Extra Curriculum Topics All Children Will Enjoy

Teaching children more than they learn in school can benefit their knowledge and understanding of more topics. The school curriculum is enough for what every child needs, but it does not and cannot teach your child every topic under the sun. If you want to further your children’s education and teach them your own fun topics at home, here are a few ideas.

Extra Curriculum Topics All Children Will Enjoy. If you want to further your children’s education at home, here are a few ideas.

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Extra Curriculum Topics All Children Will Enjoy


During an election year, politics are bound to be a topic in your home. Children learn a lot about the subject simply by listening to our conversations, but have you ever wondered how to teach your children about politics with more intention? Children need to understand the privileges and responsibilities that come with adult-life, so they’re ready to become active participants in the political process as adults. In this article, we explore engaging, age-appropriate ways to introduce your child to the world of politics.

You could teach your children about local politicians and faces in your town, such as the Mayor of Irvington NJ, or wherever you live.


Learning an instrument can teach children about long-term accomplishments that can manifest through dedication, hard work, and practice. Some children learn to play instruments, while others prefer to sing. There are some who are good at doing both. There are so many instruments to choose from that you are bound to find something that fits your child and that she will enjoy.

There is a certain freedom in learning a musical instrument, and a lot of children find joy in it because of this reason. Not just that, children also tend to learn a lot about history and culture while learning something like playing a musical instrument or singing, especially if it is in the classical genre.


We would all like to communicate better, and this is even easier to achieve if we could all learn a second language. As a person becomes older, the more difficult it becomes to grasp a new language. Children’s brains are still developing, which is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to foreign languages. Sign your child up for weekend or evening language classes, which can even help kick-start a career in translation or interpretation.

Extra tutoring is a great idea to expand a child’s knowledge or ideal for those who may be struggling. Although languages are taught in many schools, the lessons can be quite broad so outside learning can further their skills. Learning a new language always proves useful. Children are exposed to new cultures and it is easier for them to pick up the language better than adults. A new language will broaden your child’s mind.


Perhaps your child is a blossoming artist. Playing with colors is a lot of fun and creating different works of art may be something your child would prefer over more boisterous activities.

Your child will improve their creative skills, as her brain will begin to develop the areas associated with creativity the more she is exposed to and works with creative things. Painting and drawing can also help develop problem-solving skills.

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  1. All great ways to get children involved, especially politics as we most certainly shared a lot during the election with the girls here. So, I do think they learned a lot from that time alone 🙂

  2. I keep telling my husband that we should work with my nephew to teach him Spanish. Or rather… my husband should work with him, since he speaks Spanish and I don’t!

    I also feel like it’s never too early to teach about politics. It’s very obvious that this country is not very intelligent when it comes to politics, we need to make sure the next generation is smarter.

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