I think this is so important. I am learning this now with two kids that it really is easy to fall into the pattern of taking care of them so much that we forget to take care of each other. And it’s a constant thing! Eric and I are very giving with our affection and make sure to say I love you more than often. The intimacy is like anything else though, it suffers when neglected.

    1. It’s a pattern I know so well. Two kids can really double (or quadruple) the work that needs to be done on any given day or night. It’s not often so romantic.

  10. omg when I saw the KY I died!! LOL Sooo not your norm here – I don’t even think you’ve ever said the words s-e-x in this space. LOL Gettin’ freaky on a Friday haha fantastic! Mario and I LOVE zip-lining, we have two awesome options an hour away and they’re so wonderful and fun. We also love going tubing down the river – with alcohol because…yum!? I still need headshots Mario was pointing that out and I’m like .. “DRIVE ME 7.5 HOURS TO TAM TAM!” LOL He said we’ll plan it out. It’s been a loooooooooooooong summer and inadvertently busy. It’s nice because my son’s father is our “babysitter” lol. We get three weekends out of the month to “date” one another or just be complete nerds/hobos. Trust me, we can both be on the sofa for HOURS with our laptops.. Me researching stuff and blog related tasks and him programmin and test building applications.. Food is my thing and seeing that pumpkin stew made me hangry :'( I’m in the dryer, my high school reunion is tonight (10-year) – like wtf where did time go Tamara? I’m OLD! I CAN’T FACE THIS REALITY!? >.< Ah well, at least i'll look damn good. Woop! Have a great one lovely -Iva

    1. I’m glad you died by reading what I was writing about! My sister called it, “the best blog post ever.” It made her day.
      I mean I don’t write about it a lot but obviously I think about it every five seconds, right? Is that the right statistic? You’re the expert on how brains work. You tell me.
      You’re not old, my dear.

      1. LOL yes it is. We think about sex quite frequently. It’s awesome! Esp when you’re stressed. I’m telling you, nothing releases it better! 🙂 haha I feel old some days. Sleep disorders do that though.

  11. Next month is my birthday, so I’m looking forward to going out on a date with my husband. I’m not quite sure what we will do, but you just gave me a lot of good ideas to consider 🙂

  12. Me, being me, I had no idea what KY is. Thanks to your skillful hints, I do now 😀
    Funny, when I read your intro about you and Cassidy dating and those playful great days – totally like David and I. We lived four hours apart for almost three years, too and enjoyed every minute we had together on weekends.
    These days we are also making conscious efforts to stay connected, and we do. For a healthy relationship time together is basic, however making it a special time, keeps the relationship fresh. We all know, of course, that also some me-time is part of the whole deal. Dates like the ones you describe are definitely part of our lives. Sometimes I wished we had more dates, but then – would they be special anymore?

    1. ha! Pleasure gel! I just added it to the post.
      Cassidy and I have never really had a marriage without children. I know it happens out there and some people are like that for years, or for always. For me, it’s totally foreign to me to be married without 1,000 distractions a day.
      I suppose they’ll grow up one day and we’ll find out.

  13. Great ideas Tamara, I think you’ve covered just about everything! Autumn is so beautiful here in the northeast, you’ve given me some new ideas of things to do together.

  14. Staying connected, in the bedroom and out, is so important, and so hard to do when you have small kids. But eventually they grow up, and you don’t want your spouse to be a stranger. My hubby and I have always tried to get away together at least twice a year, and have date nights whenever possible. Love all your suggestions!

    1. SO true. Cassidy and I were barely married before Scarlet came along. If we don’t get our act together now, it will be very strange when they kids grow up.

  15. I love any idea that gets us out and away from our screens. Being out in nature, whether walking, hiking or even just sitting and enjoying is very restorative and great for relationship!

  16. Perfect list! I find with the busyness of September with all the back to school/ back to “life” it’s super important to take time to re-connect as a couple. I am loving the ideas you have come up with 🙂

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